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Can Pretoria Citizens Get FNB Loans? Locations and Phone Numbers

One of the hard challenges you will need to face in life is the impossibility of financing all your expenses and obtaining the assets you have, situations in which you will need the support of a bank to grant you a lending program. One of the companies in charge of making that happen is FNB, one of the leading bans in the world.

Luckily, this banking company is available in Pretoria to help their citizens achieve their dreams and solve their financial troubles.

In this post, you will be given information regarding the different loans proposed by First National Bank and their features. After that, you will be given the contact details of this company in your area, Pretoria. So, please keep reading as I am sure you will totally benefit from this article.

FNB Loans for the people residing in Pretoria:

      This company has four different loans, each of which adapts to needs citizens can experience:


Before starting with the details of this program, let me tell you that to apply for it you must be at least 18 years old and show that you are permanently residing in South Africa. Moreover, you should show a perfect credit history with other institutions.

This is what you will find in Home Loans:

A. Home Loan: this program will be clients the financial help they have always wanted in a fast and simple way, which will enable them to finance the home of their dreams. Moreover, this program can be used together with another premiums and choices that will improve even better the loan. One of the requirements is that clients have a minimum of 18 years old and an annual income of R 25,000.

B.One Account:  what is this? The possibility of merging the account you already have with the financial needs of the house. This is simply a check account that the bank will open for its clients, that in some cases needs to be guaranteed with a collateral such as a house. But, not in all cases, you should see this in detail at the time of applying for it. For this loan, the bank requests you to also be older than 18 years old and having an annual income of R 35,000.

C.Building Loan: this program will help you build the house of your dreams, no matter the cost of it. Or, you can use this money to make your house bigger or add appliances to it. Interested in the requirements for this loan? Same as the previous options, having at least 18 years old and possessing an income of $25,000.

D.Smart Bond: if you are a citizen whose income is lower than the expected, do not worry because FNB has an alternative for that case. The bank will grant this loan to those citizens that do not earn more than $ R 25,000.

     Now let’s focus on FNB Loans, which is divided into two categories:

Personal Loans and Student Loans

1.Personal Loans: the bank is willing to grant you a maximum of $R 150,000. The financing periods are completed within 60 months, and each payment is made every month. The interest rate of this loan will be totally adjusted to the client, which means there is not a fixed rate.

Pay attention to their features:

-The bank does not care whether you are unemployed or employed, if you demonstrate you will be able to finance the loan as expected

-You must not pay penalties for not making the monthly payments on a regular basis

-You must have at least 18 years’ old

-You must reside in South Africa permanently

-This is what you will see in each payment you will make: the fee you paid at the beginning, the service fee, a plan for customer protection and the possibility of financing the whole debt.

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-Clients are allowed not to pay for a month one of the fees, which is called “taking a break” in this company

-Clients can change this loan for another one without problem

2 Student Loan: this option is very beneficial for parents and students, since they can count on the support of the bank to finance school and university studies. With this loan, you will be able to purchase the material you need for classes, fees and the dorm where you will be living while studying at campus.

In fact, clients that apply for this loan will be granted a minimum of 4 r 4,000 and a maximum of $R 80,000, whose interest rates will be determines by the bank and will totally depend on the client´s salary and income.

Let’s move on with the last two loans you will find in FNB: Revolving Loans and Temporary Loans

1.Revolving Loans:  these programs are designed for those clients that have an active account with FNB. To be granted the money you request, you need to have finished financing at least 15% of the total value of the loan. Regarding the financing terms, you have the chance of making monthly payments which are fixed by the banking company and are very beneficial since you will be able to afford each payment and complete the financing without complications.

The money you are granted will be used by you for any type of purpose and if you want to, that is completely up to the client.

However, please bear in mind that you have the possibility of choosing a debt protector in case something happens to you and you are not able to enjoy the loan you were granted.

2.Temporary Loans: these loans are designed for those clients that require money in a matter of hours. To be eligible for this program, clients must have a checking or a smart account with FNB. The moment you comply with all the bank´s requirements, the money will be transferred to one of those accounts and you will be able to enjoy it.

However, there is no fixed amount of money that the bank will grant you, since this will exclusively depend on your behavior as a possessor or previous loans. But you can be sure that the moment you are found eligible, you can obtain the money from a branch, online banking, checks and even an ATM.

Contacting FNB in Pretoria

-In person

One of its offices is in Brooklyn, specifically in Brooklyn Mall, Veale St & Fehrsen St, Pretoria, 0181. Its phone number is 012 460 9202. This office opens Mondays to Fridays from 09:00 am to 03:30 pm

There is another branch located atShell Garage, Nico Smith St, Pretoria, 0002, whose telephone number is 087 575 9404. This office opens Mondays to Fridays during business hours.


You can enter FNB´s official website and start enjoying services such as online banking and the possibility of applying online for a loan. You will also find more information about each policy

-Phone numbers for customer service

If you want to apply for a program or you are interested in obtaining more information, please phone on 0860 102 631

     Having said that, the citizens of Pretoria that have been facing financial challenges can come to a solution with FNB´s programs, which gives them the chance of completing the financing within long periods of time and with low interest rates. Get in touch with the bank´s representatives and start enjoying the life you deserve!

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Questions and answers

Is it possible to refinance the loan?

Yes, you have that possibility available

Are there any loans for self-employed people?

Sure, the bank has created special programs for self-employed people

Can I apply for a loan at their offices?

Sure, you can go to a branch and apply for a program there

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