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Can I Get a Clientele Loan if I Live in Gauteng? Application and Contact Details

    If it happens that you reside in Gauteng and you are desperately looking for financial resources, let me congratulate you, this is just the ideal spot to find them. Thanks to Clientele and its variety of loans, all of which were designed to suit your needs.

   Clientele is a well-known credit provider of South Africa, whose main goal has been to guarantee that every citizen can control their finances and live happily. Although Clientele does not have physical locations in Gauteng that is not an inconvenient, since customers can still obtain their lending programs in an easy and comfortable way.

   In the next article, I will give you data regarding one of the best loans Clientele offers, their Personal Loan, and that data includes all the terms, the application procedure and the repayment options. Then, I will offer some contact details of this company. Finally, I will suggest another option that also offers loans and has locations in Gauteng.


     The best benefit you will get with this loan is that you will not be made to put forward a collateral, as this loan is absolutely unsecured. You can make use of this program in order to cover any type of need that can complicate life, such as that of educational fee, emergencies and accidents. You will get an amount that ranges from R 3000 to R 120 000. Such funds cannot be lowered with the passing of time, but they will increase if that is what you wish.

   As regards the most important part, the interest rate, you should know that is fixed and will not change. And you have the chance of completing the financing of the loan in 80 months, which is the maximum allowed.


   If you feel like Clientele´s loan will benefit your life, you should now start applying for it. That is very easy. You can turn on your computer, enter the company´s website and go to the section designed for applications. Once you send your data, the company will contact you. Or, you can call the company and speak directly to their representatives. See? Quite simple and fast. This procedure will not take more than some minutes, so you can expect to finish with it as soon than you expected to. If you want to apply on the phone, you need to dial up 0861 354 354.

   Once the company believes you are ready to be granted the money, which usually takes a day, you can make use of it.


    As with all loans, you must have 18 years old and reside in South Africa. Now, pay attention to this: you must earn a salary of at least R 500, which will be crucial at the time of the application. Also remember to keep a good record with other companies.


     Every repayment of this Personal Loan will always depend on the kind of loan you were granted and the financing time you have chosen. Moreover, you can only make use of the money via debit order, which is considered one of the safest payment options. This is to prevent scams.


    Once the company has approved your application, you will observe that the company will immediately start taking care of your finances and advice you in the best way possible. That makes Clientele one of the leading credit providers in the financial industry.

    This is also a great company, since it gives its clients a Protection Plan, to make sure they are fully covered when their health is at risk and the loan is partially affected by such circumstance.


Find the best loan of South Africa

Contact Details!!!

-Clientele ´s telephone Numbers

   You can contact the company by phone, simply press the following phone number: 320 3000.

   There is also a fax number you have access to in case you want to send your queries or documentation requested by their staff: 320 3133.

-Clientele´s email address

   If you feel like sending an email to the company, please make sure to keep this address so that you send your message right away: In some cases this email will be very useful since you will need to send all the documentation requested to this address so as to move on with the application procedure and start receiving the money you are asking for.

Another option in Gauteng: Absa

    This is a bank that has developed very similar loans to Clientele, which is why here I am giving you its contact details in Gauteng:

-In person

     You can find one of its offices in Sandston, and the exact address is Coronel Rivonia Road and Maude. It is found at the Shop l05. Its phone number is 345 6260. This office opens during weekdays (Mondays to Fridays) during business hours. It is closed on weekends and public holidays, so please bear that in mind before going in person to the bank.


    Inside the bank´s website, you will enjoy many benefits as well as data about each loan, insurances, retirement options and more. You can also begin an application directly from the webpage.

-By phone

   If you prefer to contact the bank from your home, you can do it by phone, so here you have its phone number, which is a free line destined to questions, doubts and queries: 0860 100 372.

Please bear in mind that the free lines provided are sometimes managed by automatic machines and your call instead of being answered by a representative will be transferred to the area you wish to speak, so as to fasten the procedure and keep you from waiting tons of time.

    To conclude, the citizens of Gauteng can now stop worrying about monetary problems, since they can not only count on Clientele to take care of them with their loans, but also on Absa. Both companies will make sure to make the ends of citizens meet and enjoy their life as they deserve to. Come on, stop wasting your time and get in touch with these companies, you will not regret that!

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Questions and Answers

When can I call the free line of clientele?
24/7, is available every day
How can I finance the loan?
There is a variety of payment methods accepted such as a cards and automatic deduction
How can I receive the money?
Via debit order

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