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What is Capitec Loans Department Telephone Number? Contact Details and Requests

     When referring to getting a loan, nothing is more important than understanding how everything works. That’s the reason why, I’ll delve into Capitec Bank and, inform you not only about their department contact details, like telephone number but also, what they offer and, what Capitec Bank requests their clients to be eligible. Read this article and, you’ll get all Capitec Bank information you need.

Let’s start by Capitec Bank loans products available

This is a short list of some loans you can apply for with this entity:

        1. Loans for South Africans wanting to start a small business.

        2. Loans to make some home improvements or, to purchase a house.

        3. Loans to finance your children’s education.

        4. Loans to consolidate all your debts into one.

        5. Loans for big purchases like, buying a new vehicle, for example.

        6. Loans for unusual situations like, a medical emergency.

What Fees will I have to pay for a Capitec Loan?

    As you are making use of a service when borrowing money, you are also charged for it. As a consequence, when you repay the money you borrowed, the total cost is higher than the money you took. In the case of Capitec Bank, they charge their clients with an initiation fee and, service fees. How do they work? Well, the initiation fee is distributed along the instalments but, it’s only charged once. On the other hand, the service fee is charged monthly. This means, Capitec’s borrowers pay for the service they use each month the loan lasts.

    In addition to those fees and, as well as any other bank, you will also have to pay the interest rate stated by Capitec Bank. In the next question you’ll find this information expanded.

What Capitec Loan Amount do I qualify for?

    As they work under NCA regulations, therate, loan amount and terms will be subject to the applicant affordability. Some applicants may think this is a disadvantage because they feel they don’t have the freedom they would like to over their loan terms. In spite of that, you may get a good deal as; Capitec’s result will be based on your own capacity to cancel the loan on time. In this way, you can relax knowing you won’t have any trouble with the repayments as long as you behave in a responsible way with your loan. Besides, Capitec commits to give you the lowest rate possible for your financial condition.

What information should applicants know before getting a loan with Capitec Bank?

  • Applicants may also apply for Credit Facility, which involves taking rather a small sum of money quick. This is useful for unexpected expenses you need to take care immediately.

  • Capitec offers Credit Insurance for borrowers who need it. It will cover them in case of death, for instance.

  • There are three options: to get the sum of money you want and, manage to repay it; to arrange instalments that fit your affordability or, to get the lowest interest rate.

  • If you have gathered many liabilities and, it’s getting more and more difficult to manage payments, consolidation loans are there to give you a hand.

  • Capitec’s clients can handle their credit through the bank’s App, which is a really helpful tool to do everything fast and safe.

  • Home loans are issued by SA Home Loans.

  • Loan terms are made specifically for the borrower’s needs and affordability.

Is there a department telephone number to contact Capitec?

Find the best loan of South Africa

    Yes! In fact, they have quite few alternatives to reach them. The number to contact their department store is 08 60 102 043. You can also contact them sending an email through the internet, sending a SMS on your cell phone or, in person visiting a Capitec’s branch.

Capitec Bank: how to go through the Online Loan Application?

    Nowadays, online application is the most popular method to apply. It offers the borrower to get money in a fast and practical way without having to get out of their house. Next, I’ll explain how Capitec online application works. I recommend you to start by verifying you meet Capitec Bank’s requirements, which will be detailed later on. The second recommendation is that calculate your possible interest rate using the online calculator before applying. Then, you’ll have some idea of how much money would you be able of asking.

    Once you complete these two previous steps, you can start by getting your loan estimate. As simple as submitting some information to Capitec, you’ll have the result. Be ready to provide them with your personal information, your job status and, financial conditions and, information about the loan purpose. After that information is provided, you need to send them documents to verify everything you stated in the application form. And finally, you receive your estimate and, if you get the approval, you can use the money you asked.

What is needed to get a loan with Capitec? Is it possible to get a loan without payslips?

    As I told you before, now we’ll cover what you need in order to make Capitec approve your loan. To answer the second question, you won’t be able of taking a loan without a payslip because the entity needs to confirm you have a steady income to afford the money borrowed. The other option could be to present three bank statements but, always keeping in mind; they show your three last salary deposits. Additionally, you mustn’t be younger than 18 and, naturally, you need documents to prove you meet all these requests. Together with that, you’ll be assessed on your credit profile to see how much money you qualify to borrow. Consequently, they may issue a smaller loan amount than the one you asked for.

    After having delved into Capitec Banks’ most important information, you can now have this company as a fine alternative for your loan. Bearing in mind they offer loans for almost any need and, they grant loans their clients can afford to repay, you can relax they will assist you on the best way possible.


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Questions and Answers

Will Capitec give me money for a home?
Yes, Capitec also finances home loans through SA Home Loans. If you make the application online, they can finance the total value of the house. If you do it in person, the finance reaches up to 90% of the value of the house. A home loan approval lasts 5 business days and, you can ask R5 million maximum
How can I check my eligibility for a loan?
You can apply online and you will get an answer within a couple of days.
Can i get a loan of r 20 000?
You can apply for a loan of R 20 000 at Capitec, provided your payslip is as much as R 2500. You will be paying in 3 years installments of R590,48
Morning, wanted to find out if you offer loans to people who has debts with African Bank. My intention is to pay off debt from African Bank and remain with one loan from capitec
Capitec Bank has the perfect loan for you. They do have loans that can be used to consolidate many debts with different companies. You can use the tool Capitec offers that states your loan qualification to see if the sum of money this bank will lend you is high enough to cover all your liabilities with African Bank.
How does unsecured cash loan works?
When a bank refers to unsecured loans, they do to talk about to short term loans that don’t need a security. These loans are usually granted for lower amounts enough to cover a big purchase like, getting a new car or, paying for a travel. However, they don’t work to buy houses or, build them as, those loans tend to be granted for higher quotes.
Hello I’m a Capitec client and I would like to know how to apply for a loan to buy a house and please, check for me how much do I qualify for. Thank you
For home loans, you can apply online or, in a branch. If you apply through the internet, they can cover 100% of what the house you want to buy costs. If you prefer dealing with it in person, they cover 90% of the value. Once you begin the application, you will wait only 5 business days to know about the approval and your loan qualification.
Does capitec offer student loans?
No, you can take a personal loan and spend that money on anything, like paying college for example but, you won’t have terms specifically set for a student loan. Student loans can be found in other banks. Standard Bank, for instance, is a good example of a lending company granting these loans perfectly made to cover student’s needs.
Is it possible to get a loan in Capitec bank while i'm using another bank?
Yes, Capitec totally accepts other bank’s clients. In order to present Capitec your bank statements, you need to talk to your bank for them to facilitate you such documents. After that, you can follow the steps to present all the documents Capitec Bank asks and, start the loan request officially. Every detail as regards transfer and debit order can be discussed before signing the loan contract.
Hi, I had a loan with you but now I’m done paying it. So, I like to know if it’s possible to get another loan today. Thank you
If you have waited long enough to allow your credit information being updated, yes, you can apply today. The last loan you canceled with Capitec will have an impact on the terms they’ll prepare for your new loan. That’s why, you have to wait until that information is uploaded and, Capitec can have your new credit score to set this new loan.
I am interested in a loan from about 23 000.00. How much will I pay back if I take or get approved of that amount?
The cost of the loan will be affected by the repayment term. For instance, if you cancel 23000 rands over 84 months, the monthly installment might be 632 rands. But, that same amount of money canceled over 24 months will have less interest charged and, the monthly payments might be around 1281 rands because you divide the money over less installments.
I would like to apply for a r 1000 loan and pay it back on a year
The interest rate for the loan terms you want to have might be as high as 20.5%. if you get the highest 20.5%, your payment per month might be around 181 rands. Remember, even though you ask for those terms, you might qualify for a different quote. So, keep in mind that detail and, try to ask for a loan estimation before applying for the credit.
I would like to apply for personal loan to pay out my accounts amount zar12000.00
Before applying for a loan, you should estimate your quote to know if Capitec will grant you that sum of money. They decide this going over your financial profile, income and expenses. If the result you get is good, then you can get your documents together to start the Capitec loan application.
Hi I’ve been paying you for 36 months the loan I took with you but, now I get a call saying I still have outstanding balance that I still have to pay. But, last month I was told that I’m due this month. Please, I need clearity on this matter
We need to have two factors in mind here. One of them is that there’s a chance that the call you received was made by someone pretending to be Capitec with the purpose of taking money from you. The other factor is that there could have been certain misunderstanding with the bank as regards when you finish cancelling the loan. So, you should visit one of Capitec’s branches to clarify this matter and, be sure it’s Capitec who you’re dealing with.
Hi, I need a personal loan, what is the interest rate?
With Capitec Personal Loans you can choose for instance a loan of R 50 000 and repay interest rates of 3% with installments of R 660 during a period of 7 years(84 months)
I just want you to check if someone withdraw the loan payment from my account, please
There’s a great and practical benefit Capitec’s loans have. This bank provides you with the chance of managing your loan using their App. Only by login into it, you can research about the installments that have already been paid and, the ones that are still missing. If you detect any sort of mistake, don’t hesitate about reaching Capitec to clarify it.
Can I get a loan if I am not working?
I regret to tell you that’s not possible with any lending company. The basic requirement to get financial assistance is to receive a stable salary as, you need to pay that money borrowed back and, the bank will make you prove it. However, if you don’t work but, you get some sort of monetary assistance, like a pension, for instance, you have chances to be approved for a loan.
Is it possible to extend a loan? Because I took 3000 last year and I’m still paying very well. So, now I want 7000
Capitec Bank permits their current loan holders ask for more money. As you said you’ve paying very well your existing loan and, if you earn enough money to cover both debts, you can take your second loan. You just have to apply and update your monetary status for Capitec to be able of making a proper assessment on your new petition.
Please assist me on a personal loan as I want to do home improvement
ask for is 250000 rands top and, Capitec will show you a personalized loan quote (including repayment term) that matches with your affordability profile. the interest rate will be 12.9% or higher based on your credit profile. Finally, once you get the loan, you can manage it through Capitec App, making everything much easier.
What are the requirement for a personal loan?
You need to show proof of your residence, proof of your identity, proof of income and bank statements.
Do they offer student loans in Gauteng?
No. Unfortunately, Capitec Bank does not offer student loans.
I want a credit facility, can i get help at Capitec?
Capitec Bank has a credit facility alternative among their loan products. This is the perfect solution for that event you didn’t plan to pay for. If you already have a Capitec account, you can ask for a credit facility for the sum of money you qualify and, the bank transfers the money into your account right away. You will be in charge of cancelling this loan the following month.
Can I qualify for a home loan pls?
If your age is between 18 and 60 and, you aren’t under debt administration, you already meet the basic requirements to apply. Then, your financial status will establish how much money can ask for and, how much time can you take to repay it. Of course, the interest will also be established according to that information and, the terms for your home credit.
Shall I email my payslip to have access to credit facility?
If you are not a Capitec customer yet, yes, you need to email them not only your latest pays lips but also, the rest of the documents they ask to get a loan. Besides, you’re going to need to open a bank account if you don’t have one. So, before emailing everything, be sure this is the best company for you.
I took a loan but, now I’ve lost my job, how can I report unemployment?
You need to get in contact with the bank as soon as possible to inform them about your new financial status. Some entities have certain solution prepared for this kind of unfortunate situations no one can predict. It’s of paramount importance to avoid time keeps passing by without talking to Capitec so, you can discuss a solution to overcome this rough time.
Hello I want to apply for a loan so I’m wondering how long will the process take?
If you start by getting an online estimate of the loan, when you apply for the money, it will be a little faster as, there already be some basic information about the terms. Besides, after you use this calculator, you can choose the bank to call you to finish up with the details and cost of the loan.
I just want to know if it’s possible to get another loan
Yes! We know there are some Capitec clients repaying two loans at the same time. But, I must make some points clear. One of them is that you’ll be allowed to take a second loan as long as your affordability check’s result is positive. Second, even though Capitec agrees on your second loan, you must be careful not to get in trouble with many installments. Just try to keep your expenses in order to avoid it.
Hi I like to consolidate all my loans including my credit card with capitec into one installment
You can surely do this with Capitec and, simplify all your installments to have easier payments. To do so, you need to apply like you did with a personal loan. presenting your financial information and documents to check your identity and income. Capitec will again make an assessment to verify you can pay for this loan amount you need.
I want to know the total payment of loan of r92 000 for 5years
Using Capitec online calculator, we can come up with a close approximation of the cost for such terms. Keep in mind, the final cost is based on the rate which, in turns, is based on your credit profile. Assuming the lowest interest rate, 14.20%, your total payment may be R152064. Remember, this cost includes also the fees and insurance Capitec charges.
Good day I have two personal loans of r5000 each with Capitec Bank and, I am not sure whether I can increase them and if yes, what road must I take? Thanks
Capitec approval decision is based on the applicant’s credit profile and, what they need the money for. If you have 2 loans already, you might find some difficulty getting more money. All the same, if you have never got in debt and, you have paid all your liabilities properly, you might apply for more money. When your request goes over the affordability assessment, they will make a decision about it.
I have a loan with capitec and my monthly instalment is high as my wife is no longer working. Can my instalment be reduced by half and increase the term?
The moment you sign in a loan contract, the terms detailed in such contract can’t be changed all of a sudden. All the same, Capitec needs to know your income has suffered a decrease and, you’ll get some difficulty repaying the rest of the installments. They can try to find a solution but, you need to talk to them directly to let them know your current financial status.
Can I apply for a second loan?
Every applicant is allowed to get more than 1 loan if they need it, as long as their income is enough to afford adding a new loan payment and their credit score is high. You need these features to prove Capitec you will not incur in debt with the money lent by the bank.
Capitec phoned me and offered me a loan for up to r180 000 payable over 72 or so months. I decided not to take advantage of the offer then. When I wanted to get an estimation today, they only allow me r7k odd payable over 6 months
The first thing I need to make clear is you should be careful as, you can be a victim of fraud. Make sure you’re dealing with Capiec Bank by calling directly to their phone numbers or, visiting them on any of their branches. Second, any loan they grant, they do it having studied the applicant credit profile so, only after that assessment, are they able of making you a real offer. This is the reason why you might have received that call from someone pretending to be Capitec.
I bank with you, i need you to decrease my loan instalment and expand the term please as, they cannot give me a car because this loan instalment is too high
A loan is a financial contract that, as such, must be followed as it says in it. It is not possible to change any of the terms when it’s already approved and transferred unless it is stipulated in the contract. I’m afraid, if it’s not in the contract, there’s little you can do. However, you can call Capitec to see if you can reach a new agreement.
Can I please have information on how I can consolidate my debts?
Firstly, we recommend you to use the online loan simulator to know about an estimated cost of the loan. Secondly, you can contact Capitec Bank to inform them you’re interested on a loan with them to consolidate certain debts. Then, they’ll need information about those debts, your income and expenditure. Finally, they will prepare a consolidation loan term that suits your economic situation.
Hi. I need to get in touch with capitec bank about my loan repayments. I have missed three payments and now i need to make an arrangement of how i can start paying for that again
The best option for you is either going to one of Capitec’s offices or, making a phone call for them to inform you about your payment options. Try to do it soon as, remember, there ae penalty fees charged when there’s a failure on the correct payment of the loan installments. The longer you wait, the more expensive those fees will get.
I would like to apply for a loan of r3500 for 12 months at this bank. What are my options?
3500 rands at Capitec to pay on 12 months, will give you an interest rate of approximately 20.5% which, in turns, will set your monthly installments on 449 rands. That’s your closest alternative but, what happens if you want to extend the loan to 24 months? In that case, the monthly installments will be of 283 rands, assuming a similar interest rate to pay, of course.
Do I need to have proof of address while banking with Capitec when I’m applying for a loan?
No, proof of address is not one of the initial requirements Capitec Bank asks their clients to meet. The documents to present includes Identity Document granted in South Africa, pays lips and bank statements as, the lending entity will check your identity and your source of income. Take into consideration, the approval will be based on your job stability.
Can you help me with a loan from Capitec’s branches?
Sure! Capitec Banks authorizes those who want to apply for a loan, to do it in three different ways: calling on the phone, getting online or, do it in person at any of their many branches. For this last option, please, bear in mind, you can still use the online loan simulator before, just to know a thing or two about the cost you’ll face. Having that information will help you make the loan procedure faster.
Hi, I’m applying for a loan of 5.000, how’s the payment on 24 installments? Thanx, Capitec it’s the best for me
If Capitec decides to approve your loan for those terms, let’s imagine you get an interest rate of 20.5%. In such conditions, you will need R373 per month to pay for the loan with Capitec. Now, to help you even more, that same amount but, canceled over 12 months, will have a monthly cost of R608. Now, you can choose your best option.
Hi. I am Cecilia and I am interested to know if I qualify for a loan? Can you please help me?
Hi Cecilia! You qualify to start the loan application if you have a job and, the salary for such job is deposited into a bank account. Of course, you need to have a valid identity document from the government of South Africa and, be capable of presenting the latest payslips you got form your employer. If you meet these requests, you can apply freely with Capitec.
I am currently intending to consolidate my personal loan with Nedbank and Old Mutual and pay only one premium with Capitec Bank. Can you please check if I will be eligible for the amount of r300 000?
The loan amount you are intending to take form Capitec is higher than the maximum this bank lends. You can only ask for R250000 and, as long as you meet Capitec’s qualifying criteria for such amount. If you think, this loan quote is enough, you can start your loan request to find out if you can take the loan.
Can you grant me a loan while I still have one with you?
Before accepting to grant any money to any applicant, Capitec Bank needs to check the applicant’s payment capacity. So, you will need to go over the normal loan application and submit your updated information to help the bank calculate your affordability. Another important factor is how many installments of your existing loan have you paid up to now.
I want to apply for a personal loan so, please tell me the amounts available
To take advantage of Capitec’s personal loan, you can go as high as asking for 250 thousands rands, which is the top loan amount they provide their client with. Then, having your finances into consideration, Capitec’s consultants will determine the quote they can lend you. Also, they will decide the terms of your loan to set a repayment you can afford.
Hi, I need r5000 loan. I 'm on 1 year contract
If you have been in that job contract for 6 months minimum, you can take the chance to apply for a loan at Capitec Bank. However, you will be told you can ask for certain amount to pay within a certain time. That means, Capitec will set the terms of your loan according to your contract.
Does Capitec have loans for emergency?
As regards fast loans to cover unforeseen events, Capitec can help you with their credit facility. They will arrange an amount of money for you to have available in your bank account. Then, you can take as much as you need until you spend the total amount. It’s important to point out, you will only pay interest on the sum of money you spent.
I am a member of Capitec Bank. I need a loan of 30000 but, they say I can only get 7000, can you help?
If Capitec Bank is willing to lend you only R7000 it probably means you don’t earn enough money to pay for a R 30000 loan or, the amount of money you spend on expenses takes most of your salary. No matter the reason, it’s wise to be honest and, don’t get involved with a loan cost higher than what you can pay for.

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