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Can I Get EC Finance Personal Cash Loans in Johannesburg? Requirements

    Do you live at present in Johannesburg? Are you looking for a company you can trust on so as to solve your financial matters? You can certainly rely on Ec Finance to help you with that. How? Through its Personal Cash Loan. This loan can be obtainable by clients that currently reside in Johannesburg, just like you.

   Which is why, in the article you are about to read, I will give you information about this loan, and that includes its requirements and features. Moreover, I will mention the calculator available at this company so that you know your affordability. Finally, I will give you contact information of this company in Johannesburg.

What are the main features of this company´s loans?

-Flexible repayment periods are obtainable

-Fast application procedure that will not last more than some hours

-Obtaining eligibility in less than 6 hours so as not to waste time

-Receiving the money the same day you ask for the loan

    Now, let move on by focusing on the application for this loan:

You will be able to get the money requested just when you have applied for the credit, as long as you have acquired good references from another credit provider. So, it means that you can enjoy the money requested just when you are found eligible. If you choose to apply for a loan between 8 am and 3 pm, you get to enjoy the money the same day. But, if your application begins after 3 pm, the company guarantees you that the money can be granted the next day.


     When it comes to their fastest loan, Personal Cash Loan, the company gives client the opportunity to obtain a maximum of just 120 000 and that amount can be obtainable during the same day the client begins the application. Of course, if order for the loan to be as simple and fast as that, you must show your credit references. Financing periods can usually consists of about a month to sixty.

  There is also online application available for Ec Finance´s Personal Cash Loan, so that means that from the comfort of your place you can start an application for a loan of this company.

       Does this company ask for collaterals? Fortunately not, because all their loans happen to be secured and their obtainability will depend on the client´s record and financial situation. That means, that clients do not need to select valuable assets to secure the loan as it happens with other companies. The client´s income as well as their employment will determine the safety of the loan.

    What is more, clients at this company do not need to suffer credit assessment as it is the case with other financial enterprises, because their earnings will constitute the roots of the loan. So, it is very important that the client shows the company he/she is permanently employed and capable of financing each of the monthly installments with no problem.


What are the requirements Johannesburg residents must meet for this Personal Loan?

     Johannesburg citizens must submit their ID, show they are more than 18 years old and also stating they are citizens of the country. What is more, they need to prove they are currently employed and that they possess a bank account that the company can use for debiting money each month. Those are the only requirements they need to meet if they are interested in obtaining a Personal Loan at Ec Finance.

    Now, if you are worried about the fees at this company, you must know that every fee or interest rate that Ec Finance incorporates to its loans, are totally dependent upon the client´s affordability and credit record. So, if the client is one that has a perfect credit record with another company in the past, he/she can perfectly obtain low interest rates for the Personal Cash Loan at Ec Finance. So, it is really important to show that you are not in a black list when it comes to previous credit providers and that you will really pay for each of the installments agreed at the beginning of the contract with this company. You can trust on this company to give you support, so let them trust on you as regards payments. It is a two way relationship that will guarantee a perfect lending experience.

EC FINANCE CALCULATOR: Checking your affordability at Ec Finance

If you would like to know whether you are a good applicant or not for the loan previously mentioned, you can make use of the company´s calculator. It will determine the payments you are supposed to make each month and also the interest rates applicable to them. You must have a perfect credit score so that the calculator determines that the lowest interest rate is applicable in your case. How does this work? You simply need to choose amount of money you would like to be granted and your credit score, then the calculator will give you details about interest rates and possible fees that must be paid once the loan begins.




Let’s see how Johannesburg citizens can establish an effective communication with the different members of this company:

-Johannesburg citizens can always receive guidance and assistance when it comes to the loan application from home, by choosing an online application. What is more, they can use the company´s website to obtain plenty of details about the loan as well as getting insights on the blog of the company. Finally, in this website clients can make use of the calculator so as to see their affordability.

-If clients prefer to go in person to the company, they can always do this by going to their branch in Johannesburg, which happens to be located in the center of the city, precisely at Coronel Hoek and Plain Street. It is a big office full of professionals ready to give you the orientation and assistance you need right away.

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Questions and answers

Can I obtain two loans?

It will depend on your affordability, please contact the company´s members

Is the calculator available 24/7?

Yes it is

Will I have to pay extra fees for using the calculator?

That service is for free.

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