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Can Citizens Get Clientele Business Loans? Contact Information and Application Procedure

    If you are trying to set up your own business or simply make improvements to the one you established in the past, you might be in need of easy money, which can be obtained through a loan. That is right, you can ask a company to lend you the money you need for your business.

     Even though Clientele, which is a leading credit provider, does not possess Business Loans, there is another company, pretty similar to Clientele, which is in your country and has specially designed several Business Loans. I am referring to Nedbank.

    In the next article, you will be given detailed information related to the different business loans you will find in this company. After that, you will receive the contact information of Nedbank, which will enable you to begin the application procedure for the loan that attracted you the most.

 Nedbank proposes three different loans for your business:


    This loan was carefully designed for those customers that possess small businesses, which are just starting to operate in the market, and you like to choose a comfortable financing period of around 2 to 10 years. This money can be used to make modifications to locations and even add new appliances, so many uses given to the same amount of money.

  One of the benefits is that the interest rates tend to be pretty low when you compare them with other banking institutions, and the fact that the bank will not make you pay extra for the different taxes imposed in the country. So, money will not be deducted from your account, and that means spending less money on financial processes.

     Another benefit is the opportunity of obtaining a special credit card, which is given in the name of the bank. And, you can also ask for an insurance so as to protect you assets and your finances in the best way possible.

 What are the requirements?

     If that loan was appealing to you, you need to know the following:

-Be prepare to show a statement with your salary and information about your bank account

-Be prepared to submit the different bank statements which your latest movements or transactions of the month made

-Be prepared to demonstrate how you paid for the valuable assets you possess at home

 But, if you apply as a business and not on your own, there are additional documentation to submit:

-Expenses showing how you pay for your rent and that kind of expenditures

-Different bank statements which involve the company

-A series of documents regarding the financial status of your business

-Documentation with the personal information of every staff member of the company


     The objective of this type of loan is that every business has the chance of receiving the funds it deserve without complications related to timing.

Take a look at the benefits provided:

-Every customer who is found legally eligible for the loan can choose the financing period, so as to pay whenever he/she is ready and their financial status allow them

-The customer can choose which method of payment he would like to use in order to receive the money

Find the best loan of South Africa

-There are interest rates that are flexible as they can be modified with the course of time, but that does not represent a huge change.

-Customers will always be able to make use of mobile banking so as to manage their program in a fast and simple manner

-The amounts of cash obtained will be superior to the ones proposed by other credit providers

-The moment you are approved as an applicant, the bank will open a bank account for you to receive the money there


Together with this loan there come multiple benefits:

-Invoice discounting

    You will have access to enormous discounts on the different invoices you make and the staff members of the bank will open an account that will guarantee access to a big percentage of the money, translated as the collection of the loan. This shows how honest and transparent the bank is with their clients.


     This service enables customers that have debts to make them disappear. Not the totality of them, but almost 80%, which is a lot and gives you the opportunity of a fresh start with your business.

-Single-invoice discounting

    Through this product, the bank will finance all your debts and very expense generated by the company. So, do not worry about old debts, they will vanish thanks to the support of Nedbank.


Contacting Nedbank

In person

     You will find one of its offices in Alberton, which is located at the Permanent Building. The exact address is 26 Voortrekker Road. You can call this office by dialing up 27 11 724 0800. It opens Mondays and Fridays from 08:30 am to 04:00 pm.  This office also opens during other days: on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 09:00 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon. You will also get the chance on weekends, as it opens on Saturdays from 08:30 am to 12:00 am. So, you get plenty of chances to go there.

By phone

   If you want to clarify a doubt or ask a general question, you can always phone the bank by pressing these numbers: 0860 555 111. 


     Nedbank has also developed a webpage for their users and clients. There, you will be able to get many details about each loan offered, apart from the ones exposed in the text. Moreover, you get the chance to apply online.

     To conclude, it is very important to rely on a transparent credit provider to take care of the finances of your business, and you can do it with the help of Nedbank, which has developed three different loans for you to choose based on the type of business you have and their needs. Try to phone them or go in person to their office and let their staff members guide you through the application procedure!

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Questions and Answers

How can I obtain the app?
In the bank´s webpage you can download it
Can I send the documentation via fax?
Sure, once you apply they will give you the fax number
Does this company offer personal loans?
Yes, there is a variety of personal loans

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