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Can I Obtain a Capfin Multi Loan? Contact Information and Application

   Are you looking for a complete loan to satisfy your needs? Interested in a multi loan? There are plenty of credit providers willing to give you the financial support you need when you least expect it. That is right, many banks and financial companies have designed Multi Loans so as to make sure your needs are okay.

   Although Capfin does not offer its customers these type of loans, Capitec Bank does, which is why I am going to focus on this company and its loans for you and your family.

   In the following article, I will first talk about what is a Multi Loan, give you some information regarding the application procedure, how to proceed once your application begins and which documentation you need to put forward.

     So, with Capitec you can obtain a maximum of R 5000, which will depend on your affordability and you will receive instantly your money in your bank account, which will enable you to make any type of purchase with such funds. You can even transfer the money granted from your laptop or your cellphone to another account you possess and start making use of it. Of course, the company will expect you to make monthly repayments and a period review at one of the branches closest to your home, at least every 9 or 10 months, to check how everything is going so far.

   Moreover, all the representatives of the company will make sure to guide the customer and give them all the information they need so as to proceed with the application in a fast way, without complications and misunderstandings.

   One of the good aspects of this company is that it focuses on the safety of its customers, by recommending them to receive the money through debit order, which is the safest option in terms of payment.

Capitec´s Multi Loan

Let me focus on some important facts regarding this type of loan:

-It can be approved at a physical office every year

-You can transfer the money granted to a savings or checking account by simply sending a message from your cellular phone, regardless of the place you are located during the moment of the transaction. However, you will first need to ask for the bank´s representatives to approve such transactions for your safety.

-The fees together with the interest rates will be defined according to how much money you request and how much you use. For instance, if you have asked for a loan of R 3 000 but you used R 580, you will be charged the interest rates of the second amount of money and not more.

-The bank expects you to make monthly repayments, so any transactions you make with your money, will be observed in your monthly balance.

Bear in mind this before applying:

-Think about how much money you require

-Focus on your affordability, whether you will be capable of sustaining a loan or not

-Focus on your income, which should be more or less stable so as to guarantee each repayment

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-Focus on having a perfect credit record, which is a sing of your seriousness and responsibility in terms of money

What to focus on the moment you have chosen to apply:

-In order to know how much money you can afford each month, try to make a simple list with all the expenditures, debts and expenses, so as to know how much money will be left to pay for the loan. Another important recommendation is that you do not waste all your money, but save a bit in case there is an accident or a minor emergency

-Make a fair comparison between the different loans and choose the one that best suits your necessities

-Before signing the contract, be sure to read and understand all the terms and conditions

-Select a financial company that has a perfect reputation and seems responsible, like Capitec Bank

-Try to spend your money on serious purchases so as not to waste it. That way you will also be saving money for future expenses and purchases you will need to make in the future

Documentation needed for Capitec´s Multi Loan

  If you decide to apply for that type of loan, here is what you will need to put forward. Please make sure to gather all the documentation:

-Your ID card in order to prove you are legally aged

-A proof of the place you reside to show you are a permanent resident of your country

-Recent pay slips to show your income

-Bank statements that cannot be more than three months old. This is for the company to know how many transactions and deposits you have made throughout the month and check your financial status.

Now, let me tell you something really important: you must be employed in order to be eligible for a loan with Capitec, but if you are self-employed and you show how much do you earn (with an income proof) and the date in which you are paid, you can still be found eligible.

Contact details

-By phone

  You can begin the application over the phone or just call the bank´s members so as to ask any question you possibly have about their services. The number is the following: 0860 10 20 43.

   You can also send a fax to Capitec, to this number: 21 941 0770. This number is sometimes used for delivering documentation once the application starts.

-By email

    You can also send an email and receive a reply within some hours from Capitec´s representatives. So, bear in mind this email address:

-In person

    Capitec has its head office in Johannesburg, which is found at 28 Harrison Street. This office is in shop number 1.

    To conclude, if you were looking for a multi loan and did not know which company you could rely on, you can certainly take a look at Capitec, which is one of the leading credit providers and will surely satisfy your needs with their Multi Loan

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10% of the loan

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