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Is Johannesburg Eligible for Finbond Loans? Contact Information and Requirements

     Are you a Johannesburg citizen with financial difficulties? Have you tried resorting to a financial company to take care of those matters? Yes, many companies have created special Personal Loans to help you with your finances and make you remain calm while those problems get solved. One of the options you have in Johannesburg is Finbond Bank, which happens to have a great Personal Loan.

    For such motive, in the article you are about to read, you will observe information related to this incredible loan found at Finbond for Johannesburg citizens. Moreover, I will mention a second option to take into account in terms of loans, which is Ubank. This company is also in Johannesburg and has similar loans to offer you. Finally, I will give you contact information of these two firms in Johannesburg.


    The main objective of these loans is to give clients amounts that can start with R 500 and can extend up to R 20 00, and the clients can decide if they will repay for them in short periods or long ones. For instance, there are periods of two years and even periods of 6 months. Most of these loans will be supported by an important act, the so called National Credit Act of 2005, which gives loans credibility and reliability for customers. Regarding the interest rates, they will be fixed by the company once the application is passed and all the documentation has been submitted on time.

    One of the main requisites for this loan is that clients possess a good credit record with previous financial companies, as it is the crucial factor that determines whether the client is a responsible one or not.

   I would also like to stress that one of the differences between this loan and already existing ones, is that this company will never solicit you to use a collateral as a guarantee of the credit they give you.

  How can Johannesburg clients apply for a Finbond Loan?

-Johannesburg can start the application in person or do it online

-If they have chosen online application, they will be requested to fill a form with their personal information

-Once the application is approved, a member of this bank will take care of the process and orient the client at all times.

-If all the documentation has been submitted and the credit record of the client is fine, then he/she can receive the money agreed in their bank account within some days.

       Clients of this company can make use of the money obtained for multiple purposes, ranging from medical ones, educational and funeral expenses as well. So, it does not matter what you needs have in mind, they will be covered by Finbond Bank with their finances and their support.

      Now, the most interesting part for customers, the requirements. Do not worry, since you will be asked to submit minimal documentation as requisites of a Personal Loan with Finbond. Documentation includes pay slips, statements granted by the bank and you’re ID. Sometimes, the company might ask you to present a proof of residence, so it is important to have it at hand.


       Johannesburg residents can also find a solution to their money matters by applying for a loan whose maximum is of R 180 000, which can be financed in 72 months periods.

Pay attention to the different features that come along with this credit:

-Asking the bank to give you a maximum amount of money

-Being able to pay back for the loan in 72 months

-Getting exclusive access to your money from your bank account

Find the best loan of South Africa

The requirements for this loan are the following ones: You must possess a job in which your salary is monthly paid and whose amount is decent and can sustain the loan. You need to possess 18 years old or more. You will need to submit some documentation to declare your personal and financial data: Id, statements from your bank company, pay slips, receipts of having paid some fees with your money.


Finbond Mutual Bank Contact Details

Let’s find out how you can communicate with Finbond if you live in Johannesburg, so as to apply for one of their loans:


-You can start an application by phone that is by dialing up their free customer service phone number: 086 000 4249. There is another customer service line but this one is not for free: 012 460 7288. You also have the wonderful possibility of sending an SMS by typing this word: “credit”. The phone number you need to keep so as to send that message is this one: 45040.  Simply by sending a sms message to the previous number, a representative of Finbond will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


-You can enter the company´s webpage, where there is online application available to any South African citizen


-You can go to a physical office of this company located in Mashalltown, whose exact address is 17 Harrison Street. It can be found inside the shop number 4.

Contact information of Ubank in Johannesburg


-This company has its own customer service phone number, in order for customers to get more details about their services and products: 086000 8322. Such number can be dialed up for free. But, if the customer has travelled abroad and still needs to communicate from abroad, he/she can dial up the following number: 27 11 5185780.


-The head office of Ubank is located in Johannesburg, in the area of Sunninghill, and the exact address is Sunhill Park 2157. It is found in the Sunninghill area. Its phone number is the following one, so make sure to keep it at hand:011 518 5000.


-You can also communicate with the company from the comfort of your property that is by typing the company´s website in your computer. And, you can even send an email to the next email

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How can I contact the companies on weekends?
In their website
Is there a fixed interest rate?
They are fixed but determined the moment the application begins
How can I check affordability?
You can talk to a representative

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