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What Are the Features and Benefits of FinChoice KwikAdvance Loans? Contact Information and Requirements

Do you have any unexpected expense to cover? Do you need quick cash? Congratulations! You have found what you need. In this article, you will get information about Kwik Advance loans. We will show it features, requirements,financing and contact information so that you can have access to them whenever you need. We will also develop other lending programs offered by FinChoice as well another quick loan available at another company.

                Let’s start talking about our main topic: KwikAdvance loans. In this case, you can borrow amounts of money that go from a minimum of R100 to a maximum of R2 000 based on what you need. In order to avoid high interest rates, you can pay the money back the following payday. Application process doesn’t take more than ten minutes; please keep on reading to get more information about how to do that.

                Fortunately, there are other programs available for those who need more money. They are:

a. Flexi loans: they offer amounts of money that go up to R8 000. As far as financing terms are concerned, the money borrowed can be paid off in up to 6 months. What is more, if you are into these programs, you can have additional cash money whenever you feel like.

b. Personal loans: these traditional programs offer higher sums of money: up to R26 000. As we are talking about more money, financing periods are longer. Therefore, you can choose either 1 or 2 years of financing. With this program, you also have the benefit of additional cash lending whenever you need it.

                Let’s continue now listing the advantages of FinChoice loans:

-You can get money to improve your home, to pay for health care, and even to afford vacation without the need of traveling to a branch.

-If you resort to phone application process, it won’t take longer than 10 minutes.

-You can get money up to R25 000 to cover whatever you need.

-There is a wide variety of financing terms that you can choose. They actually go from 6 to 24 months.

-You can download FinChoice app in you mobile to keep the track and manage the loan no matter where you are.

-You can have access to cash money to overcome an emergency while on the road.

-There is a protection plan available connected to the loans that you can take advantage of.

-Phone lines are available 24/7 so that you count on the help of FinChoice, regardless of time.

-There are no initiation fees or extra cost included in the application process.

-You have the possibility of skipping payments when you are in rainy day.

Where Is It Possible to Apply for FinChoice Programs?

If you want to start an application for a Kwik Advance loan, you can visit the office of the company located in Cape Town. It is actually in the area of Wynberg, at 78 Main Road. For specific questions about this branch, the phone line is the folllowing 86 134 6246.

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                But bear in mind that meeting a representative in person is not the only way to get money from FinChoice. In fact, here you have two other alternatives:

-Via Internet: if you enter the official webpage, you create an account and have access to online application. In less than 10 minutes, application and approval will be ready so as to provide you with the money needed. You can also take advantage of the bottom “Contact us” so as to send questions or comment. Answers don’t take more than a couple of minutes.

-By phone: there is a phone line available for application that is 0861 346 246. What is more, you can send a SMS writing LOAN to the following number: 083 8555 700.


                With another name, Standard Bank has a program that works as KwikAdvance. It is called instant loan. In this case, clients can borrow amounts of money range from R250 to R3 000. Once you get the money, you will have up to a period of 35 to repay principal and interests. There are minimum interest rates available that will be variable. This program has also initiation fees of approximately 10%. To be eligible for this program, clients are required to be South African citizens of at least 18 years with ID and earn a minimum salary of R250.

                If you are interested in Standard instant loans, there are different ways you can apply for them:

-First, you can visit any office of Standard Bank in person. There is one, for example, in the city of Kimberley, at the corner of Bultfontein Street and Lennox Streets. Representatives will be available in person during the week from 9a.m. to 3p.m.

-Secondly, you can apply online. You visit the online webpage, select this programs and click on “Apply online”. In some minutes, money will be available in your account. You can also take advantage of the Internet to send questions to

-And last but not least, you can apply for loan by phone. There is a general line to answer questions about the loans and the bank itself that is 0860 123 000. For specific details about personal loans, the number you can contact is 0860 123 001.

                To conclude, when it comes to fast money, South African’s citizens are safe. They can take advantage of the economic help of Fin Choice due to its program Kwik Advance or they can also resort to Standard Bank, which has instant loans. There is no way of making more excuses, get the money as quick as you can and afford whatever you want!

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Questions and answers

I would like to reloan R50.000 .

Remember that with a Finchoice Kwik Advance you can only borrow up to R3500. What you need is a Finbond Personal Loan. The maximum amount for these loans is R40,000; however, since you have already requested a loan, and assuming you finished paying for it, you will be able to ask for more money.

Why can't I access my kwik loan advance?

As you have to go over your cellphone or your computer to log in, there are few points you need to check to try to find the problem. Firstly, try to upload the app if you haven’t done it. A second step is to check your password, particularly if you have changed your cellphone, for example. Finally, if you still have problem to get into the account, call FinChoice to check everything is ok with your payments as, you might have missed some installments.

When will I qualify for the reload?

You will be eligible to have a reload only after proving FinChoice you are a responsible client. You can do this by paying all your installments correctly but also, by having all your payment responsibilities in order. This means, you have to be sure to have your finances on the right track and FinChoice will let you take more money.

Can I take a quick advance loan of r2000.00?

Of course! Be sure to have access to your FinChoice account to be allowed to apply for the money. Even though you have to pay for the loan on your following pay day, this means, within 30 days, you can return the money sooner to be authorized by FinChoice to take more money.

How can I get a kwikadvance?

Getting this advance has the simplest steps to follow. The only thing you need is to have a mobi account opened and active. From that account, you’ll find your Kwik Advance loan. If you don’t have one yet, you can register it quick. Do not forget FinChoice needs your documents to give you your loan quote.

How much is the interest of r4000?

As the loans issued by FinChoice are regulated by NCA, you will be certain the rate will not go higher than what it should. However, you can only know the interest rate of your loan by asking the bank a quotation because they will set it in accordance with your credit score.

Hi, my number has been changed and I’m not sure what to do

For any change on the information you submitted FinChoice when you took the loan, you must inform them about it. The good part is this is really easy to do. In fact, it’s one of the benefits of managing your loan through a mobi account. Just log in and follow the instructions to change your cellphone number.

How does kwik advance is paid in my account?

Once the applicant passes the affordability assessment, FinChoice lets him or her know about the loan products available. There, you will pick the loan amount you want and accept the terms. Providing this happens before 3 pm, the bank will verify your documents and transfer the funds within just a day into your bank account.

How does kwik skip work?

Skipping a payment is a service that must be used conscientiously. It’s a great advantage if you suddenly have a month in which an unexpected expense appears and you have trouble meeting FinChoice installment. This is when you can ask to skip a month’s payment. The only requirement to use it is that you have already paid one payment at least.

I want kwik advance of r2500.00 now. How can I apply ?

The maximum allowed by Kiwk Advance is R 2000, R 500 less, so if you are still interested you can apply for this loan either by phone by dialing up this number: 0860 123 000, click on the application section of the website of Fin Choice or go in person to one of its physical locations near your home.

Can i apply for kwik advance while having both kwik draw and finchoice mobi loans?

Of course, you can apply for any Kwik Advance while having other loan, as long as you have your financial documentation that states you are capable of sustaining such loans. It is important to let the companies know if you have applied for a loan in the past and its financing period.

Is the company available 24/7?

Yes, you can apply whenever needed via Internet.

What is the most convenient loan if I need short financing?

The most convenience is KwikAdvance.

How can I get a balance?

You can ask them with a sms.

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