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What Are the Details of Clientele Personal Loans? Calculator, Contact Details and Working Hours

If you are in a rainy day, financial support is around the corner. South African’s people have the possibility of taking advantage of Clientele personal loans. In fact, in this article, you will get information about possible quotes, addresses, office hour and requirement about convenient lending programs offered by Clientele.

                Clientele was funded 20 years ago and has become a leading company in the field of financing. During all these years, the company has been offering successful financial services and products to South African’s citizens. If you want to know what this is about, we highly recommend keeping on reading this post.

                What matter most here is the Clientele personal loan. This program has been designed by the company so as to offer money that can be used to cover whatever need that may appear on the road, such as vacation, debts, education, home improvement, vehicles or even more. When it comes to amounts of money, loans go from a minimum of R5 000 to a maximum of R120 000.  

                Let’s talk a little bit about financing. In the first place, interest rates are fixed. That is to say that there is no possibility for payments to change. Secondly, let’s see details about financing periods. There is a shortest period of 18 months and a largest one of 60 months. You can choose the term that best adapts to your personal budget.

                Now you have in mind the features of Clientele loans, let’s see how it is possible to have access to them:

-First of all, you can get loans in person. If you are the kind of person who prefers face to face attention, you can take advantage of the branch located in Johannesburg. There is an office located in the corner of the streets of Alon Road and Morningside. If you live nearby, doors are open during the week from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Saturday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. This office has an exclusive phone available in the same office hours 11 320 3000.

-Another possibility is taking advantage of the internet. If you visit the official webpage, you can read a little more about quotes and even start online application. Without moving from home and in some minutes, money will be ready in your bank account. What is more, you can write questions or comments to the following address:

-And last but not least, don’t forget phone calls. There is a general line destined to answer queries and start application. The number is 0861 354 354. This line is available from Monday to Sunday from 8 in the morning to 8 in the evening. Another service is SMS. You can apply for a loan by SMS sending you ID number to this line: 48737.

 Important information about Clientele Personal loans

                Specific details about loan have already been mentioned. However, there are certain things that are impossible to ignore. First of all, once your loan is approved, you will get the money available in your banking account in no more than two days. Second of all, as interest rates are fixed, payments will not fluctuate in the entire life of the loan. Another important detail has to do with collateral. Actually, Clientele loans are unsecured and therefore, collateral is not needed. As far as payments are concerned, you can choose the option of automatic deduction so as to avoid forgetting due dates. You can select the account in which you receive your salary and no extra fees will be added due to late payments.

                Which is the estimated payment for a loan of R40 000?

For many people, it is hard to figure out possible monthly quotes. That is why we have already made this job for you. Imagine you need R40 000 to finance a car purchase. You can choose a financing period of 60 month and ask for an interest rate of near 28%. To this total you have to pay initiation fees of R1 197 and monthly fees of approximately R68. As a result, you will approximately pay month of R1 350.

                Now you have an idea of what Clientele is offering, we are going to mention the requirements that you need to take into account before starting an application:

1. The minimum age for applicants is 18 years old.

2. You have to present your ID with a clear copy.

3. Loans are destined to people who are citizens or residents from South African.

4. Apart from being a resident/citizen older than 18, you have to earn more than R5 000 monthly.

5. The company requires prospective clients with good credit history.

6. You will have to show your last three pay slips or bank statements where your salary is deposited.

7. In order to deposit the money, you will need to provide the data of your account.

8. You will have to prove your residence with any utility bill.

                In case you think that Clientele doesn’t meet your expectations, there are others banks that also offer convenient loans in South Africa. One of them is First National Bank. This company has personal loans that lend from R1000 to R150000. Interest rates range from 7% to 20% and financing periods can reach 60 month.  Another company is African Bank. In this case, amounts of money go from R500 to R200 000. Regarding interest rates, they go between 10,5% and 28% and financing periods can reach 72 months. And another one could be Capitec Bank. This bank offers Multi loans of near R4000. This program has quick financing and costumers can have more than one multi loan open at the same time.

                All in all, stop worrying about how to get money to improve you quality of life. There is a wide number of banking institutions thinking about facilitating the process. It is up to you to choose one that seems to suits you best and start enjoying the life you and your family deserve.

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Questions and answers

Good day Clientele be will able to offer a consolidation loan? I wish to pay 1 installment

No, consolidation loans are not available among Clientele loan products. But, you can take a personal loan and, once you get the money, you use it to cancel all your existing debts. Then, you’ll be left with only one monthly instalment with Clientele. Even though you will be in charge of taking care of everything, at the end you can enjoy by simplifying your debts.

Is Clientele open every day?

No, it is closed on Sundays.

Does online application work well?

Yes, it does.

Are loan available for people under 21?

Yes, you just to need to be older than 18.

Do you lend home loans?

Clientele only lends personal loans. You might use the money for small renovations in your home but, not for buying a house or to build it. In such case, you have SA Home Loans and BetterBond Home loans to go over their loans and find what you need. Both banks are well-known to provide a fine service to south African citizens wanting to be home owners.

I need loan. I am a clientele member

Great! If you earn R5000 (or a higher amount) per month and, your credit profile is clean you can apply for a Clientele loan. Assure yourself to have payslips/bank statements, your ID, proof of residence and your bank account details ready to submit Clientele when you decide to start with the loan request and, you’ll have the entire process going faster.

Hi clientele, I would like to know if I can borrow some money from u

Clientele provides their clients with personal loans as high as R120.000 and, your installments can go from 1 to 5 years. You’ll pay the installments in the simplest way: through debit order. The interest rate will be decided beforehand and, it will stay the same the entire term as, it’s fixed. You can access this loan getting into Clientele web page or, sending them an SMS.

Hello, I would like to apply for a loan of 30 000 to settle my debts

As the quote available at Clientele can reach 120000 rands, you are allowed to ask 30000 rands. When Clientele gets your loan application, they will study your petition and they will process credit and affordability checks to tell you if you can take the money or, if you need to change the loan amount.

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