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Could I Get A Direct Axis Loan If I Reside in Cape Town?

    Dealing with financial difficulties is not easy these days where people do not know where to get the money from. However, that is no longer a problem for South Africans, since they have the total support of Direct Axis. Direct Axis is a financial company that has been operating in the market for more than two decades and has gained much prestige because of the quality of their loans and insurances. This company has expanded to many cities and luckily, it is found in Cape Town.

    In the post you are going to read now, you will be given information regarding their loans, which are three, and also some important additional data you need to know about their lending programs. Then, I will show you how easy it is to contact the company in Cape Town through many means of communication available.

Direct Axis Loans for the citizens of Cape Town

The institution offers three loans: Personal, Direct and Consolidation Loan, all of which are pretty convenient and affordable.

The process is very simple: clients apply for the loan they are interested in, the bank approves the amount of money chosen and then within 2 days, the client can make use of the money.

If you are wondering how the application procedure is done, let me tell you that you can make a phone call or use your laptop and enter the company´s website.

     These are the requirements for Direct Axis Loans: submitting your ID card or any other piece of paper with your personal information, a statement with information about your monthly wage, your credit score and your bank account data. So, as you see, your financial information is really important when it comes to deciding if you are eligible or not for a loan, so try to provide the bank with detailed descriptions of your status at present.

Let me tell you what you can expect from each loan:

     The Personal Loan is willing to grant you amounts that can serve you for many purposes. For instance, you can obtain a minimum of R 4000 and you can expand that amount to R 150 000. This loan can be easily finances in between 2 to 6 years, which makes it one of the most affordable loans ever found.

It is important to stress that for Personal Loans, Direct Axis will not require you to have collateral. Sometimes it happens that clients cannot put forward collateral, such as their house or vehicle, and that is an impediment for a loan, but this is not the case.

Another important aspect is that once you are given the money, you can decide to spend it on whatever you like. As an example, you can innovate your house or pay medical expenses.

    The Direct Plus Loan is destined to those citizens that want higher amounts of money. For that reason, Direct Axis allows them to obtain a maximum of R 250 000.

Nevertheless, Direct Axis will need you to pick an asset as the collateral of the program and it can be a house or a car for instance. Moreover, you need to have a job in which your monthly wage is of at least this amount: R 12 000. Finally, the company will grant you the loan if it is proven that you possess a household of your own.

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    The Consolidation Loan is destined to citizens whose biggest wish is to increase their earnings or the amounts of money they manage on a daily basis. In fact, Direct Axis can give them R 1900 each month, as long as they pay monthly fees with fixed interest rates.

One of the biggest benefits of this program is that if the client takes a lot of time to finance the loan, the company will charge fewer fees.

Some important facts about the loans:

-Direct Axis makes sure to establish each of the loans in conjunction to

 National Credit Act 34.

- You need to have a more or less stable financial status for the company to find you eligible

-You have the Personal Protection Plan available the moment you apply for a loan with Direct Axis. This gives you extra safety when there you experience health issues

-Direct Axis will expect fixed monthly payments from you

-The application can be started by phone or on the web

-You can have immediate access to the money granted: in less than 2 days

-Direct Axis has created a huge array of insurances to cover you

How to contact Direct Axis in Cape Town

In person

     If you are the type of person that really favors a personalized attention, you can go in person to a physical branch in Diep River, in the area of Southfield. It is located at 108 De Waal Road.

Its telephone number, in case you want to phone the office before going there, is 27 86 102 0304. This office opens Mondays to Fridays from 8 in the morning to 08:00 pm.

By phone

   In order to get a Personal Loan with Direct Axis, you can dial up this number from home: 0861 020304.

   If you want to get a Consolidation Loan in order to increase your cash flow, please contact the company through this phone number:0861 243 556.


    You can always communicate with the bank from your laptop by clicking on the bank´s website. There you will find facts about each of the loans and further services such as cards, accounts and insurances. What is more, you can begin the application by following simple steps.

     As a conclusion, those residents of Cape Town that are experiencing financial difficulties can come to a solution if they rely on Direct Axis. This company can really help them with their loans, each of which has been designed for specific needs and uses. Take a detailed look at what each one offers and decide which will change your life!

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Questions and answers

Is it possible to apply in person?

Sure, you can always apply at a branch

Can I pay for the loan with my debit card?

Yes, automatic deduction is accepted

What type of insurances can I find in this company?

Home and Personal Insurances

I applied for a home loan which was approved. I was then contacted by a me member who requested a payment, this was made, he then asked for another big payment, this too was made with the assurance this was for 'insurance' / cover. I have since been contacted by him again on saturday for another payment as the bank was ready to pay over the large sum i requested. Is this normal?

That is totally normal, perhaps the amount requested by you is high, reason for which the company needs you to pay several installments which are fixed and are paid on a monthly basis, reason for which receiving calls each month.

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