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Is Randburg Eligible for Dial Direct Loans? Contact Details and Application

Are you living in Randburg? Would you like to make your problems with your finances vanish away? If you said yes, then a loan can be helpful for that desire. And, it can be granted by more than one reliable company, each of which have designed loans that adapt to your personal needs.

     Even though Dial Direct does not have physical locations in Randburg, their loans can still be obtained by phone or in the company´s webpage. Which is why, in the next article, apart from giving you information about this company and their Personal Loan, I will give you contact information so as to get in touch with their professionals. Moreover, you will also be given contact details of a company with similar programs that is located in Ranburg, Nedbank.

Dial Direct has created Personal Loans for the citizens of South Africa. Let’s dig in into those loans:

-They are tremendously useful to cover emergencies in which the health of the customer is in danger. For instance, an accident on the road with their car or a serious disease that impedes the customer for obtaining the money or keeping up with the repayments

-The loan comes along with discounts and certain offers on products. They tend to change throughout the month.

-It is the most reliable option when it comes to asking a third person to lend you money. So, you will avoid weird dialogues with your loved ones in which you ask them for money that you do not know if you can pay it back. It is better a loan, with fixed rates and already established financing terms.

-The whole process of acquiring a loan is really fast, so as not to make the customer waste time by filling in forms and doing lots of paperwork.

-The moment you are found eligible, you will get access to the money right away.

-The loans will be supported by the National Credit Act, which will be kind of a guarantee for customers that are worried about cases of frauds or scams. Their loans are fully secured.

-Dial Direct will only offer you amounts you have the possibility of paying back, and not higher amounts, which you do not know whether you can afford or not.

     Now, what about the amounts you have access to with Dial Direct? Well, the company can give you up to R 100 000, once their members know you were approved as an applicant. After you choose the amount, you can select the financing period, which can consist of a minimum of 12 months or five years.

     As regards the application process, it can be carried out in a simple way: either by phone or on the net. If you want to apply on the phone, you have to call on this number: 0860 10 45 80. And if you want to apply on the net, simply get into Dial Direct´s website and complete a form with your personal data. After that step, expect a call from one of the representatives of the company who will guide you towards the next steps.

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    And, as you know, there are minimal requirements Dial Direct will ask its customers to submit at the moment of the application, so this is a list with them, make sure to put forward all these documentation:

-Your Id which proves you are South African

-Your credit record, which should be perfect

-A statement from your employer with the amount you earn. It should be of at least R 3000

-Your account information, so as for the company to know where your employer transfers the money of your salary each month

Finally, when the customer is found eligible and obtains the money from the Personal Loan, Dial Direct will automatically give him an insurance to protect their health. You know that there can be circumstances in which your health is not okay and you do not know whether you can continue with the loan. For that reason, you have Personal Protection Plan to take care of those worries. Customers strongly benefit from this insurance whenever they find themselves in an accident that complicates their finances and their health or when they lose their job and they cannot keep up with a certain financing period.

How can the citizens of Ranburg contact Dial Direct?

As stated before, Dial Direct does not have physical locations in your area, but you can contact them either by phone or online:

-You can easily phone the company on their number designed for customer attention: 0861 007 367, which is also a number for loan applications. Remember to hold on and be patient since sometimes the lines can collapse and you will have to wait for a while until your call is answered by a professional.

-You can contact Dial Direct from your computer that is by entering its website, which gives you the chance of making a claim asking for more data, solving a doubt and more.

Now, there is another alternative if you want a personalized attention and need to go in person to a physical branch, and I am referring to Nedbank. This company has very similar Personal Loans, with almost the same financing terms and amounts of money authorized.

Contacting Nedbank in Randburg

One of its physical offices in Randburg is situated at the Randridge Mall, which is in Rand Park Ridge. The exact address is Coronel John Vorster Road and Kayburn Avenue.

Another way by which you can contact Nedbank is through its website, where you have the chance of obtaining a calculation for a loan you are interested in and also obtaining business and home loans, which are also loans that will strongly benefit your life and your affairs.

To conclude, the people living in Ranburg do not have only one choice when it comes to Personal Loans, but two awesome choices that will surely change their life with their affordable and convenient loans. Please get in touch with the two companies, Dial Direct and Nedbank, and select the loan you like the most.

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