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Can Citizens Obtain FinChoice Pay Day Loan? Contact Details and Terms

A pay day loan

  This loan, also called salary loan or short term loan, is a lending program that can be financed in a short period of time. Simple as that. Most clients look for pay day loans, since they represent a chance of getting money and paying for it right away. So, they forget about long installments and rates.

    In this article, you will get information about the pay day loans that can be found at FinChoice, which includes requirements, data about the application process and some benefits you will get if you apply for them. Finally, you will receive contact details about this company, so that it is easy for you to get in touch with their representatives.

FinChoice Loans

   This financial company has developed two main type of pay day loans, which very competitive interest rates that tend to favor this company once compared to banks. In fact, FinChoice offers 1 month loan and 6 month loans.

Let’s take a look at each of them:

1) KwikAdvance 1 month loan: clients can obtain amounts of cash that range from a minimum R 100 to a maximum of R 2000, which can be financed in monthly installments. This loan can be easily managed from the client´s cellphone or computer, as they have the chance of checking their balance and current status of the loan from those medium.

 2) The 6 month Flexi loan: this is another pay day loan that grants the customer a maximum of R 8000, which can be finances in half a year. The customer can be granted all the funds or receive the money in short parts every month. This loan also gives clients the possibility of obtaining data about their balance of their lending program.

     Both loans come with an insurance to make sure the customer receives protection at any circumstance. For instance, in cases when there is an accident, or retrenchment and the client is not able to receive the money asked at the beginning of the loan.

However, the most preferred loan is the second one, the 6 month loan, because it comes along with very flexible installments and customers have the chance of not making one payment if their financial status do not let them. And that is totally find, next month they can pay for that.

   Moreover, the client can apply for the loan in no more than 10 minutes and start spending the money on whatever they need in just a day.


-Possessing a South African ID card

-Possessing a bank account with a financial institution

-Creating an account with Home Choice, which can be carried out in the company´s website


     In order to apply for the two loans explained above, you can do it on the phone, by dialing this number: 0861 346246. Once your call is answered, you will be required to give data which appears on your bank account and your Id, so make sure to have them at the moment of the application. This procedure will last up to 10 minutes, no more than that.

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  You also have the chance of getting more data about the terms and conditions of their loans in the company´s website.


-Getting the money you want without impediments

-Affordable installments

-Interest rates that remain fixed

-Fast application procedure

-A maximum of R 25 000 can be obtained

-Clients can get an insurance to cover their health

-Checking your balance from your cellphone

-Applying for a different type of loan at the same time you are financing the first one

-Possibility of skipping one payment when you cannot afford to do it

-Enjoying the life you always deserved


By phone

 If you call on 0861 326 246, you can start talking to the company´s professionals, as their call center is always functioning. In fact, they work Mondays to Fridays from 08 in the morning to 07:45 in the afternoon. Then, they function on Saturdays from 08:00 am to 05:00 pm. And, you can also call them on Sundays from 09:00 am to 02:00 pm. Moreover, the call center functions on public holidays, so please dial up that number from 08:00 am to 03:00 pm.

   Bear in mind that sometimes the phone lines can be collapsed, as many people are calling, and you might have to wait a while before your call is answered. Once a representative starts talking to you, you will be guided towards the area you wish to speak.

In person

    You can take advantage of a personalized attention by going to the company´s head office, which can be found in Cape Town. In fact, its exact address is this one: 78 Main Road. You can phone this company if you dial up this number: 27 86 134 6246. This office functions every day from 08 o´clock in the morning to 05 o´clock in the afternoon. So, it is always available to South Africans, whenever they have queries or doubts regarding the different services they provide.


     If you would like to contact the company from the comfort of your computer, please enter their website, which is full of information regarding other type of loans and services. There, there is a section dedicated to the terms and conditions of each loan and also a section for downloading their app. Finally, you will be able to contact the company by sending them a quick message.

     To conclude, obtaining a pay day loan with FinChoice is really possible, thanks to their two loans: 1 month loan and 6 month loan. Depending on the amount of money you need, you will know which one it is recommended that you apply for. Regardless of the one you choose, you will experience many benefits and the chance of repaying for the loan in monthly fixed installments. Get in touch with FinChoice and start the application process with the company, I am sure you will not regret this!!!

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Questions and answers

Does this company have other loans?

Yes, long term loans( 12 to 24 months)

Can I pay for the loan with my credit card?

That is a payment method accepted, sure

Can I get a quote?

Yes, in the company´s webpage you can do that

Can I have a loan if my dad passed away?

Hi, if you are looking to finance funeral charges, I guarantee you that a pay day loan can really help since in less than some hours you will be able to receive the money in cash or in your bank account. Please contact Fin Choice and begin an application in one of its offices.

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