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Could I Obtain a Clientele Loan in Rustenburg? Contact Details and Application

    If it happens that you live in Rustenburg and you are looking forward to finding a solution to your financial problems, I have just the perfect solution for you. I am referring to Clientele, the most important credit provider aimed at satisfying South African´s financial needs. This is a company that was founded more than 20 years ago, and because of the expertise it gained, it was capable of expanding too many cities of the country.

   Even though Clientele does not possess physical locations in Rustenburg, you do not need to worry, since you can still obtain their loan without complications. For that matter, in the following article I will give you all the data regarding their Personal Loan. Then, I will give you phone numbers and email addresses of Clientele, for you to contact them. Finally, I will offer you another choice with services alike, Wes Bank.

Clientele´s Personal Loan

   A Personal Loan is one aimed at covering any type of personal need you may experience in life. In fact, this one is unsecured, so you will not need to find a collateral, which is a huge benefit in comparison to other providers.

   This type of loan is very useful when you need to face an emergency in which there are medical and legal expenses to pay and you ca not afford them. For situations like those, you can resort to a Personal Loan.

    Clientele´s Personal Loan can differ in terms of the amount granted to the customer. For instance, you can choose between R 3000 and R 120 000, as long as you accept that the company can only increase R 1000 per month and no more than that. As regards the interest rates that come along with the payments, they are fixed, so there will not be surprises at the end of the loan. And, you can repay for this program in affordable periods that range from 16 to 80 months. Pretty much, right?

How to apply for a loan with Clientele

   If you would like to apply for the loan detailed above, you can do it by clicking the company´s website, where you will find the form. There, you will requested to fill it in with your personal and financial information. Or, you can choose to apply from your phone, by phoning on 0861 354 354.  So, fro, the comfort of your place, you can easily begin the application you always wanted. Such process will last no more than ten minutes, so be prepared to complete the process really fast. Now, once you are found eligible, you have access to the money the next day.

Clientele´s requirements for the citizens of Rustenburg

   In order for you to be capable of applying for a loan with this company, your age is very important as you need to be 18 years old. Moreover, you need to prove you are residing in South Africa and that you have a good monthly salary which consists of at least R 500. Finally, make sure to keep a perfect credit record.

Repayments at Clientele

   All the installments the customer will pay will be based on the loan chosen and the financing period available. You must know that Clientele only accepts to pay you the money through debit order, so as to guarantee your safety and that of your finances.

Clientele is the best option

    Do you know why? Because among all other credit providers, this is one in charge of providing services with high quality and affordable financing periods. Due to its transparency and safety, it can be considered one of the leading companies in terms of lending services.

   The good aspect of this company, is that their loans are pretty individual, as Clientele takes into account the customer´s needs and financial status at the time of the application. So, there are options for everyone.

   What is more, Clientele grants its clients with an insurance so as to give them full protection whenever their health is affecting their possibility of obtaining the totality of the loan. This cover is extremely useful in hard circumstances as those of accidents and injuries that totally affect applicants and their family.

Contact Details of Clientele

-Phone numbers

  You can make a simple call and start the application procedure. How does that work? You only need to press the following numbers: 320 3000.

  You can also send a quick fax to the company with your queries or the documentation for the application. Such number is 320 3133.

-Email addresses

  If you would like to speak to the company´s professionals via email, you can send a message to


   The moment you enter Clientele´s website, you will see that you can use online banking, you can send a message from there and also ask for a quote.

Another choice, with offices in Rustenburg: WESBANK

  You can contact Wes Bank in person, by going to one of its physical offices located at Oliver Thambo, whose numeration is 15. Its phone number is the following: 014 594 9300. You will find this branch open on weekdays during banking hours.  There is another office, very close to Rustenburg, found in the area of Randburg, found at Fairland in 1 Enterprise Road. This office has the same opening hours as the previous one.

  Another way by which you can get in touch with the bank is through their free phone line: 0861 288 272, which functions during weekdays from 08 in the morning to 05 in the afternoon and also on weekends from 08 in the morning to 12:00 pm.

   You can even enter WesBank´s official website in order to gain knowledge about other services they offer and start using online banking, which will be really useful at the time of controlling your loan.

  To conclude, the citizens of Rustenburg can have peace of mind thanks to the different loans provided not only by Clientele, but also by WesBank, so they can rely on both credit providers to solve their financial problems.

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How can I contact Clientele on Sundays?

In their website

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It is not safe

Can I find insurances at African Bank?

Yes, home, car and personal insurances

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