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Is It Possible to Get Cash Converters Loans From East London? Documentation, Branches and Loans

     If you are from East London, and you’re wondering about Cash Converters Loans, I’m glad to tell you, this article it’s what you need. In this article, we will develop the branch location in this area, the documents you need and, the different products they offer.

    First, I want to tell you a little about this entity. Cash Converters was first established in Australia and, then it expanded internationally. In 1994, they started working in South Africa offering all kinds of financial services like retail, pawn broking and loans. Initially, they began in Cape Town but at present, they’ve reached more than 75 branches in all South Africa becoming one of the most reliable companies of this type in the country.

How to contact Cash Converters?

    As you’ve read at the beginning, there’s one branch placed in the city East London. This branch is in Southernwood Shopping Centre, which is located between Corner Gately Street and Saint Georges Road in Malcomess Park. Cash Converters is exactly at Shop number 19. If you don’t like leaving your house to ask about some doubts, you can use the phone or, the internet. If you want to call Cash Converters, the number is 043 74 31 484 and, the email address is

    This store’s assistants will be ready to help you up to 5 pm on weekdays and, up to 2 pm on Saturdays. What’s more, they will even help you on Sundays from 9:30 am up to 1 pm. As you may know, having the chance to contact them any day of the week, it’s a great advantage.

    I want to remind you, this company works throughout South Africa so; there are plenty of branches in the country. Besides, they have a Customer Care team to assist you from any part. If you need to get in touch with this team, you can call the number 27 878 204 010 or, email your enquiry to

    Finally, you must know the Head Office is settled in Gauteng, at 22 Mac Mac Road in Vorna Valley.

Cash Converters Information

Before delving into the short term loans you can acquire with Cash Converters, take a look at the information in the following table:

East London Branch

Malcomees Park Shopping Centre, Shop 19

East London Phone Number

043 743 1484

What’s this branch email?

What days do they work?

Every day, from Monday to Monday.

Short term loans?


Cash Converters Loans Choices

    As you know, this entity offers several products but, we’ll focus on their loan products. They work with different types of short term loans, which are ideal for those applicants who need fast money but, don’t like spending months and months repaying it. There are three types of loans so, you can analyse them and, decide.

Cash Advance

    There are times when people consider selling some item of value in order to get the cash they need. Fortunately for them, Cash Converters has put forward an excellent option to get money without losing any possession. You can borrow cash leaving one of your valuables as guarantee. This means, you take the amount of money your valuable is worth and, you leave that object stored by Cash Converters. After a month, when you repay the loan, you get the item back and go on with your life. As simple and fast as that, you can take care of that unexpected event.

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Sunny Day PayDay Advance mini loan

    If you need between R 400 and R 4000, you may consider this loan. The amount you borrow must be paid back electronically on your next pay day.

Sunny Day 1/2/3 mini loan

    For those who need a small amount of money, and may find it difficult to repay the money in one time, this mini loan can be the solution you were looking for. This option allows you to repay the cash (R 2000 as top) in a period of three months.

Clearly, this company is perfect for those who don’t feel comfortable taking a long-term debt and, are interested in cancelling the loan as fast as possible.

What are the fees charged?

Next, you can use this list to know what you’re supposed to pay:

                * Initiation fee of 165 South African Rand

                *10% extra if the amount borrowed is higher than R 1000.

                * Interest: if this is your loan number one, 5%. If you’ve taken loans with Cash Converters before, your loan will have 3% on interest. Remember the interest rate is charged monthly.

                * Monthly service: 60 South African Rand.

What documents should be submitted?

                + Driver’s licence, passport, SA ID, or any valid document that proves your identity.

                + A lease agreement or utility bill that shows your address.

                + The most recent bank statement.

                + The last payslip issued by your employer to verify you have a regular job.

Bear in mind, for Cash Advance, you don’t need to be employed as, in case you don’t fulfil the payment, the entity keeps the item you presented as security.

Cash Converters Application

    A special characteristic of this company is that they don’t offer online application. You can elicit any doubt calling them or emailing them but, you need to visit a branch in order to apply. In the branch, you can ask for advice for the loan you need and then, once you’re sure, you fill in the form to apply. Following, you submit the documents required and, wait to find out if Cash Converters approves the loan request or not. The waiting time depends on the loan you take, 2 days for 1, 2, 3 mini-loan, 30 minutes for a PayDay loan. Finally, you receive the cash into your account and, repay it in the time agreed.

    If you take a Cash Advance loan, the application will be a little different. When you visit the branch, Cash Converters consultants will study the item and, make you an offer. Then, you receive the money and the company keeps the object. When you cancel the loan, they’ll give you back your item.

Spending months and months paying instalments can be really stressful. Short-term loans are seen as the perfect way to get financial support and, avoid this stress at the same time.

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Questions and Answers

Do I have to be South African to apply?
Yes! But, if you aren't from South Africa, you may be approved for a Cash Advacnce.
Can I take more than R5000?
If you need a higher amount of money, you should consider presenting a valuable to get a Cash Advance.
Is it possible to get 2 loans in one year?
You must wait at least 12 months to take the second loan.

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