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Is It Easy to Top Up a Loan at Budget? Details and Contact Information

   Have you been granted a loan but you feel like that amount of money is not enough at you need to top it up? Do not worry, that is something very common nowadays, since there are many bills and things to pay, and citizens cannot make their ends meet with the current loans. Which is why they resort to the possibility of topping their loan up. However, now all financial companies have this service available.

    Even though Budget has designed a huge array of loans, the company does not offer the chance of topping them up. But do not worry, there is another reliable company that does, and it is Barclays.

    In The article you are about to read, I will give you lots of information about Barclays and the great benefit they offer, of topping your loan up whenever you need it. Then, I will give you some recommendations to bear in mind when it comes to having a proper credit score. Finally, you will be given contact details of this company, which includes phone numbers, physical addresses and webpages.


Barclays ‘loans

     Barclays allows its clients to be granted different amounts of money, whose maximum is that of R 50 000, and can be completely financed in about 5 years. However, if you feel like choosing another financing period, that is available and you should know you can ask for 10 months to complete its financing. What is more, the client has the chance of closing the loan when ready and that means not having to wait lots of time until it is approved.

    But now, let me focus on the most interesting part: Topping up your loan.

    When it comes to topping up the loan you were already granted, you need to know that you can increase the amount via online banking or mobile banking. However, the company will be quite firm when it comes to choosing you as an applicant. So, your application will be determined by your monthly income and the documentation you put forward.

    Needless to say, if you are willing to top up your lending program, you have freedom to use the money on whatever purpose you have in mind, which can be furniture, appliances, bills, expenses and so on.

If you are interested in getting to know in detail the topping up procedure, you should bear in mind the following: Barclays is not going to increase your loan, but you will be given a new one.

    I will now exemplify how this procedure works:

Imagine you are given R 20 000 the first time you are granted the loan, but you need to make a more expensive purchase and that amount does not satisfy you, the company can add R 15 000. How is that possible? By giving you a second loan, whose amount is that of R 35 000. So, as you can imagine the first loan is immediately cancelled.

    Nevertheless, do bear in mind that there might be modifications of the interest rate of the first loan, as it will increase when it comes to the second one.

Find the best loan of South Africa

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Now, as stated above, I will give you useful pieces of information related to your credit record, which is something really significant for the application of any loan:

-You need to make every payment on time, as agreed at the beginning of the loan, so that the company that is granting you the loan knows you are a responsible and reliable client. So, having a good reputation is crucial for your credit record.

-Please check that your personal information is present in the electoral roll, since this is a way through which Barclays can obtain your data so as to begin with the application.

-Please do get advice from special agencies which are in charge of giving the data about your credit record. That way you can check whether the different pieces of information are accurate or not.

-Please do close any past debt you can have with a previous financial institution, because that type of information will be relevant in the credit record.

-Pay your credit card on time, please!

So, as you have seen, keeping an ideal credit record is really important when it comes to being a good candidate for a loan. Companies will bear in mind any type of data that has to do with previous loans you were granted and how you managed.

Contacting Barclays in order to top up your loan

In person

    You can go in person so as to get a personalized attention from the company´s professionals, to the following address: 15 Troye Street. This branch is found inside the Barclays Tower West, in the wonderful area of Johannesburg. Its phone number is this one: 011 350 4000. This branch opens during weekdays on business hours.

By phone

   This is another means of communication through which you can contact the company´s members. So, there is a free line available, which functions during weekdays from 08:00 am to 10:00 pm. Keep this number: 0800 716 598.


   Barclays, as many companies, has its own website, which is designed for clients to obtain information about loans and insurances for the different members of the family. Clients can also send a message to the company whenever they want to apply for a loan or acquire an insurance and complete the procedure online. The webpage is extremely useful for those clients that attempt to communicate with the company on a public holiday, which is a day of course, every company is closed.

     As a conclusion, if you were worried about not being able to pay your bills because your loan was not sufficient, you have found the solution at Barclays. And that is thanks to their chance of topping up your loan. So, even though Budget does not have this service available, you can still increase your loan with another responsible and transparent company such as Barclays. I recommend you to contact Barclays and let them show you how easy it is to obtain more money!

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Questions and answers

Does Barclays have more offices?

Yes, there are other offices in Pretoria, for instance

How can I apply for a loan?

By phone, in person or in the company´s website

Is it possible to chat with the professionals in the webpage?

No it is not

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