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Can I Get a Capfin Loan If I Live in Gauteng? Application Procedure and Contact Information

   If you are living right now in Gauteng and you are kind of worried about your financial situation, those worries can disappear with the help of a good loan. There are many credit providers willing to improve your life with their programs. That is the case with Capfin, one of the best credit providers, whose loans have created a better life for its customers.

   Even though Capfin is not physically established in Gauteng, the application procedure for its loans is carried out either online or by phone, reasons for which you will be able to access their loans without impediments.

   I will devote the next article to the several benefits Capfin has for you and important piece of information regarding their loans, which of course includes its main terms and features and the application procedure. Then, in the last section of the article, I will give you contact numbers and email addresses of this company. What is more, you will be given contact information about another company that happens to have a physical office in Gauteng, Absa.

Capfin wants you to benefit from their loans. See how:

-The company offers you the chance of beginning an application directly from your cellular phone, no matter where you are and then get a confirmation

-All the data regarding loans and other services, which can be found in the company´s website, is in more than 10 languages, so that everybody can understand the message

-Their loans come along with fixed interest rates, so there will not be surprises during the course of the program

-The company will allow you to make repayments every 30 days

-The balance of your account can be checked directly from your phone, without having to log in the website

-The company allows customers with good records to apply for more than 1 loan

How Capfin loans work

    First you need to be acknowledged about the fact there is a maximum the company can grant you, which is R 30 000, amount that can be financed on a monthly basis. You can select between financing periods of a year or half a year, depending on your circumstances.

   It is not necessary for you to go in person for the application, since you can gather all the documentation such as ID card, statements and pay slips and send them to the company´s members.

If you want to know beforehand whether you can apply or not, you can make use of a simulator Capfin has created for you. It is found in their official webpage.


Capfin´s application procedure

     I cannot tell you how practical and easy it is to obtain a loan with this company. Let me point out certain facts regarding the application:

- After the company received the documentation you provided them, you can start the application with no difficulties

-You must not wait in line for a lot of time as it happens when you go in person to the company, you can do it from home

-Capfin´s members will get in touch with you so as to proceed with the process, you must not call them

Find the best loan of South Africa

-Capfin wants that everyone understands their message and their pieces of information, which is why all the data has been translated into many languages

-You can have access to Capfin´s website every time of the day regardless of public holidays

-This is one of the companies with most retail stores around the country

Now, before I finish, I will show you exactly how the application functions at this company:

    The procedure will take around 15 minutes. You will first need to send the documentation and your phone number to the company. After that, they will call you to confirm whether you are eligible or not. Then, you will receive a second call which consists of a guidance or tutorial of the application procedure. And you will be delivered the contract so that it is signed and the procedure starts. Once everything is done, you will get the money in your bank account in about 2 days.


Contact details


      You can expect to finds lots of information when you click on Capfin´s website, which consists of a contact section, a fan section and also a section with details about the loans.

-By phone

    You can contact Capfin by phone, which is why they designed a free number: 087 354 0000.

-Via sms

    You can contact the company from your cellphone. That is so simple, you only need to send a message to the following numbers: 5566 or you can also send to 120

   -By email

    I will provide you with the company´s email address, which will be helpful for any doubts you might have or the delivery of the contract:

Another credit provider in Gauteng: Absa

-In person

     One of its physical branches is pretty close to Gauteng, in fact it is in Johannesburg, a couple of minutes from there. It is located at the Clearwater Office Park, situated in the Millennium road and the Christian de Wet Road. You can call this office by dialing up 0860 111 222. This branch usually opens Monday to Friday from 08:00 am until 04: 30 pm


      As it is the case with Capfin, you can take a look at Absa´s webpage so as to begin the application or obtain details of their loans.

-By phone

      There is a free line specially created for the company´s customers that would like to clarify doubts regarding the different services provided: 0860 100 372.

   All in all, you need to stop worrying about your problems with your finances since you can receive the help of not only Capfin, but also Absa. You can obtain quick loans, whose rates are fixed and affordable to every type of customer. You just have to find how much money you need and how much you can pay, and then you can contact the company so as to begin the application. What are you waiting??

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Can I find Absa open on a holiday?

No, but you can still get data about their services in their website

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How much money is available for a loan?

There is a maximum of r 30 000

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