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Is It Possible To Get a FinChoice Long Term Loan? Terms and Contact Details

      If you were looking for a long-term loan, one that you can pay in modest rates, let me congratulate you, FinChoice might be just what you were looking for. Yes, this company has many loans ¿, each of which will adapt not only to your budget but also to your needs.

   In the next article, I will mention some details about this company, for you to get to know more about FinChoice. After that, you will be given information about their long term loan, also known as the 12 month or 24 month Personal Loan. So, please stay with me, as I am sure you will benefit from this lending program.

About FinChoice

   FinChoice is one of the best financial providers in South Africa, which has first established in Cape Town and has expanded too many cities and locations throughout the decades. In fact, due to its expansion and experience, many South Africans consider it as the best retail company.

It has specialized in the retail industry due to its belonging to the Home Choice Group, which is one of the most well-known retailers in the country.

    Apart from the retail industry, FinChoice has dedicated itself to financial products and services and has designed a series of lending programs in order to satisfy every type of need a citizen can have in their lives.

It can be said that their best assets are their loans, as they have plenty of them. In fact, there is a 6, a 12 and a 24 months loan, each of which can be repaid on a monthly basis with fixed interest rates.

In this opportunity I will focus on the one you are interested in, their long-term loan: the 12 or 24 month personal loan.

    This loan has been created for those citizens that are having a hard time trying to pay their expenses or accumulated debts and need to get money but at the same time, comfortable repayment periods. Moreover, they can check how their monthly balance is working, if they can apply for a new program and also make the payment whenever they are ready to. This means, that if the client cannot make a payment once, the company will not penalize this.

   Clients can obtain a maximum of R 25 000, which can be financed each month. Moreover, if something happens to the person that received the loan, the company will give immediate access to an insurance. This option is typically useful for cases of diseases or accidents that can put into risk the lives of the applicants.

  That amount of money can be obtained within 24 hours, and the application procedure will not take more than 10 minutes, pretty fast.

The requirements for a long term loan

   As it happens with many companies, one of the requirements is that you are a South African citizen, so you need to show your ID card as well as information about a current bank account you possess when you apply. Moreover, you need to create an account with Home Choice, which can be done if you click on There, you will see a form you need to complete with your data for the registration.

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FinChoice loan´s application

   One of the great benefits of this company is that you can apply from home, over the phone, how? By dialing up call 0861 346246. Please be sure to have at hand your ID number together with your account information, as their representatives will ask you for that type of data at the moment of applying for a loan. That will not take more than a couple of minutes.

   So, in just a few minutes you can complete the application procedure and start enjoying the life you deserve, without debts or expenses that cannot be paid. You can satisfy all of your needs, by paying comfortable installments each months. Simple as that.

Contact details

By phone

   If you were attracted by this loan, you can call on 0861 346 246 and start talking to the company´s representatives. This call center is available to every citizen during weekdays from 8 in the morning to 7:45 in the afternoon. It is also available on Saturdays from 8 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon. And, clients can also use this phone number on Sundays from 09:00 am to 2 in the afternoon. In some circumstances, the company can have its call center available during public holidays, you will need to check that.


 In person

    If you are the type of customer that wants to get a personalized attention, so you would like to speak in person to Fin Choice´s representatives, you can go to its main office located in Cape Town. The exact address is 78 Main Road. Its phone number is this one: 27 86 134 6246.

This office opens every day from 8 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon.


  You can always contact the company from the comfort of your home that is by using your laptop and entering Fin Choice´s website. There, you will find plenty of information related to the different products and services they offer, the possibility of managing your loan from online banking, a section devoted to the terms and conditions of their services and also a section for queries and doubts.

What is more, in this webpage, you can download the company´s app so that you can manage the loan you were granted from your cellphone, in a fast an easy way.

    All in all, Fin Choice is a great alternative when it comes to finding a loan that you will be able to pay throughout a long period of time, that is to say a long-term loan. You can easily obtain this lending program and finance it in about 12 to 24 months, which in fact is a lot of time. Please try to get in touch with the company´s professionals and see how fast you can apply for their loan and start enjoying the financial status you deserve!!

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Questions and answers

Hi, I need a consolidation loan

Unfortunately, Finchoice Bank does not provide clients with consolidation loans. When you are borrowing, the company gives you the possibility to apply for a personal loan, funeral cover loan and advance loans. A personal loan can be of up to R40.000. You can apply for loans of R8000 to be paid back within a period of six months.

Is the office open on Sundays?

Yes it is!

Does this company offer other loans?

Sure, 2 months and 6 months loans

What else can I get in Fin Choice?

An insurance for you and your family!

Can you help me with a personal loan please?

Yes, if you are interested in obtaining a Finchoice Personal Loan, you must fill a form with your financial and contact information in a branch of the company or online. Then, you will need to submit the documentation such as payslips, bank statements and ID. Once the information and documentation are submitted you must wait for the competion of the procedure

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