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How Can I Get a Clientele Loan in Polokwane? Application and Contact Details

     Are you a current resident of Polokwane? Are you exhausted of not finding a way to make your ends meet? Relax, I have the solution for those problems! You can try Clientele, the most reliable credit provider in the South African region.

    Even though Clientele cannot be found at a physical branch in Polokwane, you can still have access to their loans in a matter of minutes, as you can apply over the phone or online, which in fact are the two methods preferred by customers. So, no need to worry.

   In the article you are going to read now, you will receive data about Clientele loans that have to do with features, requirements and financing terms corresponding to the loans. In the next section, you will be given contact information, including numbers and email addresses. At the end of the article, you will be also given a second option, which has physical offices in Polokwane. The second option is Standard Bank. It offers quite similar loans, with affordable interest rates and periods of time for financing.


Clientele Loans

    One of the greatest advantages of Clientele, is that their loans are unsecured and they can be managed on a monthly basis. Their loans can serve for covering emergencies, legal expenses, home improvements, and educational fees and so on. So, many type of needs can be covered thanks to Clientele.

   The amounts of money to which clients have access to can range from R 3000 to R 120 00. Customers are also given the chance of increasing the money they obtain on a monthly basis. That is to say, Clientele can add R 1000 each month so as to increase the total amount. The repayment can be carried out throughout 18 or 60 months, and the interest rates will be fixed until the end of the loan.

How is it possible to apply for Clientele loans?

  One of the ways through which you can apply for a program is via the net. That is to say, you enter the company´s official website, go to the section devoted to applications and once finished, their professionals will call you in a matter of hours to finish the procedure. Or, you can opt for another way, by phone. You will be dialing up 0861 354 354 and receive the appropriate guidance. So, you have more than one alternative in order to begin an application from your house. There is no need to go in person to a branch. See how easy it is??

  If you are worried about the duration of the procedure, let me tell you that it lasts no more than 10 minutes and that once you are approved, you can receive the funds within 24 and 48 hours.

Which are the requirements?

    As you probably imagine, in order to be granted a loan you need to be at least eighteen years old and a local of the South African region. What is more, you need to possess a job in which your salary consists of a minimum R 500, but the higher your salary is, the better it is for the company. Lastly, do not forget to keep a good credit record with another institution.

What about repayments?

    As you know, repayments are fixed and monthly, but they will depend on the loan you ask for and the financing period that sticks to that loan.            One more thing, the company will only give you the money requested via debit order, as this is the safest method used. This has to do with the prevention of frauds.

Choose Clientele as your credit provider

    There are many reasons why you should start operating with Clientele, but the most important ones have to do with their safety, honesty and veracity, which can be observed in all their services and products they offer to South Africans.

    This company aims at guaranteeing that every citizen can get the chance to improve their financial status with the support of a loan. Which is why, it has a diversity of loans, with several amounts of money provided and few requirements.

Contac details of Clientele

Find the best loan of South Africa

Even though Clientele does not have a physical branch in your area, take a look at other means of contact you have available:

-By phone

  You can use this phone number whenever you would like to apply for a loan or simply clarify a query you have related to their loans: 320 3000.

  You can also send a fax to Clientele´s professionals with your personal information and other documentation requested, to this number:  320 3133.

-By email

     Take a look at the following email address, which will be very useful when you are trying to contact the company:


    You can get in touch with Clientele from your computer, by clicking its website, where there is a contact section, the chance of asking for quotes and also more information about their products.

Another alternative: Standard Bank

   Let’s see how you can contact the company in Polokwane:


    In the bank´s official website, you can begin the application and also get data about terms and conditions of their loans.

By phone

    You can get in touch with the bank if you call their representatives, who will orient you towards the lending procedure. This is the number you need to call: 0860 123 000.

In person

    You can find a Standard Bank physical office in Polokwane, which is located at Landdros Mare Street. You can call there by dialing up 27 11 299 4701. It is available Mondays to Fridays from 09 in the morning to 04 in the afternoon.

    Finally, residents of Polokwane can now relax since they have a solution to their financial crisis, and that is provided through a loan. They can trust on Clientele to take charge of that or they can also contact Standard Bank in person, and begin the application procedure. Get in touch with both companies and choose the best loan for you and your family!!

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