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Can I Get Grindrod Bank Sassa Loans? Features and Contact Information

    Grindrod, is one of the financial companies with most prestige and success in South Africa, as it has carefully established a wide variety of loans for its citizens, making sure all their needs are completely satisfied.

   In the following article, I will give you information regarding their Private Lending and other types of finance Grindrod gives access to its clients. Then, I will focus on the Sassa Project, which has been carefully developed by this company for the sake of all its customers. At the end of the article, I will give you the contact details of this company.

Grindrod´s Private Lending

    The company has created many options for its clients when it comes to loans, all of which have as its biggest aim to make private clients and businesses succeed in the market, make investments and gain profits. Moreover, their professionals offer careful guidance and will also give clients recommendations and tips so as to improve the lending experience.

   One of the ways Grindrod can help you is towards their PROPERTY FINANCE, which allows clients to have access to a huge array of properties for commercial purposes or for further projects they are involved in. Such finance also enables clients to obtain mortgages of about 70% of the total value of the property, which in fact is a lot.

   Another way of obtaining financial support is through the company´s MEZZAINE FINANCE, which is a mixture of the traditional mortgage granted by most companies and one equity funding. For this purpose, the different professionals from the company will carefully examine for the best options in terms of real estate properties, good investors, which will of course give benefits and profits to clients once the agreement is sealed. Which is why, the company has its own property staff, to make sure the best sellers and the best prices are found.

   Moreover, this type of finance allows clients to make use of different financial resources, so as to make many transactions such as deposits and transfers. And, they will of course experience a return of the capital they invested in. So, if you are interested in this kind of deal I strongly advise you to contact the company´s professionals so as to receive further details about it.

   You can also rely on a DEBTOR FINANCE, in order to increase your cash flow and eliminate the risks. This a loan whose financing term is really short and the purpose of that is that sometimes longer financing terms turn out to be a disadvantage for the customer, as he experiences a diminishment in its cash flow. Through a Debtor Finance, every type of business can make use of the cash it possesses instead of waiting until all their customers have complied with the payments. Moreover, businesses that apply for this loan, can have access to many discounts when it comes to dealing with suppliers and buyers.

Now, through a Debtor Finance, Grindrod Bank is willing to buy the debtors book, that is to say, to pay for a debt and can also make payments in a period of about 4 months, no more than that. This option is really recommended to those clients that have more than one debtor.

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-You cash flow will really increase because the company will move on with almost 80% of your debtors book

-You will be able to make negotiations with offers and discounts, which will make you compete on a fair basis in the market. Those negotiations can be carried out due to the surplus cash to have access to thanks to the company

-The capital you own will immediately increase


-Possessing a business that is well set in the market

-Possessing a debtor´s book which consists of more than R 10 million

-Having strict trading conditions with trade debtors. The trading conditions cannot be of more than 3 months

-Having a business that is being well controlled, managed and has a powerful financial organization

-Being able to manage your finances properly

-The company will only ask for collaterals to the business stakeholders

-Companies in the manufacturing area or the wholesale field can really be benefited by the bank, as the cash flow can be protected and unrevealed



Before starting with this project, let me tell you how you can contact their members if interested in Sassa:

-You can call on the following number so as to receive assistance: 0800 600 160. But, if you want to make a complaint, you can make use of the following number also used for cases of fraud and scams: 0800 601 011.

-You can send an email to the following email address:

What is the SASA? It has to do with further services in the banking field that the South African Social Security Agency individuals can receive. In fact, they can receive up to R 10 million. This system works through a special card granted by the government of the country. In order for them to register, they will need to use electronic signature and also their fingerprints so as to enter the system and verify their personal information. All the beneficiaries of such benefit can easily obtain the funds in an electronic way which turns out to be a way of saving money in administration. What is more, the company stresses the importance of this system as being able to save more than R 10 billion in no more than five years.

  If you are interested in how this works, you need to know that the recipients of the SASSA are typically given a bank account from the company, without having to pay for charges each month. This account can be managed from home or at any branch of the bank or ATM. Moreover, it operates with MasterCard.

Contact details of Grindrod

-You can enter the bank´s website and immediately send a message or even complete a form if you have any general inquiries about its loans

-You can go to one of the bank´s branches in Durban, which is in the Stamford Hill. The exact address is Kingsmead Office Park 5. Or you can go to another office in Johannesburg located in Sandton. The exact location is 8 Protea Place. It can be found inside the Grindrod Tower, on the 4th floor of this building.

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Questions and answers

I'm unemployed with only my Sassa child grant for income, do I qualify for a loan?

Grindrod Bank is no longer associated with SASSA. In our web, you will find a category named loans per type. There you will find articles about how to get a loan if you are a Sassa pensioner. Also, you will find out how to use your items as security for loans.

How do I apply online for grindod loan?

If you own a company and need finance to purchase a property or to pay certain obligations, you could definitely consider asking for fa corporate loan in Grindrod Bank. However, you will not be able to this through the internet. Grindrod has not developed any online platform allowing you to start your application online. You will need to contact the bank.

How can I get a sassa loan and is there a number to call to get a loan from sassa?

Grindrod Bank is no longer associated to the South African Social Security Agency. This bank used to be the banking institution through which SASSA paid the grants to beneficiaries. In this company, you will find loans for companies to finance the purchase of commercial properties or debtor finance, for instance.

How can I make a loan by Grindrod?

You can turn to Grindrod Bank for private cliente lending. You will gain access to overdraft facilities and term loans. Financing from short to medium options are offered. You can apply for the loan at the different offices located at Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Pretoria. Members will provide you with a personalized service.

I just need a little help to get through this month

Grindrod won’t be you answer for this issue. All the same, we have solutions for you to think over. For short term loans, you can request a loan to Wonga that is willing to give you up to 4000 rands. As regards the repayment, you can repay it in just few days or, up to 6 months, if you need a little more time. You can use their loan simulator to calculate the cost of the loan before requesting it.

Can I get funds for school fees?

You need a student loan.Even though Grindrod does not offer its clients student loans, you can resort to Standard Bank, and as soon as you have the educational documentation in hand, you are more than ready to apply for the loan. You can contact this bank by phoning on 0860 123 000

I've been trying to apply for a loan but it keeps on declining

When banks reject loan applications it is, most of the time, because the applicant’s affordability is not high enough. This probably occurs because you’ve had problems repaying previous loans or, you have too many debts at the moment of the application. Another factor may be that your income is too small to keep up with the loan you ask. That is to say, your salary is not enough to pay the instalments.

How do I apply for loan?

Beginning, get some idea about the loan product you need. Then, you can contact Grindrod Bank to discuss the options you have for the terms of the loan. That is, the amount, the instalments, the interest rate. After having discussed your options, you need to submit documents to prove your identity and financial situation. After the bank verifies everything, you will be able of enjoying your loan

How can i get i get a loan?

Obtaining a loan is more simple than you can imagine! The only thing you need to do is to take a look at the website of the company you want a loan from, for instance African Bank and see in detail the loans available. Then, you can find the one that suits your needs and you can start the application for the loan on the section destined to that procedure. You can also apply by phoe if you dial up 0861 111 011

Can you give me money for the child transport to school?

Grindord grants the loan and, the applicant can use it as they need to. However, this bank issues loan related to the world of business or, for hose who are their clients. For instance, bank or Asset Management clients. In this case, the option is Private Client Lending and, even with this option, the purpose of the loan has to do with investment to improve the client’s business.

Good day, can I please have the features and contact information?

Of course! The loans that Grindord offers are aimed to help any kind of business that needs to be taken to the next level. If your company is already established and has some kind of secure profit, I mean, you get regular profit from it, you can use economic finance from this amazing bank. They have these lending alternatives: Loans to private clients, loans for commercial property and, debtor finance. Clearly, there’s a lot this bank can do for your company.

Do the loans require collateral?

No, not all of them

How can I get quotes?

You can fill a form in the company´s website

Can I get a loan as I am a Sassa pensioner? I need r800,000 but can only pay r1700 per month.

During the application process you need to go over to ask for a loan, you’ll be notified about the sum of money you qualify for. Most entities work like this: they analyse how much money you earn periodically, your credit record and, the terms you want for the loan. With all that in mind, the bank can make a loan offer based on how much money can you afford to pay per month. This is a practical way for you to make sure you won’t end up in debt.

What is needed when applying for a loan?

Every time a loan is required, the bank or entity in charge of issuing it will, first of all, make sure the applicant has enough funds to pay for each instalments. For this reason, the bank will need you to receive enough income per month and, that income must be perceived on regular basis. Apart from that, they need to verify you have behaved properly with previous loans by checking your financial profile.

Can i get loan from Grindrod bank?

In order to get a loan from Grindrod Bank you must gather your financial documentation and make sure your payslip is of at least R 2500 and that you have already paid previous loans.

I need a loan fast, can I get one by applying online and how much can I apply for?

Grindrod Bank does not offer online loans and, they are not as fast issuing loans as other companies. What’s more, they provide business finance or loans to Grindrod Bank’s client, specifically. Either way, you can check some other banks, like Absa or Clientele, that are faster at the procedure and, such procedure can be executed online.

Hi, my name is Estiny. I want a r1000 loan

You may analyse two companies that offer payday loans, Cash Converters and Wonga. Both of them manage short term loans and, you can take advantage of their products. Cash Converters have 2 options to choose from. One option is payable over 3 months and, the other on your next pay day. Wonga, on the other hand, allows you to choose from few days up to 6 months to cancel the loan.

Can I apply for loan twice? I already have one but, I want to know if I can take another one. Or do I have to repay the first loan first?

The possibility of you getting a second loan will mainly depend on two important points. One of them is how far you’ve gone repaying your first loan. For example, if you’ve only paid few instalments, you’d have less chance of being approved for a second loan. The other point is, as with any loan request, the result of your affordability assessment. We can advise you that, if you can, you should wait until you cancel the existing loan before asking for another one in order to have your finances under control.

Hi! I just want to know; I’ve finished repaying my instalments today. Can I borrow again tomorrow or this week?

Having the confirmation of a new loan in such short time since your last loan cancelation is highly unlikely. You have to keep in mind few factors. For example, there need to be certain time for the bank to process that last payment and, that loan will affect your credit profile. So, there have to be some time left before you’re ready for a new loan request.

Can I get a loan online in Grindrod?

No, the alternative to get your loan online is not possible with Grindrod. What you can do through their webpage is to submit some contact information for them to get in contact with you and start discussing your options. You’ll be guided in the simplest way to get the loan you need to get the financial support you need.

How often are payments made?

On a monthly basis

I want to apply for a loan please, how can I do it?

There are plenty of ways you can take advantage if interested in beginning an application for a loan. One of those means of communicaton is by phone, so to contact Grindrod you can dial up 0800 600 160 and you can also make use of your computer and enter the company´s official website so as to click on the application section.

Will I get help if I'm a Sassa beneficial?

This bank, Grindrod, helps business grow and increase their profit. I mean, this is the aim their loans point at. So, if you get Sassa grant, you will have to consider all your options to see if this bank is what you need. Apart from that, you are going to be under some affordability checks by any entity you decide to work with and, according to that outcome, you’ll be granted a loan amount you qualify for.

Pls I need a 3000-rand loan, can u help?

As Grindrod can’t help you on this, we will inform you about Cash Converters that has Advance mini loans that must be paid in just one instalment on the date of your next payday. You have to be employed to be approved for this loan as, they need to make sure you will get your income within 30 days after you take the loan.

I need a loan of r600 can u please help me?

For such low amount to borrow, your best alternative will be a payday loan. A payday loan is granted in just 1 or 2 days, sometimes even in the same day of application and, the client returns the money and pays for the interest within 30 days. Also, there are some banks that allow expanding the repayment term for few months.

How much is the monthly payment?

The amount per instalments you will have to pay monthly, will be known after you state how much money you need. This is so, because the quote you borrow must be divided in the number of instalments and, it will also be affected by fees and interest to pay. Only after those terms are set, will you be able of knowing about the monthly payments.

I want Grindrod to borrow me r500

This quote is not possible with Grindrod as; they issue different types of loans. In your case, you could go for a Wonga Loan. The particularity of this entity is that, the payment period can be as short as just 4 days after. For example, for R500 to return in 4 days, the cost would be R597.76 approximately. Of course, you can extend the period but, keep in mind, the longer the term, the more expensive the loan

Do I qualify for a loan, please?

I’ll state some of the points Grindord stablishes on their qualifying criteria. Having in mind these are loans for businesses, Grindord asks your business to be well-established, which means these are not loans to start a company. Of course, your company must have a good record of their credit and financial management. Basically, you need to prove your company has a good plan to improve the business and take advantage of the loan to increase its profit.

Good day, I need an emergency loan of r1500.00. Please, can you help me? I’m in South Africa

Emergency loans are not the kind of loans Grindrod offers. For a loan quote of just R1500, your best alternative would be to get a payday loan. Most importantly, these are the loans you can get almost instantly and, that’s what you need for your emergency. Besides, you can pay it in a really short time avoiding long terms repayments.

How do I apply for a loan online?

Unfortunately, Grindrod Bank only grants loans for applicants who start the application in person. This means, they don’t have online application on their web page. All the same, you can contact their consultant with no problem to get assistance on what you need. You will need to have all the documents proving you meet the requirements and, you can afford the quote you ask.

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