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Can The People of Cape Town Have Access To Capfin Loans? Contact Information and Application

   It is very common nowadays that people face difficult times with their finances, but what is not common is to find an honest credit provider. Thanks God Capfin in South Africa we have Capfin to improve our finances and give us the peace of mind we deserve. 

     This company can help you with the support of its loans, which are diverse and will surely change your life forever. Which is why in the next article, I will give you information regarding the main characteristics of the loan, which includes the application procedure and certain advantages of this company. Finally, you will be given all the phone numbers, addresses of the head office and email addresses, so that you can start the application just when you finish reading this.

About Capfin

    Capfin has turned into one of the best credit companies of South Africa, and because of the outstanding quality of its services together with its great customer service, it has been ranked as the most preferred company. There are many reasons why this company is just perfect for you, and I will tell you why.

This is why you should consider operating with Capfin:

- This company will facilitate the application for their loans by giving you access to a mobile application. So, from your cellphone, you can start!

-All their services together with their terms, all of which appear in the company´s webpage, have been translated into the most popular languages

- You will stop worrying about interest rates, since they are the lowest ones and they will remain fixed

-Each of the loans will have its corresponding repayment, which is a monthly fee you need to pay

-As said above, from your cellphone you can also manage the loan you are given by Capfin

-Customers have the possibility of being granted two loans, and it does not matter whether the first one is not completely financed, the company will grant the second one anyway

Capfin Loans´main characteristics

    Once you become a client of the company, they will be able to grant you up to R 30 000, but you can always ask for a lower amount and that is totally fine. Such amounts will be financed the next month and they carry fixed interest rates with them. The company can give you a minimum of 6 months or a maximum of 12 months in order to complete the financing of the loan.

    What is more, there is no prequalification, but you have in the company´s website a kind of simulator to see if you can apply for a loan or not, before handing the documentation

How is the application procedure at Capfin?

     You will only be asked to hand some documentation with your personal information. For instance, you will need to find your ID and the latest bills and bank statements.

Take a look at how the application is carried out:

1) You go home and look for the documentation listed above, it is compulsory that you have that type of personal and financial information with yourself

Find the best loan of South Africa

2) You will give Capfin your contact details, including cellphone number and email address

3) A member of Capfin´s staff will contact you either by phone or email, so as to tell you if you are suitable for the loan

4) If you were found eligible, you will receive another call to arrange the delivery of the contract so that you sign it and you are granted the loan

   Here you have some additional pieces of information which will be very useful at the time of the application:

-You must make sure you have all the documentation with you and that the bills and the bank statements are at least from 3 months ago, no more than that, since they are a reflection of your financial status

- You must not phone the company to begin the application, instead they will phone you. But if once the procedure started you have doubts, you can of course communicate with them over the phone

- You can speak to the different members of the company in more than one language, so language is not a barrier

-You can get access to the company´s website at any time

-Capfin has opened more than 200 stores and is preparing to launch itself in other countries

-You will not be put in uncomfortable situations such as interviews, which turns out to be the case with most companies that grant loans

 Remember that there are four ways through which you can apply: by phone, via sms, by email or in person in one of their branches.

Contacting Capfin

      You can get in touch with the professionals of Capfin, by going in person to its head office located in Cape Town. It is found in the Kuils River, and the exact address of this office is 1 Industry Street. It opens during weekdays during business hours, like most banks.

     You can also contact the company from your computer, if you enter its website, where you will find tons of data about loans, insurances, and a section for contact, mobile banking and a section for uploading documents. Moreover, you can ask the company to give you a call by sending them a message through their website.

   You have the chance of getting in touch by phone. That is right. You can phone on 087 354 0000 and wait until one of their members answers your call. Moreover, you can send a sms from your cellphone to these numbers: 120 and 5566.

     You also have the chance of sending the company an email from your personal address. This is the email address of

     All in all, residing in Cape Town with financial problems is no longer a big issue when you consider obtaining a loan from Capfin, the leading credit provider of your country. I strongly advise you to get in touch with them, through the means you prefer, start the application and see how your life starts changing!

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Sure, you can pay by using your debit card

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You can call or send an email

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Yes it is

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