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Is it Possible to Obtain a Direct Axis Loan in Pretoria?

     If you are tired of not finding a solution to your financial troubles and you are now residing in Pretoria, stop stressing about it, I have what you are looking for. Direct Axis, which as you probably know, is a leading enterprise dedicated to the financial market, has created a huge array of possibilities in terms of loans to its clients.

   Even though Direct Axis does not have a physical office in Pretoria, the place you live, you are still eligible for its loans and can obtain them either by phone or from the bank´s website.

    In the first section of this article, I will give you all the data you require about all the loans this company has developed, and that includes requirements and extra facts. In the second section of the article, I will give you the contact details of this financial institution which will enable you to start an application. Finally, I will offer you another choice in terms of lending programs, which has physical offices in Pretoria.

Direct Axis Loans are three: Personal Loan Direct Plus Loan and Consolidation Loan.

Before expanding on each of those loans, let me tell you that you can apply from the comfort of your house if you phone the company or if you enter the bank´s website from your computer.

Now, what do you need to become eligible?

 First you need to submit your ID card or any other document with your ID number and a document with information about your income. Then, you will also need to submit what is your credit record with other bank and the data about your bank account.

So, you know the requirements, let’s focus now on each of the lending programs:


     If you have a personal need that requests to be satisfied, it can be done thanks to a Personal Loan. The bank has the chance of granting you amounts that consists of a maximum of R 150 000. But you can always ask for lower amounts of money.

Their benefits are the following:

-No need to have collateral, as it is the case with every bank

-Getting the money by only waiting 2 days

-Using the money for whatever purpose you have in mind. For example, for paying your daily expenses and debts, or for paying your children´s tuition


     Clients that request a Direct Plus Loan will have the advantage of obtaining really high amounts of money. The maximum is R 250 000. So, if they want to finance something really expensive, they can rely on this type of loan.

However, Direct Axis will make these clients possess a valuable asset, so that it can be selected as the guarantee of the total loan. And the monthly salary of the applicant is also important, as it should be more than R 12 000.

Now, pay attention to another vital requirement: having a house of your own. So, assets are really important for this loan.


     This kind of loan was developed for those citizens that would like to expand their finances. How is that possible? The bank can grant each client R 1900. This amount is given on a monthly basis. Clients do not have to stress about the financing terms, since they will make monthly payments with set interest rates.

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Extra facts you need to know about the loans proposed by Direct Axis:

-The National Credit Act 34 will determine the basis of each of the loans

-If you are having trouble trying to make every payment, which is examined in your financial status, the bank cannot grant you the loan

-There is a program created by the bank so as to give you protection in cases of disabilities or diseases. It is called Personal Protection Plan

-Each month you must make one payment. The interest rate of each payment is fixed

-You can begin the application if you call the company´s representatives or if you enter the company´s certified website

-Direct Axis only grants client’s loans they are perfectly capable of financing in the long term

-Clients can start using the money in a period of 2 days. And they can buy whatever they want.

-Direct Axis has a series of insurances available for clients

How to contact Direct Axis

-By phone

      The company has a specific phone number for clients interested in Personal Loans: 0861 020304.

     There is another number for those interested in Consolidation Loans: 0861 243 556.


    You can directly contact the bank from the comfort of your laptop. In the company´s website you will find lots of details about the three loans discussed and further information about the Protection Plan. Moreover, you can begin the application there.

Another option in Pretoria: ABSA

Absa constitutes another great choice in terms of loans to the citizens of Pretoria:

    One of its offices is found at 1102 Burnett St, Pretoria and its telephone number is 12 432 0600. This branch is available Mondays to Fridays from 08:30 am to 03:30 pm.

     You will find another office at Steve Biko Road, specifically located at 481 Cnr Church and Kingsley Centre, whose telephone number is the following: 12 482 1600. This office opens Mondays to Fridays from 08:30 am to 03:30 in the afternoon. And it also opens on Saturdays from 8:00 am to 11:00 am.

All those offices are closed during a holiday, but you can still contact the company´s consultants in their website, which is available 24/7 to every citizen.

   To conclude, the citizens of Pretoria no longer have to stress about financial troubles since they have Direct Axis to bring them the financial aid they needed. They can take advantage of the three loans, all of which are pretty convenient and affordable. And, if they believe they want a face to face contact with representatives, they can take a look at the second option given, Absa, which has quite similar lending programs.

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