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Can the Residents of Cape Town Obtain Bruma Finance Loans?

If you are permanently living in Cape Town, one of the biggest cities of South Africa and you are dealing with serious economic issues, then you need to obtain a loan. You can do that with the support of Bruma Finance, which is a financial enterprise that developed a wide array of lending programs to take care of your needs.

    Even though you will see that Bruma Finance has not opened branches in Cape Town, that is absolutely not an obstacle because the citizens of this region can still have access to Bruma´s loans through other means of communication, such as by phone, email or in the company´s website.

   In the following article, I will first talk about the requirements for the loans granted by Bruma Finance and then I will give you data about their Personal Loan and Consolidation Loan. After that, you will be given the contact details of this company. Finally, I will also give you contact information of another company which can be found in Cape Town and has almost the same lending programs to offer.

The following are the requirements you are expected to meet by Bruma Finance:

-Earning at least R 2000, which needs to be earned on a monthly basis

-Be willing to create a bank account if you do not possess one

-Being more than 20 years old. But the maximum is 60.

-Having an ID book in order to submit it along with your latest bills and expenses

-Showing your bank statement for the company to know your last movements and transactions

     Consequently, if you meet the requirements given above, you can easily start applying for a Persona or a Consolidation Loan with Bruma Finance.

Let’s focus now on each loan:


    This is a lending program for clients that are looking for additional financial resources so as to cover daily needs as expenses, purchases at the supermarket, the education of their children and so on. So, every type of personal need can be taken care of with a Personal Loan.

   If you apply for this loan, you can have access to a maximum of R 15 000 but a minimum of R 1000, and you have the chance of completing its financing in between six and eighteen months, which is pretty much. Such funds can be used for any type of need you have.

Pay attention to the application procedure, which is very simple: the client needs to enter the company´s website and click on a section named “Apply”. Then, once the client types its information, the members of the bank will contact the customer so as to move on with the procedure.


   Bruma Finance has knowledge about how difficult is it at times to be able to finance your debts and daily expenses or even any other loan you obtained in this past. For those purposes, the company created their Consolidation Loan. In fact, you can request the bank for a maximum of R 15 000. And, the financing of this loan can be completed in monthly installments. This is how this loan works: the moment the debts with a third party disappear, the client will get in its bank account the money that remains, to use it on whatever the client needs.

Extra data about Bruma Finance Loans

-The company assures its clients that all the lending programs will follow the regulations of the National Credit Act 34. So, there will not be surprising changes in the middle of the loan

-Both the company and the applicant must take care of the application procedure as well as submitting all the necessary documentation

Find the best loan of South Africa

-The application forms will be able in the company´s branch and in their website

-All the documents the company gives its clients will be in one of the universal languages, English. The purpose of that is that every citizen can understand the different terms that appear on each document without complications

-Customers can always phone the company and talk to their consultants, who speak more than one language, to make sure every applicant has access to the company´s loans

-There is a policy related to the language in the documents of Bruma Finance that can be found in the company´s website

How to contact Bruma Finance

As stated before, the company does not possess physical branches in Cape Town but there are other ways to contact them:

By phone

   You can take advantage of their fax number so as to begin the application or simply send documents. Such number is 87 9431700.

   You can call their members by dialing up a free line: 0861 33 11 33.

By letter

   You have the chance of writing a message to the company to this address: Melrose Arch, whose PO is 258.


   You can contact the company´s consultants if you send an email to this address:

    You can also take advantage of the webpage of Bruma Finance to begin the application there so as to avoid time. There, you can also find data about other services, such as insurances.

Another option: Standard Bank

    You can go to one of its branches in Cape Town located in the Heerengratch Towers, specifically found at Strijdom Avenue. It opens during weekdays from 09:00 am to 04:00 pm. Its phone number is 2721 401 2611.

   There is another branch in Cape Town, in Heerengratch Street, located at the Foreshore. Its phone number is 21 401 23 11, and opens Mondays to Fridays from 9 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon

    To conclude, the residents of the wonderful area of Cape Town can easily obtain a way to finance their needs if they rely on Bruma Finance Loans. They can get either a Personal Loan or a Consolidation Loan and start enjoying the financial stability they deserve. And, they can also take a look at Standard Bank´s loans, which can be obtained in person. So, they have two choices in terms of financial companies, awesome!

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Questions and Answers

Is any of the branches open on weekends?
The second one opens on Saturdays from 09:00 am to 11:00 am
What other services can I find here?
Insurances for you and your family
What about the interest rates?
They are fixed and adapted to the client´s needs

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