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Can I Find Investec Bank Loans in Rustenburg? Requirements and Features

    Are you the type of citizen in Rustenburg who is not having a good time with finances? Are you looking for help? I can give you the solution for that. One of the solutions can be given by Investec Bank. Investec is not present in Rustenburg, but the fact that it does not have physical branches in your place, does not mean you cannot have access to them because there are other ways to contact the company

    For that reason, I will devote the following article to giving you the different options regarding loans found at Investec. Then, I will give you the phone numbers and other contact information of the company. But, before finishing the article, I will also give you contact details of another company with similar loans for you in Rustenburg, Bidvest.



    These loans are the ideal ones if you are interested in buying a house on your own and you necessitate a financial company to support that decision. The features of such home loans are these ones:

-Obtaining 100% of the totality of the property you have selected

-Financing the loan in comfortable periods, that are totally adapted to your needs

-Paying for interest rates which will be adjusted to the different needs you experience in life. They of course will be low.

-Apart for paying initiation fees, the bank will give you complete freedom when it comes to financing other fees generated by the system

-The application procedure can be approved in less months than you can possibly imagine

-Access to a customer service whose objective is to support all clients that are dealing with financial issues

-Paying for monthly installments that tend to be adjusted to your economic status

-Freedom in terms of transferring funds whenever you want to whoever you like to

-Having total access to the money given, no matter where you are located

-Access to a big amount of your facility

-Paying beneficiaries you want directly from your loan


      With this sort of loan you can choose to buy any asset, ranging from a car to a property which costs lots of money. Those are assets that are not that easy to obtain by making one simple payment. For that reason, a loan is ideal in such case.

      Consequently, if you are aware of the asset you wish to possess, you can let the company know this and they will take care of all the fees and costs of such procedure. Every type of asset you can imagine can be acquired thanks to Investec.


Let’s see what type of finance we can obtain from Personal Loans in Rustenburg:



   Through this finance, clients can improve all the areas of their life, being them the personal or the business area. Which is why, when it comes to Asset Finance, the company refers to business loans, which can be financed in long periods of time, whose rates are fixed by the company.

The repayment for this loan carries out in monthly installments, all of which are fixed. However, please be aware of the fact that the company will establish those installments only based on you, so they are quite individual.

Find the best loan of South Africa

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      This is the perfect finance for customers who are really sure about the vehicle they would like to possess. They can buy any range of cars, being them expensive or really cheap ones, all of which can be destined to professional and personal services.

      When it comes to the financing of a Motor Vehicle Finance, you will requested to make monthly installments, whose rates are set by the company based on personal conditions regarding your finances.

     Together with this kind of loan, you can start enjoying the special benefit of points, which in the long run give you access to discounts and offers at the company.


     This finance has the aim of making you invest without losing money and also by reducing future risks. How does it work? The bank will find suitable interest rates and at the same time increase the liquidity of the investment you have carried out. What is more, Investec will give you further advice regarding legal procedures and taxes. As said before, it is a loan that wants to maximize your experience at the time of investing for a company.

     If you are interested in knowing in detail some of the rates corresponding to the bank´s loans, let me list them for you:

-A Prime Lending Rate of only 10.50%

-A Lending Base Rate of only this amount: 8.41%

-A Mortgage Rate which is the same to the first one

Contact information about Investec Bank

   Even though the company does not possess physical branches in Rustenburg, you can contact them by phone, dialing up 0860 110 161. That is a free number. But, if you call from another part of the world you can dial up the company´s international phone number: 27 11 286 9663.

   You can also enter the company´s official website, which enables you to send quick messages and request their members to contact you

Another option in Rustenburg: Bidvest

Its contact details:

-You can call the company so as to begin an application, to the following phone number: 0860 1111 77. Once your call is answered from a professional of Bidvest, you will be able to talk to a specific area. If you are calling from another country I advise you to take a look at the company´s website, where their international phone numbers are frequently updated.

-You can contact the company from your computer that is by sending an email to an email address only destined to applications and Please keep this address if you are interested in talking to the different members of the company or contacting the bank on weekends.

-You can go in person to one of the offices of Investec in Rustenburg, which is inside the Waterfall Mall, in shop number 64. The exact location is 1 Augrabies Road.

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