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Is it Possible to Ask for a Capfin Home Loan? Requirements and Information

     Are you looking for money so as to enable the purchase of a new house? Would you like to modify the house you possess? If that happens to be your situation, then Capfin can help you with its loans. This company has series of loans, all of which will be based on your individual needs when it comes to housing.

    In the following article I will give you information regarding the benefits you can obtain with this company and some details about the loans. Then, I will move on by focusing on the application procedure and the requirements. Finally, I will give you contact details of this company in South Africa, so that the moment you finish reading this post, you can obtain your loan.

About Capfin and its benefits

    Among the several benefits this company can give you, we can name the possibility of checking whether you are eligible for their loans or not by simply sending a message from your phone. Moreover, their service, if you enter the company´s webpage is in more than three languages, which is really useful for foreigners that are currently living in the country or people interested in their services that speak another language. The interest rates are always fixed by Capfin and there are very affordable repayment terms. Moreover, once you are found eligible for Capfin´s loans and you are granted the money, by only sending a sms you can get to know how much money is left on your account.

As an additional benefit, one you have completed the loan, you can get access to a new loan, whose amount is much higher, pretty interesting that, right??

Capfin´s loans, how does it work?

     Capfin enables clients to obtain a maximum of R 30 000. You can start the application from home, which means you don’t need to go in person to a bank or institution and wait in line until it is your turn. Moreover, you do not need to sign many documentation and papers so as to begin the application for a loan that lasts a short period of time. You will be only requested to put forward your ID and your latest bank statements that should be at least 3 months old. Moreover, you need your latest pays lips, in order to show your transactions.

   The different members of the staff are qualified enough in order to give you the assistance you need once the loan begins and they will give you some tips related to the recruitment of applicants.

 Take a look at some facts that show why the application is so simple and quick:

-By only showing your ID and your statements you can start the application

-You don’t have to wait a lot of time in a que, so not wasting time that could be employed in something else

-You will not have to pay extra charges for contacting the company, since Capfin is willing to call you or get in touch with you

-The different members of the staff know how to speak in more than eleven languages, so that the company makes sure the customer understands perfectly all the terms of the loan

-You can enter Capfin´s website whenever you want, no matter the day or time

-Capfin´s customers are totally satisfied with their services and products and recommend them to their beloved ones

Find the best loan of South Africa

-This company has more than 2000 retail companies in South Africa

-The application procedure will move on in a matter of minutes

-The company will not make you participate in any interview with their members, as it happens with most companies

-The company will not make you put forward tons of documentation not to stress yourself


Capfin loan application

   As said before, in order to begin the application you need to put forward your Id book and a statement of your income. Where will you who’s that information? At an Ackerman’s or PEP retail store, all the addresses regarding to those institutions appear in the webpage of Capfin. After that, you will need to scan the different documentation.

   The company will ask you whether you are employed or not, since being employed is vital for being selected as an applicant. Then, once you provide them your cellphone number, you will receive a short text message with the confirmation or the denial of the loan. Sometimes that process takes a couple of minutes, so please be patient. Then, if you were approved, you will receive a call from a representative in order to guide you towards the next steps. Those steps have to do with signing the contract, as long as you have complied with the different agreements that appear there. Finally, you will get to receive the money in no more than 48 hours, that easy.

    Regarding the repayment of the loan, the company will offer you financing periods of between 6 to 12 months, based on your current financial status.

Now, if you are interested in getting to know whether you can be an applicant or not, there is a web simulator in the company´s webpage waiting for you.

Before finishing, let me summarize the different steps that involve the application:

1) Look for your ID and your bank statements, no older than 3 months

2) Scanning those documentation and your latest pays lips

3) Wait until one of the members of Capfin calls you so that the process begins and you can start filling in a form for a lending program that suits your needs

Contacting Capfin

-In person

    You can go to one of its offices located in Cape Town, which is between 1 Industry Street and the Kuils River.  It opens during weekdays on business hours.


   In Capfin´s website you will find more data about their loans, a contact section, a section for frequently asked questions and also the chance of uploading documents needed for the application procedure.

-Capfin loans contact numbers

     You can contact the bank by phone, if you dial up their free phone number designed for questions and queries: 087 354 0000

    All in all, with Cafin´s loans you can easily get the house you always dreamt about or making huge improvements to your old house, any type of need will be covered by this company. I assure you, you will not regret contacting Capfin!

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Questions and answers

Is it possible for me to apply for a r30000 loan so that I can finish my house while am earning r4900 per month?

Even though, Capfin demands their applicants to have a monthly salary, there’s not a minimum established. The reason is that the amount you qualify for is based on a number of factors. One of those factors is how much you earn but, they also take a look at your credit score. Besides, it also depends on the number of instalments you will take to cancel the loan.

Good day, I like to found out if you are doing home loans.

Capfin only provides their applicants with Personal loans of a maximum of 50.000 rands. But, sadly, they don’t have Home loans in their products. You may use a Capfin loan to make some specific house improvement but, not to build or buy an entire house. In that case, you can go over what SA Home Loans offers for this type of loans.

I have already paid my instalments for six months now and I wish to top up with a Capfin loan of r30000 to pay up my car instalment. Can Capfin give me that amount?

Of course! Actually, they will lend you up to 50000 rands, as long as you qualify for it. The only thing you must pay attention to is how much time has passed since you’ve completed paying the last loan. Sometimes, entities require their clients to wait for some time before taking out a new loan.

Can Capfin help me with home loan?

Unfortunately, you won’t find home loans with Capfin. All the same, we recommend you to take a look at Better Bond Home Loans or SA Home Loans, which are two of the most reliable companies helping South Africans get their own house. SA Home Loans, for example, allows their clients to switch if they already have an existing loan with another company.

Can I also get an insurance?

Sure, this company offers life and personal insurances

How can I get a quote?

You can call Capfin or send a message via their webpage

How can I finance my holidays?

With the support of Capfin´s loans

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