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Can Durban´s Citizens Acquire Capfin Loans? Application and Contact Information

      Are you suffering the consequences of a hard financial situation? Would you like that to change? Yes, I am telling you that is possible if you look for a reliable credit provider, such as Capfin. As you are probably aware of, Capfin can turn out to be the solution for your financial needs.

     Although Capfin has not opened physical branches in Durban, you do not need to worry since the application can be made by phone or in the company´s website.

    In the next post, I will try to give you the reasons why you should choose Capfin and details about the loans they offer to customers. Then, I will give you contact information so that you can begin the application at this precise moment. Finally, I will suggest you another option in South Africa, which is a company that has established itself in Durban and has many offices available, African Bank.

Many benefits Capfin has for you

     I believe one of the biggest benefits you can enjoy from this company is that the company will let you know via sms if you can afford the loan. What is more, the company wants that every customer is included, for that reason all the information you will see in the company´s webpage will appear in more than one language.

    The interest rates can also be considered an important benefit, since they are the lowest in the market and they are not subject to modifications.

   Another benefit is related to how quick you can get to know how much money is there left in your account, by simply sending a short message

    Information about Capfin Loans

    They offer several loans, which are differentiated by the amount of money the customer can receive, being the maximum R 30 000. Once the customer receives the money, he will need to start making repayments every thirty days, whose rates are fixed.

Here I will list some important piece of information regarding the loans granted by Capfin:

-The company will ask you for three types of documentation, such as your ID book, statements from a financial institution and payslips

-You are not requested to begin the application in person that is optional

-You are not asked to contact the company and waste time trying to contact them, Capfin will contact you when they can

-All the members that belong to Capfin speak different languages, for you to be understood

-The official website of Capfin is always available for everyone, regardless of the date

-Capfin is one of the credit providers chosen by most South Africans

-The company will take care of doing the paperwork, so do not worry about it

Applying for a Capfin Loan in Durban

    The first step in the application procedure would be gathering all the documents named above. If you want, you can take them to a Pep store or an Ackermans and begin the application in person. One important thing to bear in mind before the application is that you must have a job and prove it. Then, after you give the company the documentation and your phone number, they will be able to contact you so as to inform you about your situation. If you are confirmed as an applicant, they will deliver the contract so that you can sign it and the loan begins. You will be able to use the money in a period of two days.

Find the best loan of South Africa

Of course, you can begin the application over the phone or via sms. Those are two valid options too.

Contact information

     In Capfin´s website you will be able to upload documentation, request the company to phone you, look for a job inside the company and even get more data about loans.

    Capfin has also a phone number for queries and questions, so that every citizen can get an answer. Such number is: 087 354 0000. You can also ask for information by sending a sms to 120 or 5566.

      You can send an email to the company in order to request more data about the terms and conditions of their loans:

Also try contacting a similar credit provider….African Bank in Durban

In person

      One of their offices in Durban is near Coronel of West and Grey Street, being the exact address 470 West Street. Their phone number is 31 305 3851. It is available during weekdays from 08:30 am to 5 in the afternoon.

     There is another office in Durban located in the ground floor of a building, whose exact address is 52 Anton L Street. Its phone number is 31 305 4209. It has the same schedule as the previous office.

Both offices are not open during weekends or public holidays, please bear that in mind.



By phone

      You can also try African Bank´s customer service, which in fact is great, and will always answered to any kind of question you might have. This is the number you can phone to: 0861 111 011. Please be patient and wait until their member answer your call sometimes that can take a couple of minutes.


    You can try Capfin´s webpage from your laptop and get more information about lending programs and further services the company offers. There is also online banking available to check how your balance is going and if there exist chances of obtaining a new loan. In the same webpage you will be able to download the app from the bank, which will enable to manage your loan, payments and also obtain gifts and benefits from the company.

     To conclude, the people living in Durban can now relax since they have reliable financial companies which will grant them the money they need to cover their needs at urgent times. It is just a matter the loan that is for you. Both Capfin and African Bank are two great options in terms of credit, and can really make a significant change in your life, if you give them a try!

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Questions and answers

What if i have applied and still got no information?

Remember that the application procedure takes some days as there are many clients looking for a personal loan, so you might have to wait at least a week. However, if you havent received a reply within 7 days, I suggest you to call the following phone number:0861 111 011. You will be directed to the application section of the company.

Can I close the loan before the time agreed?

Yes, you can pay it in advance

Am I eligible for a loan?

Please contact an agent to check that

How can I be able to finance it?

There are refinancing choices available at both companies

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