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Does Clientele Offer Loans in Bloemfontein? Loan Table and Contact Details

About Clientele

     Clientele is one of the most remarkable credit providers in South Africa, which has established in the country 20 years ago and has gained prestige due to its experience and reliability on the market. Proofs of its prestige have to do with its appearance in the Financial Mail Top Companies, in which it has an important position, being the 2nd one.

   This provider has more than one subsidiaries, all of which are devoted to many products and services. For instance, they have Clientele General Insurance Limited and Clientele Loans Direct.

     Even though Clientele does not have a physical office in your location, Bloemfontein, that is not an impediment at the time of applying for their loans and getting the money you are looking for.

    In the following article, you will be given information regarding the application for their loan, the requirements and also how the repayments work. Then, I will talk about the importance of operating with this company when it comes to lending programs. Finally, I will give you contact details of this company, which includes phone numbers and email addresses. And, I will give you contact details of another company in Bloemfontein that offers similar loans: Absa.


Does Clientele Offer Loans? Yes!

    Clientele offers loans that are totally unsecured and can be really useful for clients that are facing economic difficulties or dealing with an emergency.

   Their personal loan gives clients the opportunity of asking for diverse amounts of money. In fact, the amount can range from R 3000 to R 120 000. And, customers can increase the amount each month. Payments need to be monthly and Clientele interest rates will be fixed.

Regarding the financing period, clients have between 18 and 60 months to complete the financing of the lending program they have chosen. So, total freedom in terms of financing terms.


   In order to begin the application procedure, you first need to enter the company´s website, find the online form and then once it is completed, a professional of the company will contact you over the phone so as to move on with the following steps of the application. You can also complete the application by phone. So, please dial up 0861 354 354 from the comfort of your home. One of the great advantage of this company is that there is no need for you to go to a physical office to carry out the application and the procedure is really quick as it will take no more than ten minutes. Now, the moment you are approved as an applicant, you can obtain the funds in less than 2 days.


    In order to be eligible for their loan, you must be 18 years old or older than that and you need to reside on a permanent basis in South Africa. Also, your financial status plays an important role here, as your salary should be of at least R 500 and you need to have good credit record with another company.

  Now, if you have asked the company to phone you, please try to have all the documents at hand, which include your Id book and your job´s details.


   Each of the repayments will be determined according to how much money you asked for and the period of financing chosen at the beginning of the loan. These repayments are completed by using debit order, which is the safest option nowadays in terms of payment. That has to do with Clientele´s aims at protecting the customer in all circumstances. The company know that you are dealing with huge amounts of money, so debit order is one way to protect you and your finances.


    The moment you begin operating with Clientele you will see that this is a very transparent and reliable provider, which can be observed in their behavior throughout the whole loan you are granted. Their professionals will always give you the information you need and make sure you understand all the terms and conditions.

     Moreover, their loans will be adjusted to your affordability and financial status. So, as you can see, the company really looks forward to improving the lives of their clients.

In fact, one way to improve their customers´ lives is through their Personal Protection Plan, which a great advantage that allows for the closure of the loan whenever your health is at stake and you are suffering a disability or you die.

All those advantages make Clientele a perfect alternative in terms of lending programs for you and your beloved ones.

Contact Details

-Clientele Loans Phone Numbers

   You can dial up from home this number and start talking to their representatives: 320 3000

   You can also send a fax to the company to the following number: 320 3133.

-Clientele´s email address

    You can send an email to clientele to this address:

Another credit provider, in Bloemfontein: Absa

This company, also offers Personal Loans, and can be contacted in person by going to one of their offices situated at Kellner Street, in the Mimosa Mall. Its phone number is 875 7400. This branch functions during weekdays on business times.

   You can also enter Absa´s website, which has many details regarding their loans and also covers.

   Moreover, Absa can be contacted through their free phone line: 0860 669 669, which was designed for applications and queries the citizens of South Africa might have.

    To conclude, if you are a resident of Bloemfontein and you do not know how you will afford your expenses, please remain calm as you can count on Clientele. And, if you are not satisfied with that, you can also count on Absa, which in fact does have an office in your location. See? Two choices for the same place. Get in touch with both companies and choose the loan that best adapts to your needs, there are no excuses!

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Questions and answers

Is Absa open on holidays?

No, it is not

Does Clientele have an app?

Yes, you can download it from the company´s website

How can I finance the loan?

Via debit order

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