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Is Porth Elizabeth Eligible for FNB Loans? Addresses and Phone Numbers

    Are you permanently residing in Port Elizabeth? Are you searching for easy cash? Thanks God you are here. You are just about to start obtaining the information you need as to how to get the money you want. How is that possible? With the support from First National Bank. This company has been present in South Africa for more than two decades and has expanded to more than 20 cities around South Africa.

Luckily, this company has branches in your area, Port Elizabeth. Which is why, I advise to continue reading this post. In the first section of this post, you will obtain information about the contact details of FNB, which includes offices, phone numbers and webpages. In the second section of this article, I will briefly mention their loans and explain which are their features and requirements.

In Port Elizabeth, this is how you can contact FNB:

    You can go to one of their branches located at Shop.35, Metlife Mall, Port Elizabeth, 6025, South Africa. This branch opens Mondays to Mondays from 09:00 am to 08:00 pm. Its phone number is 87 575 9404.

There is another branch found at 80 Caledon St, Port Elizabeth, 6229, South Africa, whose phone number is the following:  41 995 6512. This branch opens Mondays to Saturdays from 9 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon.

If you would like to contact the bank from the comfort of your computer, you can try accessing their official webpage, where you will find tons of information about each loan and the chance of applying for them via online.

Lastly, you can contact the bank´s representatives through their customer service line, which is 0860 102 631.

Now, let’s focus on three of the key loans found in FNB: Revolving Loans, Temporary Loans and Home Loans


    For those clients that already have a cheque account with FNB, the bank has created these loans. The positive side of this program is that those clients have access to immediate money. How can they finance this program? Making affordable monthly payments that are usually fixed by the bank in conjunction with clients. Nevertheless, clients need to bear in mind that in order to obtain the totality of the loan, they must have finished paying 15% of the whole loan. This money will be obtained in any ATM, via transfers, cards and also cash.

The sum of money obtained can be destined to any type of expense or purpose.

What is more, people that are granted this loan will have access to a personal insurance in case there are accidents or the person suffers a disability.


    Those clients that have immediate needs that cannot wait, which means they need the money the moment they apply, have this option available. The bank is willing to open these clients a checking account. The interest rates that apply to this program are usually 13% of the totality of the loan, only for the first period of the program.

Regarding the amount of money granted to clients, the bank states that there is not a fixed amount, since this will depend on the credit score of the client and how long did they take to apply for this program.

How can these clients obtain the money? In any ATM that operates with the bank, via online banking or phone banking. Moreover, they can get the money at any branch, no matter the location.

Find the best loan of South Africa

Finally, the bank has not developed interest rates for this loan, provided clients have already paid 13% of the program.


    This is the most requested loan, as it has to do with one of the most basic needs a client can have, possessing a house or making improvements to it.

Pay attention to what you will get with this program:

Home Loan:

This is a program destined to those clients that are trying to buy their first property, that you can imagine sometimes is hard to afford. Moreover, FNB gives these clients the chance of merging this program with another programs with the purpose of giving them more benefits.

Take a look at the requirements for being eligible for it: having a minimal wage of R 25,000 and the majority of age, as it happens with most loans.

One Account:

   The bank will open their customers a checking account in order to grant them high amounts of money. Their requirements are more or less similar to the ones for the previous program: earning a little more each year, a minimum of R35, 000, being 18 years old or older and demonstrating you possess a perfect credit score with another banking company.

Building Loan:

    For those clients that are having a hard time trying to build their own house, the bank has created this program. Or it can also happen that those clients are trying to improve their house by purchasing new furniture or electronic devices. These are the requirements for Building Loans: being 18 years old or older than that and earning a wage that consists of a minimum of R 25,000.

Smart Bond:

   For those customers that were not found eligible for the previous programs, the bank has carefully developed this alternative. Of course, these clients need to prove their low income, by having a minimum wage of R 2,500 and a maximum of R 25,000. This requirement also applies for applications submitted with another client or partner. This program does not require a collateral, which is one of the positive aspects of a lending program.

   To conclude, it does not matter the area of Port Elizabeth you are now living, you will have more than one FNB branch to give you the support and assistance you need. And that is not all, you have other means of communication in order to start operating with this bank. Finances should no longer be a problem in your life with this company. Take a look at all their programs and choose the one that will benefit you the most.

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What is the lowest interest rate available?
You will need to discuss that with the bank´s representatives as they will based on the client
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Yes, it works perfectly fine
How can I finance my holidays?
With Temporary Loans

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