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Digital Transformation on Magement

Digital transformation marks a radical rethinking of how an organization uses technology, people, and processes to radically change business performance.

Fails in digital transformation:

Leaving change management "on the sidelines" of managers 

It is required to the success that a senior leader of the company embraces the project and makes it a priority. The Digital Transformation is more than "being digital", it needs a precise management in certain times, occasionally needs urgent actions. Only a decision maker can assign the necessary resources for the change to happen. The Marketing Manager, the IT Manager, the CEO, all must be committed and do teamwork to carry out the change. In large companies and multinationals, we often see that they create the role of Digital Business Manager. They also articulate a working committee, etc. The options depend on the organization chart of the company and its size. Collaboration is necessary between senior managers (with their overall vision but generally lacking in digital expertise) and IT professionals (with their digital skills but lacking a global understanding of how the organization is moving). 

Find the best loan of South Africa

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Underestimate investments and benefits 

This blunder has two dimensions that start from a misunderstanding: "we do the same in the digital field as offline". It is understandable that the company intends to increase its profits from existing products and services that are sold through the offline channel. The perfect situation is for the company to prepare to extend its benefits with the development of new functionalities in all channels for a digital market. The other dimension is the "undervaluation of investment". If a budget is not defined from the beginning and correct tools are used for long-term work, the company may have unforeseen costs. Extras for technological development, for the preparation of a digital infrastructure, and that is not to mention the updates and purchases of new computer programs. Investing intelligently in digital transformation requires a prior audit, progressive work on milestones, and a clear understanding of what benefits and investments are on the way.

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