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Are There Grindrod Bank Loans in Cape Town?

     Are you living today in Cape Town? Are you experience some difficulties with your finances? Then, a loan from a reliable company might be what you need. Fortunately, a reliable banking company is present in Cape Town, Grindrod.

   For such reason, I will like to start this article by mentioning the 3 different loans granted by this company to its customers. Then, I will also like to stress the different kind of deposits offered. Finally, I will give you the necessary contact details of this company in Cape Town, for you to contact them and start receiving their financial support.

Grindrod loans for Cape Town residents:

     The company has created three loans, which aim at satisfying any type of needs their customers can experience, which can be personal or even commercial and professional ones. Let’s take a look at each of the loans and what they can offer:

    One of Grindrod loans is called PROPERTY FINANCE, which has been designed to make clients buy a property without complications, which can of course be used for commercial needs apart for personal ones. The company will offer its clients mortgages whose values ranges from 70 to 80%.

    A further loan from the company, named MEZZAINE FINANCE, has been designed to give client the opportunity of experiencing how a traditional mortgage can merge with an equity funding, whose result is obtaining the best real estate property available in the market. Moreover, they can make as many deposits and transfers as they want, which will be made with no extra charges for operations. Finally, clients that apply for this loan will observe an important increase in their cash flow.

      The last loan you need to acknowledge Grindrod has designed is the DEBTOR FINANCE, which gives client assistance whenever they want their cash flow to improve. One of the key benefits of this loan is that its financing term consists of no more than 4 months, so a short one. The purpose of this term has to do with the disadvantage that many clients experience when dealing with loans whose terms are really long and unaffordable.



-A big increase in your cash flow and the reason of that is the company´s responsibility as managing more than 80% of your debtors´ book

-Effective negotiations and access to huge discounts and special prices

-Surplus cash will be attainable due to those negotiations

-Capital will be returned to you whenever you have made previous investments, where the risks were huge and important


There are certain requirements you will need to comply with if you are willing to access to the three different finance explained before:

-Making sure that you possess a business whose finances are well kept and managed

-Making sure that your debtors´ book has an amount superior to this one: R 10 million

-Making sure you can comply with financing periods of three months

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-Making sure every asset your business possesses has been lawfully acquired and is in a good state

-Letting stakeholders know that they are the ones in charge of submitting collaterals for any loans they access to

 As a final comment, I will like to let you know that the company stresses that your capital will be unlocked if you are dealing with a business that is mainly specialized in manufacturing or wholesales.



    These deposits are meant to make every customer have access to a property they wish, by making the necessary negotiations with real estate agencies and finding appropriate interest rates applicable to the value of the property chosen. Moreover, the company allows clients not to pay for bank charges related to such deposit. And, they will not need to pay fees for transfers either.


      These sort of deposits are meant to make clients withdraw money by not paying for charges for doing that. But, they will be required to notify the company before hand for having used this service. In fact, the company will give them up to 6 months.

      You will find plenty of useful data in the company´s webpage which is related to each of the rates that apply to every deposit. Such list of rates is constantly updated by the company, so it is advisable to take a look at it before making any deposit.


    These deposits are meant to help clients by offering them a special account and also the possibility of making any type of deposit in the short term, for instance in a month. The interest rates of such deposit are low and clients can make more than two deposits at the same time.

    If this is the deposit you were looking to make with the bank, you must always start by making deposits of R 50 000 and also make a notification to the bank. The exists an overdraft which does not exceed 10 % and you can make investments of a minimal R 100 000 and a maximum of r 5 million, pretty much.


     These deposits are made to support those customers that are planning to deposit money only during a fixed period of time, by accepting to pay for rates that are low and fixed. But, there exists a minimum that clients will need to deposit:R 50 000.

Contact details of Grindrod  in Cape Town

If you are interested in obtaining the different loans mentioned above and making multiple deposits, as the ones explained, let me tell you how easy you can contact the bank if you are living in Cape Town:

-You can get in touch with the company from the comfort of your place, by entering the website they have created, which will give you the option of sending messages and receiving quotes in a matter of hours.

- You can also go to its office in Cape Town, in Westlake. It is inside the Block Steenberg Office at the Silverwood Club.

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Questions and answers

Can I use my card to finance the loan?

Yes you can

Is the bank open on Sundays?

No, only on weekdays on business hours

Do the loans require collateral?

No they do not

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