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Are There Home Loans Available at HBZ? Contact Details, Branches and Requirements

Are you looking for a convenient way of paying for a home? Is it hard to find a mortgage that meets all your needs? Let us help you in such process. Given the fact you entered in this post, you want a home loan from HBZ. But unfortunately, this company does have this kind of services. However, we won’t miss the opportunity to facilitate other HBZ loans, describing their features, requirement, and contact details. And what is more, we will add some other companies that do offer home loans with convenient plans. 

            The origin of HBZ can be traced back to Zurich, in 1967, which means that by working with this company, you will get the quality of services of real Swiss bank. In South Africa, the first office was opened in 1995, but since then, it hasn’t stopped expanding the market. Nowadays, there are many offices all around the states so as to help as almost all South African citizens. In the first place, let me show which are the different loans that you can have access to:

1. PERSONAL LOANS: one of the options is thought to finance personal needs. HBZ offers money you can use to remodel any property, to buy a new vehicle, to pay for deserve vacation and so on. Don’t put off dreams if they can be solve with a reasonable amount of money.

2. BUSINESS LOANS: if you are already in the market or if you need capital to start your own business, don’t hesitate to communicate with HBZ. The company is willing to help you with money so as to protect your account from overdraft, to grant commercial loans, to offer important discounts on check and even more.

How can I contact HBZ?

Contacting HBZ in order to get its financial help is really easy. In fact, there are more than one alternative to do so. The most personalized way is by visiting an office in person. As an example, you can go to the branch in Durban located at 430 Peter Mokaba Ridge. In this case, the phone number is (031) 271 2525 and the e-mail address is Similarly, you can visit representatives in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Pietermaritzburg and more.

It is important to know that face to face interaction is not necessary when it comes to asking for money. HBZ has a general phone line open to the client to answer questions, to listen to suggestion and even to grant loans. The number is +27 (031) 267 4430. And finally, you can write e-mail to the following address demanding whatever you need.

Before continuing with our article, let’s summarize the most important points of HBZ in the following chart:

Home loans


Personal loans


Hours of attention

During the week from 9 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.

Phone Number

+27 (031) 267 4430

E-mail address

Find the best loan of South Africa

If HBZ personal loan is not enough to get your home, let us show you some programs that will save your life:

Home loans at Better Bond:

-With Better Bond, borrow R 227,000 and reapy the loan R 3,000.

-You can apply personally at in the Head office located at Randburg  299 Pendoring Road.

-The phone line available for loans is 0860 555 540.

-There are also offices in Eastern Cape, Johannesburg , Pretoria, Western Cape and more.

SAHome loans:

-You can borrow money up to R150000 to buy your home.

-This company has variable interest rates.

-Financing periods can reach up to 20 years.

-You can apply for home lones by pone dialing up 0861 000 376.

-Application can also start with an e-mail to the following address: 

Home loans at Nedbank: let’s take a look at the different possibilities based on the kind of home you want:

-Ordinary home loans:get your traditional home with convenient payment and method based on your salary.

-Homevision loans:get the money you need to pay for a property, and then, ask more so as to cover whatever expense that may come up.

-Building loans:apart from ready homes, you can also finance the building process with the most convenient programs and interest rates. Build your home from scratch with the one of the best financial support of the market!

-Readvance loan:one you have paid for a part of the loan, contact the bank for more money so as to pay for schools fees, furniture and even vacations.

-In order to ask for a home loan by phone, Nedbank has an exclusive phone number: 0860 555 111. It is available in typical banking hours.

-You can also apply in person visiting one of the branches located all around the country. As an example, there is one in Cape Town located in the corner of, Gabriel Rd & Gray Rd, in the area of Plumstead.

-The longest financing period for home loans is 300 months but terms can be adapted to your personal incomes.

-There is always a minimum initial deposit of R1500 to get the loans.

-Interest rates always flirt 10.5%, but they may vary based on the amount of money borrowed, the financing period chosen and other factors.

-Imagine you need R300 000 to pay for a house. If you pay an interest rate of 10.5%, you can pay the loan in 10 years with payments of R4 027 or in 20 years with payments of R2 980.

                    All in all, although with HBZ you can feel the confidence of a Swiss Bank, you don’t have the possibility of getting money to finance the purchase of your home. There are, of course, other loans that cover other needs that may appear on road. Thus, don’t ignore that you can resort to other companies in South Africa to meet this needs, such as Better Bond, SA Home Loans and Nedbank. Contact them and make your dreams come true as soon as possible.

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Questions and answers

What about interest rates?

There are really convenient interest rates based on the amount of money you need.

Is there an office in Pretoria?

Yes, it is located in the Laudium Plaza.

Can I borrow money on weekend?

Please, write email and you will get the answer the following business day.

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