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Quotes and Requirements of Clientele Loans in Durban

Are you a Durban resident with money problems? Are you trying to find a quick solution? Great! In this article, you will get information about whatever you need to get money to finance your needs. In fact, we will develop information about the lending programs that Clientele Limited has ready for Durban’s residents. You will find data about quotes, possible payments, requirements and even more. Let me tell you that there are other companies in Durban that can be useful when it comes to lending money, and they will be present here as well.

                Let’s start talking about our focus: Clientele Limited. The company opened its doors 20 years ago and it has been a leading company since then. In order to reach as many clients as possible, Clientele has developed a system of application that don’t require applicant to go in person to any branch. In this is really useful for those who live in Durban. Actually, if you reside in this area and you are interested in this company’s loans, please take this contact information into account:

-There is complete webpage available with more data about the programs. What is more, you can click on “Apply online”, fill a form, and get the money almost instantaneously. For queries or comments, there is an e-mail address: Representatives will contact you in no more than two hours.

-There is phone number open during the week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. to start application without leaving your home. It is 0861 354 354. And you can also send a text message to 48737 with your ID and follow the steps.

What loans are available for Durban’s residents?

                The most popular way to finance expenses with Clientele is by applying for personal loans. The company lends amount of money that range between R5 000 and R120 000. Such money can be spent in a new car, in college tuition, in deserved vacation as well as unexpected expenses. Remember that money will be in your account in a few minutes.

                Let’s take a look at the financing option. Clientele Loans can be paid in periods that go from a year and a half to five years with interest rates that are near 28%. It is important to know that they are fixed and, therefore, payments won’t vary as time goes by. As it could be difficult to figure out quotes, let us show you examples of possible payments for a loan of R40 000. If you choose the longest financing period and make 60 payments of R1 350 if a rate of 28% applies.  Apart from fixed payments, you have to add monthly fees of R68 and an initial payment of R1 197.

                Once main details about Clientele Loans have been developed, let’s see a list of requirement and positive points that will help you choose which is the best loan for you:

1. Clientele has designed its loans for citizens and residents from South Africa, with ID and older than 18 years old.

2. Applicants should declare a monthly income higher than R5 000.

3. Clients have to provide information about their account so as the bank deposit the money.

Find the best loan of South Africa

4. A proof of residence is required. An electrical bill can be used, for example.

5. Once the loan is approved, the money borrowed will be ready in no more than 48 hours.

6. If you are interested in Clientele Loan and you don’t have properties or account to use as collateral, don’t worry! There is no need to secure the loans.

7. As there are many people who pay fees for late payment, the band implemented the system of automatic deduction. With this system, clients avoid losing due date and no charges are added.

                As it has been mentioned before, there are other companies in Durban that provide lending services and do have location in the specified city. Let me show you some of them:

a. First National Bank: you can find a location of this company at 407 Anton Lembede St in the area of Durban Central. Personal loans offered by FNB lend from R1 000 to R150 000 that can be repaid in up to 5 years. But it is important to know that there are also home loans that can be financed in up to 20 years, and exclusive vehicle loans with periods of up to 6 years of financing.

b. African Bank: a branch of African Bank can be found at 470 West Street. If you are interested in personal loans, the amount of money offered go from a minimum of R500 to a maximum of R200 000. Interest rates are ear 28% and financing periods can reach 6 years.

c. Wesbank: in this case, there is office located in The Glass House Office Park, whose address is 309 Umhlanga Rocks Drive. The minimum amount of money that this company lends is R5 000 and the maximum is R200 000. It is important to highlight that interests are never higher than 30%. Similar to other companies, financing periods may reach 6 years. Besides, this company has business loans that are really convenient.

d. Nedbank: in the north of Durban, exactly at 57 Adelaide Tambo Dr, there is a branch of Nedbank. The company offers loans of a minimum of R1 000 to a maximum of R200 000. There are also mortgages with up to 300 months of financing, vehicle loans with six years of financing and business loans even longer.

                All in all, living in Durban can be really convenient. There is a wide variety of options when it comes to looking for financial help. Although we have focused in Clientele and its lending services, we also have mentioned details about other banks just as First National Bank, African Bank, Wesbank and Nedbank. Therefore, it is up to you to make up your mind and select the most suitable for you. Stop losing time and get the live you and your family deserve.

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Questions and Answers

Which is the maximum financing period for Clientele?
The longest financing period is 5 years.
Where can I find business loans?
Please go to Wesbank or Nedbank.
How can I get lower interest rates?
You have to improve your credit history.

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