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Are There Investec Bank Loans for Durban Residents? Features and Contact Information

      In the following article, I will like you give you all the necessary information as regards one of the most reliable banks, Investec Bank, and the many loans they have designed for the citizens in Durban. Which is why I will devote the first section of the article to each of those loans and then, I will give you the contact information of this company, which contains phone numbers, addresses and more.

There can be found two main loans at Investec: Home Loans and Personal Loans.


     This type of loans have as it main function to make citizens obtain a house of their desires or to repair a house they have bought in the past.

The features you will be able to get with this loan are these ones:

-Receiving full support by the company, since it will be in charge of 100% of the total value of the house

-Being capable of financing the house in periods that are individualized, based on your needs

-Paying interest rates that remain fixed during the whole lending program

-Only paying for initiation costs once your application is approved

-Being informed in about some days whether your application was passed or not

-Being able to receive guidance for their customer service, which happens to function 24/7 to all the citizens

-Paying monthly installments, whose fee is determined by the bank based on your income

-Being able to make as many banking operations as you want with the bank

-Making use of a big percentage of the facility you possess

-Being capable of paying for beneficiaries if that is what you want


     This sort of loan has its main function to make every citizen access to a huge variety of access that can be destined to many needs, such as personal and business ones. For instance, you can buy a new car or a new house or even make improvements to your office with the Personal Loan.

    So, if you already know which the asset you would like afford is, just need to apply for a Personal Loan, and let the company handle the whole procedure for you.

    The category Personal Loans is subdivided into four special loans, in which we find Asset Finance and Motor Vehicle. Moreover, you can also find Professional Practice and Equipment Finance and the so called Specialised Finance.



    The main function of an Asset Finance, is to give you access to as many assets as you want, which will be able to improve your lifestyle. These loans come along with fixed interest rates, flexible financing periods and the possibility of making multiple purchases from the same bank account. As an example, you can buy a new office for your business in order to expand it, or you can choose another place in the country in order to set a new office. All the costs generated by such transaction are taken care by Investec Bank. The company also offers a wide list of uncommon assets, which are costly objects or appliances that you can easily buy with the support of the bank. If you are interested in those uncommon assets, please enter the company´s website and find more about them.

Find the best loan of South Africa

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    The main function of this loan is to enable you to purchase any vehicle you have in mind now, which can be a truck or also a car. It does not matter the value of the vehicle you want to possess, the bank will make it happen without problems.

    You will be requested to pay fixed monthly installments, which come along with convenient financing terms that are designed based on personal cases of the customers. What is more, once you have obtained the loan, the company will open a bank account with them, which will give you complete access to multiple transactions such as deposits, transfers and so on.


    The main objective of this loan is to make professionals obtain the necessary equipment in order to perform their job as they need to, getting access to materials, appliances, offices and more objects that are useful in order to perform one´s job. The most important benefit of this loan, is that the interest rates together with the financing periods are the lowest in the market, so you should really take advantage of a loan like this one.



    The main function of this loan is to give businesses and clients the chance of investing on whatever they want without the need to worry about financial risks and complications along the way. There will be fixed rates along with the loan, but the company guarantees that they are low and convenient for your pocket. You will also be given access to making international savings, which is something people that work abroad really make use of and are you looking when considering to operate with a bank in particular.

   Moreover, this loan enables you to obtain a further property for your business that can be destined to commercial aims, not only personal ones.

Now, although I imagine you would like to use a calculator so as to check affordability, the bank does not have one but it certainly lists the different rates of their loans: There is a Prime Lending Rate whose percentage is 10.50, which is identical to the Lending Base Rate. And then, there is the Mortgage Rate, which cannot surpass 8.41%

Contact information of Investec Bank in Durban

-You can phone the company on their free phone number: 0860 110 161, but if you are calling from another country, you can also communicate with Investec through this phone number: 27 11 286 9663.

-You can enter the company´s website, where you are able to send messages to members, ask questions, apply for loans and find your nearest office

-You can go in person to the office of the bank in Durban, located at the Umhlanga Ridge. The exact location is 5 Richefond Cir.

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A home loan

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No, they are fixed

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Yes it is

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