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Can the Residents of Porth Elizabeth Get Direct Axis Loans?

    Are you looking for a way to improve your finances? Have you thought about getting help from a bank? Yes, that is right, you can obtain a loan if you operate with a bank. For instance, you can obtain Direct Axis loans. This company has designed a variety of lending programs to make sure you and other South Africans can control their finances.

    Even though this company does not a physical branch in Porth Elizabeth, that does not represent an obstacle at the time of getting a loan. Why is that? Because citizens can still contact the bank by phone or online.

    In this post, I will first give you a description of the three loans you will find in Direct Axis, requirements and also additional data about them. Then, I will give you phone numbers and information about the company´s webpage. Finally, I will give you contact details of another company that has local branches in Porth Elizabeth and offers the same type of loans.

Direct Axis proposes 3 loans: Personal Loan, Direct Plus Loan and Consolidation Loan.


    This loan is designed for those applicants that would like to obtain amounts that go from R 4000 to R 150 000, which can be financed in a period whose maximum is of 6 years and a minimum of 2. Such funds can be obtained in no more than 48 hours. The greatest advantage of this program is that you are not required to put forward an asset as a collateral, which is something that favors this bank over others.

And, it doesn’t matter the use you will give to the money, the bank will give it to you anyways. For example, you can purchase appliances, furniture and even material to improve your house. You can even consolidate your debts.


     Applicants that are found eligible for this loan can ask the bank for amounts that go up to R 250 000, so if you were thinking about buying something really expensive, it can be possible thanks to this loan. But, you will need to choose a collateral, as we are dealing with lots of money. What is more, your income should be high, as the minimum income accepted for this loan is of R 12 000. Finally, the bank will find you eligible if you happen to possess your own house.


      This is a lending program designed for those clients whose goal is to increase the amounts of money they have in their daily lives. In fact, they can obtain R 1900 each month. Such amount can be financed by paying fixed interest rates. One of the greatest benefit of this loan is that the more the client takes to finish financing it, the lower the fees will be.

 This is how clients can apply for the three loans:

-Begin the application process

-Select amounts of money granted

-Obtain the funds

-Spend the money on whatever you want

    The application can be carried out at a branch, phoning the company or in the bank´s website.

Here you have a list with the requirements for the loans:

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Before expanding on each loan, let’s focus on the requirements for them:

-Possessing an Identity card proving that you are from SA

-Keeping a perfect credit history with another bank

-Providing your bank details to Direct Axis

-Showing a document that states your income

More data about Direct Axis Loans:

-Each of the loans explained above are following the National Credit Act, whose number is 34 and was first issued in 2005

-Direct Axis needs to carry out a research on your financial situation

-You will have immediate access to the bank´s Personal Protection Plan, which is an insurance to cover health conditions and illnesses

-Repayments are monthly and fixed

-Application procedures does not have to be carried out at a local office

-The bank will only grant you the loan if your financial situation allows you to repay for it

-The funds the bank grants you can be obtained in about 2 days

-The purpose you use the money for does not matter

-The bank has several insurances to protect your money

Contacting Direct Axis in Porth Elizabeth

     As said before, you can contact the company by phone or online:

-By phone

    In order to get a Personal Loan dial up the following phone number: 0861 020304.

      In order to obtain a Consolidation Loan, dial up this other number: 0861 243 556.


   If you would like to obtain more data about each loan, please enter the bank´s official website, where you can also start the application and save some time. In the same webpage you have the possibility of obtaining quotes for the different type of insurances the company offers. For instance, car insurances and home insurances.

Another option in Porth Elizabeth: NEDBANK

This bank offers loans quite similar to the ones explained above. Here you have the addresses in your city:

    One of its offices is found specifically at 329 Cape Road. Its phone number is 27 41 393 6800. It opens during weekdays from 09:00 am to 04:00 in the afternoon and on Saturdays from 08 in the morning to 11 in the morning too.

    Another branch is located at 85 Govan Mbeki Avenue, whose telephone number is 41 501 9300 . It opens Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays from 08:30 in the morning to 04:00 pm and Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 09:00 in the morning to 04:00 pm.

   All in all, if you are living in Porth Elizabeth and were looking for a reliable company to take care of your finances and give you the support your life needs, let me tell you Direct Axis is a wonderful choice, and you can contact the company either in its website or by phone. But, I you prefer a personalized attention in person, you can rely on Ned Bank to take care of your finances. That is up to you!

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Can loans be paid in advance?

Sure, you can always close the loan if you want to

Can I buy a vacation home with this bank?

Yes, any of the loans is useful for that purpose

Does the company have an app?

Yes, an online app you can download directly from the bank´s website

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