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Can I Find a Grindrod Bank Loan in Pretoria? Contact Information and Requirements

Grindrod´s Loans for Pretoria Citizens

   You will detect that there are numerous choices related to lending programs this corporation offers to industries and private customers that work with the bank. Through those credits the company is able to make its consumers grow their finances, make better investments and remain competitive within other businesses that are present in the market today.

    There are three key loans you will find at this bank:

    One of the loans this firm has shaped is their PROPERTY FINANCE, which has to do with a loan that aids customers in the acquisition of properties which function as commerce. As a matter of fact, there are mortgages existing, whose cost entails around 70 or 80% of the totality of the property the consumer has elected.

     Another existing loan, also settled by the bank, is the well-known MEZZAINE FINANCE, which is the outcome of the integration of the traditional mortgage you identify, and an equity funding you have invested in the past. Through this finance, the bank will search for an excellent choice in terms of real estate possessions. The Mezzaine Finance permits you to make payments, transferences and every type of transaction you can imagine. Besides, you will be gifted the chance of seeing how your capital can return to you, after investments are completed.  

     The preceding loan the enterprise has established is termed DEBTOR FINANCE, which you can assume from its name that it will help customers to experience an enhancement in their cash flow. Occasionally it occurs that loans encompass short financing terms, situation in which the client is not profited in the long term as he/she devotes many months to paying for the loan. For such determination, this loan´s financing months is likely to be short. Which is why you will observe financing periods that do not surpass 4 months. This is the loan recommended for clients that have many debtors in their book and are having troubles trying to recover their money in an easy and quick way.


-Increase in cash flows as well as in capital invested

-Disappearance of your debtors´ book, because the bank will cover up to 80% of it

-Effective and fair negotiations with other similar businesses that trying to remain competitive


There are certain things it is worth taking into consideration when applying for a loan with Grindrod, such as these ones:

-Being owner of a business that really sustains on its own when it comes to finances and negotiations with partners

-Having a book with debtors, whose amount is superior to this amount: R 10 million, which is not much in fact?

-Being owner of a business whose financial organization and assets are well kept and in perfect conditions

-Being ready to finance the loan in no more than 120 days

-Preparing your stakeholders to take care of the collaterals of the loan, which should be put forward only by them

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   With the incorporation of Cash Deposits, the firm empowers clients to make investments which can be completed now or in the long term. How does that function for customers? Let me explain you. This bank is prepared to create negotiations so that you can have huge access to the final banking rates accessible. You are not requested by the bank to pay for charges as it is usually the case with other financial firms. Additionally, the company will merely make you pay costs for making deposit, so other services are not included here.


    With the integration of this deposit, customers can straightforwardly withdraw their savings and these customers will not be requested to pay added charges for the service. This is true, as long as you have informed your transaction to the bank in a period of 30 days or in a maximum of 180 days.

     I strongly advise you to take a look at the bank´s website, as their members are constantly updating several rates corresponding to each of the deposits, so that whenever you make them you have in mind what is the rate you are supposed to pay for such service.


     Call Deposits are certainly attained once you have opened a Call Account with the Grindrod Bank, which automatically enables you to make deposits in a short period of time, if you agree to pay interest rates that tend to be really low when compared to the ones of other companies. Besides, you are allowed to make numerous deposits if that is what you want.

    One of the requirements for a Call Deposit, is that you have deposited at least R 50 000 and sending a message to the company to let them know about this type of operation you made with your account. The company will inform you about the overdraft of it, which turns out to be of 10% and the amount you can invest each year: R 5 million.


     The leading feature of this kind of payment, is that the currency you deposit only persists in the account for a static period of time. Together with this deposit, there comes along a fixed interest rate, defined by the bank the moment the deposit has been made. The only requirement for a Fixed deposit is that you have previously deposited R 50 000. Once that amount is deposited by you, can start making Fixed Deposits.

Contact details of Grindrod in Pretoria

-One of the ways you can communicate with the representatives of this company is by getting access to its webpage, which is full of details about each of the services and products Grindrod offers.

-Another way of contacting the company is by going to a physical branch located in Pretoria, which is in the Oxford Office Park. The exact address is 3 Bauhinia Street. It opens during weekdays on business hours.

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