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Does Bruma Finance Offer Consolidation Loans? Contact Details, Quotes and Addresses

If it happens to have more than one loan at a time, figuring out a solution is not that difficult. Fortunately, there are many companies in South Africa that are working hard so as to offer the most convenient option. In this article, we will focus on contact details, quotes and requirements of consolidation loans offered by Bruma Finance. We will also describe some other benefits given by the company and we will mention other banking institutions that provide similar programs.

                Bruma started operating in the South African market in 1997. By giving customers the services they deserve, it has been consolidated as one of the most outstanding lending companies of the country. As it is not characterized by having a large amount of offices, its services are accessible in other ways. We invite you to keep on reading so as to get the most of this post.

                Let’s start by talking about our main topic: Bruma Consolidation Loans. There are many citizens that find it difficult to manage financial burden. Sometimes, they are so overwhelmed that they look for help so as to make easier payments. Brume gives clients the possibility of settling debts by combining them and creating an affordable quote that should be paid monthly. The consolidation loan program is available for amounts of money of a maximum of R15 000.

                In order to meet all clients needs, it Bruma also gives clients access to extra funding. There are actually several other loans to obtain more money that can be returned with monthly payments. Here you have the features of such programs:

-There are amounts of money available that go from R1000 to R15 000.

-The money can be used to pay for education, to make home improvements, to buy vehicles and even more.

-As far as financing periods are concerned, you can choose between 8 and 18 months.

-There is a wide variety of way to apply for the loans.

-Loans expert will work at your advantage.

-As a basic requirement, you have to be older than 21 and present your ID.

-You have to present your last pay slip to show that you earn a basic salary.

How Can I Apply for Bruma Loans?

                In the first place, you can apply for Bruma programs by visiting an office in person. There is a branch located in 22 Wellington Road in the area of Parktown. In case you don’t live near the office, you can get money from your own home either by phone or online following these steps:

-If you want to contact the company by phone, please call 0861 33 11 33. You can ask for further details or start application during the week from 8:00am to 5:00pm and on Saturday from 8:00am to 12:30pm.

-In case you prefer less personalized attention, you can count on online services. You visit the official website and click on “Apply now” after choosing the loan you want. It is important to know that this service is available 24 hours, everyday. Applicants who have questions can them to this e-mail address:

Find the best loan of South Africa

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                Luckily, Bruma Finance is not the only institution in South Africa that has consolidation loans. There are, at least, other two whose features and application options are described as follows:

1. Direct Axis

As usual, the main objective of these programs is unifying debts so as to make a single payment and increase cash flow. Once you agree on term with a Direct Axis representative, payments process will be simplified and deducted from any account. It is critical to know that interest rates can be fixed, which make quotes be steady during the entire loan. According to Direct Axis stuff, people who make use of consolidation loans increment their cash flow for approximately R1 900.

As far as application is concerned, current or prospective clients can ask for this special programs online by means of the official website or by phone dialing up 0861 243 556, which is the exclusive line for consolidation loans. I will highlight that the application process lasts just 10 minutes.

2. African Bank

African Bank opened its doors in 2014, and this makes it one of the youngest financing institutions of the country. Although it has 3 years in the market, it has many programs thought with financial people in mind. One of these programs is the consolidation loan. As most of its peers, African Bank gives clients the possibility of combining debts so as to affront whatever financial crisis that may appear on the road. The money you owe can be put together so as to return it with fixed interests rates in unique monthly payments. It is important to mention that financing periods go from 18 to 72 payments. If you think than African Bank is what you need to overcome a financing problem, you can contact the bank by phone calling 011 256 9073. Another line open is 0860 333 004, which is exclusively destined to application. Another option is online application. If you open the official web site, you select the consolidation loan and click on “Online Application”. You will fill a form and a few minutes, money will be ready for you. For urgent questions or necessary information, don’t hesitate to send e-mail to this address Representatives answer in just a few minutes.

                To conclude, when it comes to consolidate debt, there are many options available. It is possible to say that you started reading this paper having one option in mind, Bruma finance, but you ended up with two other alternatives: Direct Axis and African Bank. It is time for you combine old debts so that payments stop being a pain in the neck every time. Choose the company that best seems to satisfy your needs and relax! Financing concerns should be in the hands of those who know how to handle them.

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Questions and answers

Are all South African citizens’ eligible?

There are certain requirements they have to meet.

Can I apply 24/7?

Yes, you can.

Which is the longest financing period?

The longest financing is offered by African Bank (6 years).

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