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Are Cafin Loans Obtainable in Johannesburg?

     Tired of not knowing how to deal effectively with your financial difficulties in life? Looking for a quick solution? Thanks God you arrived here. I have what you need and that is Cafin. I am referring to one of the most outstanding financial companies in South Africa, which among its various services has multiple loans for its customers.


    Although this company does not possess physical branches in Johannesburg, you can obtain their loans anyway, as the application takes place at home.

    In the article you will read, you will receive tons of information related to the many benefits you could enjoy with Cafin and also data about their loans. In the next section, I will give you precise information about the application process. At the end of the article, I will tell you how to contact the company, that is why you will be given phone numbers and email addresses. Then, I will give you another option which does have an office in Johannesburg


-By simply sending a sms from your cellular phone you can easily gain knowledge about your chances as an applicant

-Cafin makes sure to have its webpage and all the information in several languages for everyone to understand clearly their conditions. This avoids misunderstandings in the future.

-Interest rates are completely fixed and will not be modified under no circumstance

-Affordable repayments are applied to the loans

-You can control how much money you have available in your account from the comfort of your phone

-You can also apply for a second loan even though the first one has not finished yet


    Let’s start by focusing on the most interesting section, money. You could expect to be granted as much as R 30 000. The application for such loan can begin at home, so is not compulsory that go move to a physical office and waste time doing that. What is more, this company will not make you do a lot of paperwork that will stress yourself as you need to sign lots of documentation. No, that is not the case with Capfin. The only thing you will be asked to do is to give the company your ID card and bank statements which show your current financial status. Finally, you must also send the company some of your pay slips which should be recent of course.

   You can be sure that all the representatives of this company aim at giving you answers and support throughout the whole application procedure and will happily help you with everything.


   You will now observe how easy it is to apply for a loan with Capfin:

-The moment you put forward the documentation, such as your ID and your statements from the bank, welcome to the application!

-Stop worrying about wasting time in line until members help you, you can receive immediate assistance over the phone

-You will not need to contact the company, they will contact you as soon as they can

-It does not matter what language you speak, you will get to perfectly understand the terms and conditions of Capfin, as their professionals are multilingual

-The company´s website is available 24/7 to everyone

-Capfin services are totally guaranteed and recommended by many customers

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-Capfin has opened many retail stores all along South Africa and is planning to expand to other countries

-The application will not take more than 15 minutes

-Applicants are not involved in uncomfortable interviews, just like is the case with many companies

    As previously stated, the sooner you send the company your ID and the bank statements, the sooner you will get started with the loan. You will take that documentation to these two places: an Ackermans retail store or a Pep. If you do not know where to find them, please check the addresses in the company´s website.

     Another important fact to bear in mind is that, you must be employed so as to show you are capable of repaying for the loan in time.

    Let me show you how the application works:  once you send the documentation and given the company your contact details, you can expect a call from Capfin telling you if you are eligible or not. If you were found eligible, another member of their staff will guide you so that you continue with the following stages, in which you will be asked to sign some documents and the contract with the company. At the end of that stage, the company will transfer the money to your account and you will be able to use it in two days.

    Finally, another interesting part: the repayment of the loan. You have the possibility of choosing periods that range from half a year to one year, which will depend on your financial status.

   If you were attracted to Capfin´s loans and are kind of anxious to know whether you qualify or not, you can try their simulator in their webpage.


Contact details

-Capfin´s webpage

     Inside the company´s website you will find lots of information about the loans, a section to send a message to the company and also a simulator that allows you to know if you can afford a loan or not

-Capfin´s contact numbers

     The company has a free phone number for you to dial up every time you have a doubt or if you want to apply for their loans: 087 354 0000

-Capfin sms numbers

   The company will send you tons of details regarding their services if you send a message to the following numbers: 120 or 5566

-Capfin´s email address

    You can also send an email and the company will reply within hours. Try this email address:

Another choice in Johannesburg: Bruma Finance

    Its main office is located in Johannesburg, at the Parktown. The exact address of this branch is Wellington Road, 22. It is found in the second floor. Its phone number is 943 1700, and opens during business hours.

  You can also send an email to Bruma Finance to this email address:

    All in all, if you are a permanent resident of Johannesburg and you are exhausted because of your financial troubles that can end thanks to Capfin, which has loans that adapt to your needs and applications from home. And, if you still want more, you can count on

I made repairs to my home thanks to Capfin

Bruma Finance.

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Questions and answers

Hi can I borrow a loan?

Sure you can! You should apply to get the proper confirmation for a Capfin loan. This company’s loan quotes goes from a thousand rands to 50000 rands and, you can cancel the debt in 1 year or half of it. The repayment period is set based on the amount of money you qualify for. So, if you ask 20000 rands, you’ll pay it in a year but, for an amount of 8000 rands, the term to pay would be six months.

I'm Phillip, I want to know if I'm still owing Capfin or not. How can I now?

When you request a loan to Capfin, you register to open your Capfin account. This account will not only serve to go over your application but also, to control your loan through time. if you log in to that account, you will clearly see your loan status and be capable of managing it properly. if, all the same, you can’t find that information, please get in contact with Capfin to elicit any doubt.

If i get R2000 income or as allowance i don't have slip do i qualify for student loan?

Unfortunately, the minimum required for Capfin loans is that of R 2500, so your surety or you should have that minimal income.

Is the office of Bruma Finance open on weekends?

Only on Saturdays

How will I receive the money from Capfin?

It is up to you. For instance, it can be done via debit order

Are there penalties?

No, there are not

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