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Can I Obtain a Loan if I Live in Johannesburg? Requirements and Contact Information

If Johannesburg is the place where you and your family reside and you are tiring of dealing with financial troubles, this is the perfect place to find the solution to your problems. This is thanks to Bruma Finance, which is a company present in the market for more than three decades and with vast experience at granting loans to citizens.

    In the following article I will show you how you can easily solve your financial problems with this company´s loans. In the first section, you will be given data about the requirements the company will ask you to meet and also data about each of the loans proposed. After that, you will get some remarkable facts about Bruma Finance´s lending services. In the second section, I will give you information regarding how to contact Bruma in order to apply for the different programs.


-Your age plays a vital role at the time of being eligible or not. So, you must have no more than 60 years old but not less than 20.

-You must have one account with a banking company

-You must have a job in which your monthly income is of at least this amount: R 2000

-You need to submit your identity card and also bank statements that show your recent movements

So, there are few requirements you must meet in order to obtain a loan with Bruma Finance without complications.

Now, let’s move on by describing each loan:


    As you are probably aware of, a Personal Loan is one that aims at giving you financial security when it comes to your personal needs. By personal needs I mean the necessity of financing your kid´s education and books at school, new coat for your house, the supermarket list, appliances and so on? So, Bruma can give clients amounts of money whose maximum is of R 15 000 and also a minimum of R 1000.

    The financing terms have to do with monthly payments, whose interest rates will not be subject to modifications in the future.

If you are interested in obtaining a Personal Loan, you can easily make it happen if you enter the company´s website. There, you can click on the section destined to applications. The moment the company gets your information, you will receive an email or a phone call by Bruma´s representatives.


     This loan aims at offering customers a solution if they cannot afford don their own debts or any other daily expenses. It can also happen that the client was granted a loan in the past and cannot continue paying for it. For those circumstances the Consolidation Loan was created. These clients can be granted a maximum of R 15 000, which is a high amount of money. The financing period will be discussed together with the company, but the payments are monthly and the interest rates are always the same.

   Interested in how a Consolidation Loan functions? Well, you should know that after your debts are forgiven with the help of the loan, you can have access to the balance that is still on your account. So, you can use the remaining balance for financing other needs.

Find the best loan of South Africa

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   Moreover, clients that get a Consolidation Loan can easily manage their lending program by clicking on the section of the company´s webpage named Manage Your Finance. There, they can use the calculator on a daily basis in order to follow of every payment made.

Remarkable facts about Bruma Finance lending services:

    You should first know that the two loans discussed in this article are following some regulations of one of the most commonly known Act, called National Credit Act, whose number is 34. Moreover, Bruma Finance is in charge of accelerating the paperwork once the application procedure starts and also submitting you the documents and contracts that you need to sign. Regarding those documents, the company will make sure to have it in different languages, especially in English, as this is a condition so that everyone can easily understand each of the terms mentioned in the documents.

    Moreover, clients can easily contact the company´s members, which will speak in a variety of languages that are spoken in South Africa, so that everyone can understand the message and proceed with the application.

All these facts and more details about them can be obtained in Bruma´s webpage, so please enter it in order to find out more about their language policy.

Contacting Bruma Finance in Johannesburg

In person

   Bruma Finance´s head office is located in your city, Johannesburg. It is found in 22 Wellington Road. This office is in the second floor of a big building. This branch opens Mondays to Fridays during business hours.

By phone

   The company has designed a free line destined to general inquiries and questions you can have about their services and products. This line can be sometimes answered not only by consultants but also by automatic machines that orient the client towards different areas. So, please dial up this number: 0861 33 11 33.

    There is also a fax number available, if you would ,like to send the documents via that media: 87 943 1700.


    You can contact Bruma if you open your laptop and enter its webpage. It is full of data about each of the loans explained in the post and also information about insurances to protect your assets and your finances. You can also apply for a loan you are interested in and even use their budget calculator to see if you can afford or not a loan.

   You can send an email to the company´s consultants so as to receive a reply from them. So, please keep this email address:

    To conclude, the citizens of Johannesburg can come to a financial solution to their problems if they contact Bruma Finance and obtain either their Personal Loan or their Consolidation Loan, both of which are two great choices in terms of lending programs. Try getting in touch with the company and forget about your financial troubles!

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Questions and answers

Is the office open on Saturdays?

No, it is not

How can I contact Bruma on weekends? In the company´s webpage

In the company´s webpage

Can I close the loan before the time expected?

Sure, you can close the loan whenever you have the money

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