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Are there Investec Bank Car Loans? Which are the requirements?

    If you are interested in obtaining information about the different kind of lending programs which will satisfy your personal and business needs, let me tell you will really profit from this article. I will not only focus on the Car Loans Investec has designed for you, but also other type of loans, such as Home Loans.

    I will first start by focusing on their Home Loans, and then move on with Personal Loans, category in which it is very possible to find Car Loans. Then, I will give you information about other lending programs and also the contact details of Investec Bank in South Africa.


Let me expand on this loan by giving you a list of its features:

-Financing the house of your desires, so you will have access to almost 100% of the total property

-Financing periods which are totally adapted to your personal circumstances regarding money

-Interest rates super low and competitive when compared to the rates of other companies

-Paying initiation costs that are easily paid and will depend on your financial possibilities

-Application procedure carried out in a period of no more than a day, so no long waits

-Access to a customer service which has been created to satisfy your needs and answer your questions immediately

-Monthly fees which are totally personalized, again, based on your financial situation

-Being able to make as many transfers as you need when it comes to funds

-A period of about 365 days so as to use your portion of the facility you own


What can I get from a Personal Loan?

     This is the kind of loan which will not only help you finance your school costs and university, but also the car you have always dreamt of. Moreover, it can help you with your professional needs.

     If for instance, you want to finance a really expensive car, you can make that dream true thanks to a Personal Loan offered by Investec Bank. Any type of asset you have now in mind is accessible with a loan like this one.

    Inside this category, you will find many loans, such as the Asset Finance, the Motor Vehicle and also the Specialized Finance for Investment Purposes.


What can you find in a Personal Loan? Let’s see each of the loans that comprise this category:


    One of the many chances you have with a Personal Loan is to finance an asset that will benefit your business and your professional life. Which is why, you have access to business loans that come along with accessible rates and financing terms. As an example, you can finance a new office for your company, buy a new motorbike, new appliances and the list can go on, since there are no limits when it comes to the assets that will improve your current lifestyle. What is more, the company guarantees that there is also a list with uncommon assets you can really benefit from with this loan.

   As regards the payment options of an Asset Finance, you need to know that the company will adapt prices and rates to your financial situation. Rates will be fixed and you will have total access to a surplus, which causes the rates to lower at an unprecedented rate.

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    This is the kind of finance I was referring to at the beginning, a type of Car Loan, which will really benefit your life by giving you access to the acquisition of a car of your choice.

   When it comes to the repaying terms for this loan, you need to know there exist fixed installments, flexible financing periods and other rates adapted to your financial situation at the time of applying for the loan. Moreover, you are enabled to make transactions and transfers without limits as regards money.

    There is an extra benefit, the chance of accumulating certain points which will translate as discounts and access to important process when it comes to appliances for your new car.


    By accessing to this loan you can guarantee that all the needs related to your professional life will be satisfied and that you can find the perfect spot for the new office or the perfect appliance for the one you already work in.


     By obtaining this loan, you can make as many investments as you have in mind. As an example, the company is willing to give you support when it comes to lowering the interest rates and finding good prices. What is more, Investec Bank will offer you some advice regarding how to make investments and take advantage of all of your finances appropriately. Finally, you also have access to advice regarding taxes and extra costs you will nay to finance.

   This loan gives you the opportunity of financing a property for commercial usage or also the chance to settle your business wherever you want, without having to wonder whether you can afford or not a certain spot for the office.

   Now, although this company does not provide clients with a calculator, in order to check affordability, you will find in its website, a detailed section with their rates, just for you to know which rates you will be dealing with. Again, these are general rates, as they will be adapted to your personal circumstances in monetary terms.

Contact information about Investec

There is more than one way to get in touch with the company, as I will now show you, so please do not hesitate to contact the company whenever you want to apply for a loan or just get an answer for your questions:

-You can phone the company to the following phone number I will give you, which is a free one: 0860 110 161.  You can also phone to another phone line, specially designed for international calls: 27 11 286 9663.

-You can surf in the company´s website so as to send emails and also request the company to contact you in the meantime.

-You can go in person to one of the company´s offices located in Johannesburg, in Sandton. The address is 100 Grayston Dr.

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Questions and answers

Can I contact the bank by email?

Yes, you can send an email to the address that appears in the company´s website

Is the company open on Sundays?

No it is not

Are there flexible financing terms?

Sure there are

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