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Can I Apply For Loans in Cape Town? What Are The Loans Provided in That Location? Application Form And Phone Numbers

            If you believe that this is the right moment for borrowing, the first step you should take is to collect some information of the many options available in the financial market nowadays. In this piece of writing, you will be able to find the services provided by a company ubicated in Cape Town together with its contact details, requirements and contact information. Apart from this, I will also refer to other companies that are working in Cape Town and that might be of your interest as well. The name of the first financial company I will refer to is GBS Mutual Bank and the contact details of this institution appear in the following chart:

Cape Town Office                                              GBS Mutual Bank is located at 1st Floor 8 Cavendish Street Claremont                                                                                     Cape Town 7708, South Africa

Can I contact them over the phone?         Yes! The phone number of the office is (021) 426 1013

Does GBS have any email address?           Of course! You can send an email to

Fax Number                                                          (021) 671 0051


            GBS provides loans to those that are in the search for cash to cover expenses that arise from the maintenance of their business. Whether they want to expand it to just incorporate new technologies, commercial mortgages are ideal for helping entrepreneurs to take their companies to the forefront of the financial market. So as to qualify for this loan, you must make an initial deposit of the 30% and wait till GBS evaluates your ability to repay and the actual standing of your scores and rates. Eligibility criteria will be determined by those factors. 

            You have up to 10 years to repay your loan and once you are approved, you can receive the 70% of the total amount of the value of the asset you are willing to get.


            You are probably more familiar with this loan. Generally, people use it when they are looking forward to purchasing a property, rebuilding some rooms in your house or just furnishing it. You must have a proof of income that serves as an evidence to show that your salary is fixed and that you are being paid once a month. What is more, you will have to deposit some money, (in this case the 20% is required) when applying.             Fortunately, the company offers a loan that covers the 80% of the cost of the price that has been set to the product you aim to obtain. You have about a year and a half to make the repayments for this loan.


            This type of financing is designed for brokers. I will add that this kind of loan differs from others in the sense that the company secures your loan with an asset. If you are curious about this loan, GBS recommends that you visit one of its stores and discuss the proposal with a consultant who is trained to facilitate financial information for you. In case it is difficult for you to get to a near office, you can also contact GBS over the phone and other means of communication as well. Check the chart that appears at the beginning of this article for this information.

Find the best loan of South Africa

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Other companies working in Cape Town

            -Ubank is also another financial entity you can find in Cape Town. It mainly offers personal loans up to R180 000 and which can be repaid within six years. The loan terms are really flexible as you can choose the period of time to make the payments for the loan. Additionally, potential applicants must be between eighteen years up to sixty-five and it doesn’t matter if you have never done business with Ubank, you can still enjoy its services. In order to apply, you must have a fixed income and a bank account that later on will be used for depositing the funds of the loan.

            -Wonga, on the contrary, offers short-term loans that can be of R500 up to R4000. With Wonga, you can save interests whenever you make early payments, which is a huge advantage of operating with this company. Besides, you can also select the loan size together with its duration the moment of application. The requirements set for Wonga’s products are the following: having a South African identification, a banking account, a pay slip or a bank statement that shows that you are working at present and also a phone number so that the company can contact you in the near future. You can get in touch with Wonga by dialing up this number 0861 966 424, or by sending an email at

            -Bayport is another alternative for you to have into consideration. This company has many branch offices operating all over the world, such as in Colombia and Mexico, but mostly in the African continent. Bayport offers payroll loans (which are short-term loans, too), car title loans and consolidation loans. If you are a Cape Town resident and you are interested in this loan, you can call the company and ask for more information at this number +27 21 492 5084. The office is located at Dumbarton House Cnr Church & Adderley Street, City Bowl, Cape Town, 8000.

            -Standard Bank is another entity I will refer to in the entry of this article. This bank provides a wide range of financial services, from banking to digital wallets and foreign exchange. As regards borrowing, you can apply for student loans, overdraft, as well as term and personal loans. It also offers services for entrepreneurs, car financing, and home loans. Fortunately, there are a lot of branches around Cape Town city. You can find one at 3rd Floor Protea Place, 30 Claremont Road, Claremont, 7700. In order to start the application process, you will need to register and open an account. This can be carried out online and it is a very simple process that only will take you just a few minutes.

            As you have noticed, there are myriad financial entities you can find in around Cape Town. If any of the institutions referred to in this article are of your interest, just contact them and ask for more references and comments. I’m sure they are willing to help you cope with your debts. Good luck!

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Questions and answers

How can I get in touch with Ubank?

You can ring them up at this number 086000 8322.

Is it possible to apply online?

With GBS you can't. You can only apply in a store, but you can make calls for more details.

Is it true that interest rates are linked to prime?

Yes! GBS rates are also variable.

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