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Can I Get a Personal Loan with Bruma Finance? Requirements and Contact Information

     Are you looking for an affordable way to finance your personal purchases? Did you know you can rely on Bruma Finance? That is right; you have the chance of obtaining a loan with this company so as to satisfy your needs. This is one of the companies with most experience in the financial market, which has expanded to many South African cities.

    In the following article I will first show you which are the requirements you need to comply with in order to get a loan with Bruma Finance. Then, I will give you data about their Personal Loan and also some additional facts that might be useful for you. Moreover,  will also provide you with information regarding this company´s insurance so as to protect your family and your finances. Finally, I will give you the contact details of this company.

Lets first focus on the requirements:

-Your monthly income should be of at least R 2000

-You need to possess a bank account with this company or another

-Your age should be between 20 and 60 years old. No more than that.

-You need to have your ID card, a recent bill and a recent bank statement

As a consequence, meeting these requirements will be giving you the chance of applying instantly to Bruma Finance´s Personal Loan. And, an important aspect is that you can get to know whether you qualify for the loan on the same day you begin the application.

Bruma Finance Personal Loans

     With this type of loan, you can have access to additional funds which you can use to finance important events, furniture and also your kid´s tuition at school or college.

   The company gives clients the chance of obtaining between R 1000 and R 15000, which you can finance in periods that range from 6 to 8 months. And, as stated before, the company will make sure to let you know the same day you apply, if you are found eligible or not. So, if you are found eligible, you can use the money for whatever purpose you have.

     Applying for this loan is quite simple: you just need to click on a section called Apply and then you give your personal data the bank requests. Once received, the company´s representatives will contact you by phone or email and then you can proceed with the application.

     Please try to have your identity card with you so that you give the company al your information. Also have in hand you pay slips and statements from the bank.

Extra data: Bruma Finance Insurance

    The company gives clients the opportunity of protecting their finances and their lives through their Credit Life Insurance Cover, which covers them in cases of serious illnesses, deaths, accidents and disabilities. And, the most important aspect of this program is that you will make monthly payments as it happens with the loan. You will see that the insurance is charged in the total value you pay each month.

    Each of the loans Bruma Finance grants come along with insurance, which is something not every company offers.

Additional facts about Bruma Finance

-The different lending programs stick to the National Credit Act 34, issued in 2005, according to which the company together with the client has the responsibility of doing the necessary paperwork, so as to proceed with the application in a fast way

Find the best loan of South Africa

-The client needs to fill in an application form that will require the client to submit certain documentation and also sign agreements with the company

-All the documents this company will give clients are in the English language, in order to avoid misunderstandings of the different terms that appear there. Moreover, these documents are in that language as the court requests it

-The different members of the customer service of Bruma Finance speak not only English but also other languages such as Zulu and Afrikaans, so as to make sure that every client can easily speak to them and understand all the process

-The different policies of the company can be obtained in Bruma Finance´s official website

Contacting Bruma Finance in South Africa

In person

   If you would like to contact the company in a personalized way, you can go in person to their main office found in Johannesburg, located at 22 Wellington Road, in Parktown. Its is found in the second floor. By letter

    You can send a letter to the following address with your concerns or simply to start an application: PO Box 258. The location is Melrose Arch, 2076.

By phone

    You can contact the bank by dialing up this number in order to apply for a loan or to ask any other questions you have regarding their services: 0861 33 11 33.

    You can send a fax to the company to this number: 87 943 1700


      Bruma Finance has designed its official website to make sure you can contact the company from the comfort of your computer. So, the moment you enter there you can get details about their Personal Loan. Moreover, there are sections destined to careers, FAQS, contact section and also a section for applying online. There is also a calculator so that you know your affordability at the time of requesting for a loan.

 In this webpage you can also send a personal message to the company so that they are able to contact you in the short time.

Moreover, you can contact the company by sending them an email, so that after they receive it they can call you or give you an answer in no more than a day. Such email is the

     To conclude, if you were searching for a simple way to be able to finance your personal needs, you can surely contact Bruma Finance to take care of that and forget about your financial troubles that have become an obstacle at the time of finding your happiness. You deserve peace of mind and this company will give it to you!


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Questions and Answers

What do u need to apply for a loan?
Basically, you need to be old enough to get involved in a loan contract, which means you need to be 18 years old at least. Also, you need to be formally employed and, get pays lips form your job so as to make Bruma Finance capable of checking you have enough money to return the loan and pay for fees and interest charged.
Can I obtain a loan if I´m 60 years old?
Yes, in fact, 60 years old is the oldest age Bruma works with. For this reason, you should check what can they offer you so as to see if it’s convenient for your loan. If you need a short term loan, less than 12 months for example, I’m sure you won’t have trouble getting appropriate terms.
Do I qualify if I’m about to turn 20?
Unluckily, no, you don’t qualify to get a loan at Bruma. Even though there are banks working with applicants from 18 years old onwards, Bruma Finance accepts those who are 21 years old or older. You might wait for another year before requesting a loan at this company. All the same, remember you need to have some steady income from a permanent job to apply for a credit.
Where can I apply? And where can I get the application?
Bruma Finance works mainly online so; you can apply from your house by calling them or through your computer. In the simplest way, you will get their application to compete with your contact information, mainly. But, before applying, don’t miss the opportunity to use our loan simulator to know if Bruma’s loans are among the cheapest offer in South Africa.
Can I qualify for the R15000 if I earn 13r per month?
You qualify for a loan at Bruma if you earn, on monthly basis, at least 2000 rands so, you’ll be more than welcome to apply with them. Of course, also bear in mind, you must prove such income with pay slips and bank statements for the previous months. I want to add; you must work for a minimum of 6 months in your current job to apply.
Do I qualify for 15000r if I’ve worked for 5 months?
Bruma requirements are simple to meet: you need to be older than 21 and younger than 60 years’ old and, enjoy from a salary starting in R2000 from a permanent job. If you comply with these points, you will only have to wait one month to apply at Bruma because they ask their clients to work for 6 months before requesting the credit.
Hi I need an assistance, I need a loan
Sure! At Bruma, you can find personal loans to spend on big purchases, for example. Another option is to consolidate many debts into just one. For any of this options, you will be allowed to ask from just R1000 up to R15000. If you’re approved, the payment of your loan should be done between 6 and 18 months.
Do I qualify for a loan at Bruma and what requirements are needed for a loan?
Bruma will demand you to present clear copies of the following documents: your identity document, salary slips, bank statements. As regards pays slip, it has to be the last one your received. Now, Bruma won’t receive internet bank statement and, you should submit the last two months’ statements. As a final point, remember your minimum monthly earnings has to be R2000.
Can a non-South African citizen qualifies to get a loan?
If you are not South African but, you can present valid documentation that permits you to live and, of course, work in the country, you may get a loan with a bank here. Clearly, you need to meet the rest of the requirements as earning enough funds to take the loan and, getting your salary though a bank account, for example.
How can I pay for a loan?
You can use debit cards, credit cards, checks, cash and more
What are the contact details in johhanessburg ?
In case you want to contact Bruma for a loan in Johannesburg you simply need to go to the following address, which I am sure is close to your place: BDO House, 22 Wellington Road. The area in which this office can be found is called Parktown
Is it possible to obtain more than one loan?
If you are found eligible yes.
Can I get an insurance for my car?
Yes, there are insurances for vehicles
I would like to know how to use the loan simulator
This is the fastest way to get the best deal for you. When you enter your loan amount, term and province you live in, the calculator processes that information to present the 10 cheapest loans in your area. So, the only step to follow is submitting that information. Don’t miss this opportunity to get instant information about your loan alternatives.
Will the loan be cheap?
Ultimately, the cost of the loan will be stated by the interest rate the bank sets for the credit. If you want to find the lowest rate in South Africa, you can’t miss our loan calculator. This tool shows you a list of the lending companies that offer the lowest rate in the country. Besides, it’s really easy to use!
Can i get a loan of r2500 even though i'm a domestic worker with no pay slip but bank statement?
I’m sorry to inform you Bruma does not grant loans to South Africans not getting salary slips. This is one of the first requirement they pay attention to as, that document is what tells them the client has a stable job and earns enough money per month to get and cancel the loan.
Do I have to pay legal fees?
Yes. When a loan is issued, companies must go over a bunch of banking operations as, loans are formally regulated. In general, banks charge monthly fees that are added to the interest rates. But, don’t worry as these fees are notified from the begging so, you will know about that extra cost before accepting your terms for the loan.
! I am self employed, Do I qualify for the loan? I want to increase my business
As Bruma Finance needs the applicant’s salary slips, I’m afraid you don’t qualify for a loan if you work on your own. There’s another point I should make clear, Bruma offers loans only to individuals for personal reasons. This means, they can’t help you increase your business. Luckily, there are plenty of companies in South Africa ready to do so as, for example, First National Bank.

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