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Can I Obtain a Mortgage with Bridge Loans? Information and Contact Details

    Let me answer your question: of course you can! Which is why in the following article you will be given lots of information regarding this amazing company, which enables clients to make use of the money on any type of use, such as mortgages.

About Bridge Loans

Bridge Loan is one of the most well-known companies in relation to loans, as it assurances that citizens can have admission to short term loans with the aim of covering their needs straightaway. I devises 100 branches and more than 900 employees.

This company proposes loans of up to R 15 000, so clients can gain such quantity in a straight line.

What sort of facilities does Bridge offer?


-Short term credits

-Emergency credits

-Online credits

-Personal Finances

-Loans calculated for blacklisted individuals

     Consequently, if one of your necessities is money to repair possessions at home or you want to pay debts, then are able depend on on this firm to take care of your requirements. This firm is characterized by being crystal clear and trustworthy.

What kind of welfares can you acquire with Bridge Loans Mortgages?

Okay, so firstly, you can get a loan irrespective of how much cash you earn or if you are a blacklisted customer. Besides, this firm happens to own the most modest rates, which make it a prodigious company.

Now, one more benefit I would like to add is that you can easily make use of online banking and being gifted to assess your affordability and the diverse payments conforming your loan. In addition, Bridge permits you to upsurge or top up your credit if you are in need of more cash, so do not stress about it.

Bridge Loans that serve as Mortgages

     You must be acquainted with the fact that you are operating with one of the greatest loans ever originated in South Africa, because they enables you to set up a mortgage. The repayments for mortgages will continuously hinge on the financial period of time you have selected to complete the payments.

    Apart for setting up mortgages, Bridge loans can support in many ways, such as assisting your business. In fact, many businesses recourse to this sort of loans since in time of catastrophes. So, they see they can trust on Bridge to take care of their problems with their business.

There are other important details you should see about these mortgages:

A.You can capitalize the money or use it to pay a necessity of any kind, with no limits. It can be for example that you lack money to pay expenditures, arrears, medical emergencies and the list can continue. There are no exclusions, every customer merits peace of mind when it comes to cash. Then, the good thing is that these credits will never request lots of form-filling as it is the case with other firms that also gift mortgages.

B.You can for sure buy pieces of equipment you need for your home or your industry so as to renovate it and improve its look.

C.The Company is malleable when it comes to financing stages, as they will be defined based on your present income so as to make sure you can make payments on time and you will finish it. Nonetheless, remember that the more it takes the client to repay for the loan, the higher interest rates will be, so please bear in mind those facts.

I will now provide you with significant reasons for selecting Bridge Loans Mortgages:

Find the best loan of South Africa

-You can attain one of its loans irrespective of your condition, so if you haven’t paid preceding loans the firm will not penalize you, but it will rather offer you a new credit that adjusts to your requirements, one you are flawlessly capable of repaying in the upcoming months. So, your request will never be annulled or banned by the memberships of the company.

-You can openly dialogue with the members of the team of the firm who are truly experienced and will give you suggestions and advices while making the application process for the mortgage you want. They will make sure you have the data you need, so as to revel in the lending process. Does that sound good to you? I bet it does.

Last of all, if you are attentive to commencing an application, you can start now the submission in the firm´s website so as to evade lots of form-filling and roaming to the company in person at busy times of the day. At that moment, the members of Bridge Loans will let you know about your situation as an applicant. After that section, you will obtain the money in your banking account, as long as you have given your banking and financial data to the firm during the submission.

Contact details of Bridge Loans for a Mortgage

If you are concerned about getting in touch with the corporation, you must now that you are able to launch a telephonic communication by dialing up the two following numbers: 0861 112044 and 012 001 1884. The first one is an unrestricted number, which means you have admission to it without having to pay extra sums of money as it is the case when dialing further numbers.

 You can try to contact Bridge Loans by email, by just sending an inbox to the subsequent address and holding for a direct reply:

Now, in the subsequent chart you are given figures concerning one of the the company´s offices, so you can take your car and go in person to begin the application:


A maximum of 15.000 South African Rands

Interest Rate

20% or less

Telephone Number

A toll number: 0123651691


Durban at 273 Umgeni Road. Area: Stamford Hill

Working Hours

8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Documentation, an updated email-address and your ID

Email Address

Leave your questions or comments


Questions and Answers

Do i have chances of getting more than one type of finance?
It depends on your affordability
When are members available?
During business hours
Is the company present in Randburg?
Yes it is

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