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Can I Apply for Clientèle Loans? Office Hours, Contact Details and Application

     If you’re trying to get the perfect lending company to apply with, you’ve reached the article that will help you accomplish your goal. Whether you need the money to go on holidays, make an important purchase or, to make some house improvements, you will have some fine choices here. I’ll start with Clientèle Loans and, then, I’ll go on with SA Cash Loans. Also, I’ll provide you with a summary of BetterBond Home Loans in case you need to purchase a house. In general, you’ll find contact details along with office hours, rates and application.

To start, Clientèle focuses specifically on insurance products but, among them, you can also get a simple loan.

Is it possible to calculate the rates for a Clientèle Loan?

    I’ll answer this question representing a loan rate with an example. Let’s say you get an annual rate of 27.75% for a quote of 40000 South Africans rands to cancel on 5 years, your loan initiation fee would be of 1197 rands and, the administration fees of 68.40 rands, remember you’ll pay this fee every month until the end of the term. Taking all this into account, you’d have to pay a total cost of 80,694 rands for that money borrowed.

Are Clientèle Loans’ interest rates annual?

    Yes! Clientèle charges an annual rate that is divided monthly. This rate will be stated according to the applicant credit history and the loan term.

Next, I’ll detail Clientèle contact information

    If you need to elicit queries about your loan, Clientèle telephone number is 011 32 03 000 and, in case you need to send them any kind of  documents, the fax number you ought to use is 011 32 03 133. Now, if you are the kind of person who prefers to write emails, Clientèle email address is

    If you wonder where you can locate their head office, you must go to the Corner of Rivonia and Alon Road in Morningside in the city of Johannesburg.

What is Clientèle Office Hours to contact them?

    If you need to reach them on a weekday, you’ll find them available from 8:00 to 17:00. On the other hand, if you try to reach them on Saturdays, Clientèle consultants work until 12:00.

Following, I’ll delve into SA Cash Loans information

How is the online application?

     1- First, make sure you meet the following requirements to apply with SA Cash Loans:

  • Applicants are required to be regularly employed for a minimum period of 3 months at least.

  • They also ought to own a bank account and get their salary through it.

  • SA Cash Loans’ clients shouldn’t be older than 65. They shouldn’t be younger than 18 either.

Clearly, SA Cash Loans requirements are like with most personal loans providers. Besides, you should know you will be affected by credit checks like, Debt Review for example. Of course, if you are encountered with outstanding defaults or liabilities, some Credit Providers will probably reject your application.

    2- Then, you must review your options. What does this mean? You have to calculate the loan amount you need and, how much can you afford. Remember that because of the interest rate and fees the company charges, you’ll pay back more than what you borrow.

Find the best loan of South Africa

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    3- Following, you should contrast your loan amount with the terms and, make sure you won’t have any problem with the monthly payments.

    4- The next step would be to get online to complete the application. Here, you must submit your personal and financial information. After that, you should wait for the approval of your loan.

    5- If your request is approved, you’ll move on to complete any documents SA Cash Loans asks you.

    6- After those administrative steps, and, as long as everything goes on smoothly, you can count on having the money in your account.

    7- The final step is to complete the installments until the term reaches the end.

I want to also let you know, these previous steps work for almost any company you work with. So, you can rely on having similar application stages like these.

Is there an Email Address to contact them?

    Yes, applicants can send their doubts to If they would like to have a phone conversation with SA Cash Loans assistants, they can dial 0212021679.

What are the most common queries when applying for a loan?

    A common enquiry has to do with pensioners, self employers and foreign applicants. In the case of SA Cash Loans they do work with self- employers and foreign applicants but, not with pensioners. A significant detail for foreign borrowers is that they must have a valid SA ID. Bear in mind, most lenders share this criterion.

    Some borrowers also wonder about extra fees and quotation. On one hand, you should know, this entity won’t present fees along the way beyond the ones you’ve  already agreed on. On the other hand, the loan size is different for each borrower as, it’s decided by the credit provider depending on the applicant credit profile.

    Finally, I’ll refer to BetterBond Home Loans. If you are thinking about getting your own home, this is the company to pay attention to. As they’re already a well-established South African entity, you can trust they’ll give you the best service possible. They will process a pre-qualification certificate before the application and then, if everything is al right, the borrower can go through with the application for the loan. This is a great advantage to take the most out if as, the borrower will get the quote he or she can afford and, it will simplify the process of looking for the right house. Another benefit of this certificate is that it gives credibility to the applicants, which means possible sellers will rely on the borrower to close the business with them.

    Now you’ve finished reading this article, I’m sure you’ve gathered all the information you needed. However, if there’s some specific question, please don’t hesitate on leave it below and, we’ll answer it right away.

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