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Can The Citizens of Durban Find Bridge Loans?

About the company

     Bridge Loan is one of the most famous companies in terms of financial loans, since it guarantees that citizens can have access to short term loans so as to cover their needs right away. I has 100 branches and up to 900 employees.

This company offers loans of up to R 15 000, which means that clients can obtain such amount immediately.

What type of services does Bridge provide in Durban?

-Short term loans

-Emergency loans

-Online loans

-Personal Loans

-Loans designed for blacklisted persons

So if you are in need of more money to repair things at home or you need to pay some debts, then you can certainly rely on this company to take care of your needs. This company is characterized by being transparent and reliable.

What type of benefits can you get with Bridge Loans?

In the first place, you can obtain a loan regardless of how much money you earn or if you are a blacklisted client. And, in the second place, this company happens to possess the most competitive rates, which make it a great company.

Now, another benefit I would like to add is the fact of getting access to online banking and being able to check your affordability and the different payments corresponding to your loan. And, of course, Bridge allows you to increase or top up your loan if you are in need of more money, so do not worry about it.

Apart from that, this company can be contacted online, which means if clients need aid they can resort to its webpage.


You must now you are dealing with one of the best loans ever found in South Africa, since it enables you to cover any type of need. The repayments for such loans will always depend on the financial period you have chosen to complete the repayments.

Bridge loans can help you with many things, such as helping your business grow so as to become competitive in the market and gain more assets in the future. In fact, many companies resort to this type of loans since in time of crises they know they can rely on Bridge to take care of those turmoils.

There are other important facts you should know about these loans:

A.You can invest the money or use it to pay whatever you want, with no conditions. It can be for instance that you want money to pay expenses, debts, medical emergencies and so on. There are no exceptions, every client deserves peace of mind when it comes to finances. And, the good thing is that these loans will never demand lots of paperwork as it is the case with other companies that also grant loans.

B.You can always buy appliances you require for your home or your business so as to modernize it and enhance its appearance.

c.The company is flexible when it comes to financing periods, since they will be established based on your current income so as to make sure you can pay for the loan on time and you will finish financing it. But, remember that the longer it takes you to repay for the loan, the more interest rates you will pay for it, so please bear in mind those details.

I will now give you important reasons for choosing Bridge Loans:

-You can obtain one of its loans regardless of your condition, so if you haven’t paid previous loans the company will not punish you, but offering you a new loan that adapts to your needs, one you are perfectly capable of repaying in the future. So, your application will never be cancelled or rejected by the members of the company.

Find the best loan of South Africa

-You can directly talk to the members of the team of the company who are really experienced and will give you hints and tips while making the application procedure for the loan you want. They will make sure you are given all the information you require, so as to enjoy the lending procedure. How does that sound?

Lastly, if you are interested in beginning an application, you can start right now the application in the company´s website so as to avoid lots of paperwork and travelling to the company in person in rush times. Then, the moment the company has observed your application, they will let you know about its state so as to move on with the procedure. After that, you will receive the money you require in your account, provided you have given your banking and financial information to the company during the application.

Please remember that many loans can be found in this company, such as consolidation ones, payday, personal and also cash loans.

Contact details of Bridge Loans in Durban

If you are interested in getting in touch with the company, you must now that you can establish a telephonic communication by dialing up 0861 112044 or 012 001 1884. The first one is a free number, which means you have access to it without having to pay extra amounts of money as it happens when dialing other phone numbers, so take advantage of it.

You can also contact Bridge Loans by email that is by sending an inbox to the following address and waiting for an immediate reply:

Now, in the following chart you are given data regarding the company´s office in Durban, so you can go in person and begin the application there:


15.000 South African Rands

Interest Rate

Of up to 20%

Telephone Number



Durban, 273 Umgeni Road, Stamford Hill

Working Hours

8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.


Bank account, email-address and ID

Email Address

     See? There are many ways you can reach so as to communicate and obtain Bridge Loans, which I guarantee you will make your life change for the better, since you will stop worrying about unnecessary troubles with your finances and start enjoying life as you deserve. Now, what are you waiting? Get in touch and see it yourself!

Video Bridge loan

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Questions and Answers

Can I pay with debit card?
Yes you can
Will I obtain the money the same day?
Depending on the amount chosen
How will I receive the money?
In your bank account

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