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Can I Obtain a Micro Loan at Finbond? Requirements and Contact Details

What is a Micro Loan? It simple is a loan named in that way since the client has a limit to choose when it comes to money. This means that the client can make certain purchases with the money obtained, for instance some appliances for its house or even the furniture that will make their home a better place for the family.

   Now, I know you are interested in Finbond, which I can tell you is a reliable company willing to satisfy your personal needs. For that motive, I will focus in this article on their Micro Loan, and then I will give you information about other company present in South Africa with a Micro Loan, Absa. After that, you will be given contact information of the two companies.


    If you are interested in applying for a loan with this company, you must know the company can give you up to R 500, which you are totally capable of financing in short or long terms, as you wish. This loan is obviously backed up by the South African Financial Services Institution, which means you can really trust on this company to give you the finances you are expecting to get.

How many months do I have to pay the loan?

The company can give you financing periods of about 1 to 24 months. Together with these periods, there come along certain rates regarding interest that stick to the micro loan the company offers. You will get to know in detail about these features once you sign the contract with the company, so do not worry about it. This loan happens to be unsecured, so you will not need to choose a collateral to serve as a guarantee of your loan-

How can you apply for a Finbond Micro Loan?

You can start the application procedure from home or also in person. If you choose the first option it means you can surf on the net so as to enter the company´s website and click on their section made for applicants. You will need to fill in a document with your data and then someone from the company will offer you guidance throughout the complete procedure, which is great. The moment you are notified about the success of your application, you will observe how it is deposited in your account with no problem.

    Needless to say, a loan like this one can be used for daily purchases as the ones I told you at the beginning of the article or even to finance some of your debts that have become an obstacle in creating your happiness.

    Regarding the requirements for operating with Finbond, you will need to submit personal and financial documentation, for instance your ID, pays lips, bills and bank statements from the bank you currently operate with. The company may also ask for a proof of residence so as to check you are living in the city you told.


In this company you will find two main type of loans: Business Term Loan and Business Overdraft.

Why don’t we start focusing on each of them?


    The main feature of this loan is that it really helps those clients that are dealing with tough financial circumstances and are in need of financing their debts in the short term. Moreover, they can buy appliances or new decorations for their home. Some clients happen to make use of this loan so as to start their business from scratch and compete with other companies in the market effectively.

    Regarding financing terms, customers have between 3 to 10 months so as to pay for the whole loan, which if you think about happens to be a long financing period. Interest rates are determined when giving the loan to the customer.


    The second Micro Loan found at Absa allows clients to obtain money in a short period of time, but with the difference that this client can choose how long will the overdraft last and it can suffer modification with the course of the loan without problem. Interest rates of this loan will always be fixed and chosen by the company on behalf of the financial circumstances of the current client.

What about its requirements?

-You will need to select periods of time that range from 1 to 6 years

-You will need to accept the fact that your loan might become unsecured once you increase the amount granted

-You have to deal with fixed interest rates, applied when the application procedure has ended. Interest rates will depend on your actual budget, so do not stress about it.

-You must have a perfect credit record

-You must be living in South Africa

-You need to be able to finance the loan with your income without problems in the future



    If you are interested in applying for a Micro Loan with Finbond, you only need to phone their representatives on this phone: 086 000 4249 or this one: 012 460 7288.

     You can even send an SMS from your cellphone with the word “Credit” to 45040, then if you wait a couple of minutes, you will be contacted by a consultant so as to guide you throughout the whole process.

   You can enter the company´s website and begin the application from their section destined to such matters.

   If you are interested in contacting the company in person, you can go to one of its offices in Porth Elizabeth, located in North End. The exact address is 583 Govan Mbeki Avenue.


Online/In person

Interest Rate

Fixed, determined at the time of application

Telephone Number

012 460 7288


Coronel Oxford and Terminus Street, East London

Working Hours

09-am to 06 pm


Documentation stated above

Find the best loan of South Africa


   You can get into the company´s website so as to obtain details about further loans and also more information about their two micro loans so as to make a decision right away

     There is one physical office, so as to get a Micro Loan, located in Johannesburg, exactly in the Shopping Centre. The address of such office is Coronel 11 and Grayston Road. Its free phone number is the following one: 011 689 1940.

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Questions and answers

Can I buy furniture?

Yes, with a micro loan you can do that

Is it possible to pay my loan with automatic deduction?

Sure it is

Is this bank in other places?

You can find Finbond in Johannesburg

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