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Is Bloemfontein Eligible for Bridge Loans? Contact Details and Benefits

    Hello, if you have arrived here is because you need some financial help and I guarantee you I know a company with lots of experience in such field. Have you guessed? Yes, I am talking about Bridge Loans. This wonderful company happens to be present in the market for more than 60 years and continues to satisfy clients of all over the country. Luckily, citizens of Bloemfontein get access to their loans, which is why I recommend you to keep reading this article.

What does Bridge Loans offer to Bloemfontein citizens?

1. Short term loans that can aid you when troubles arise

2. Loans to cover emergencies

3. Personal loans to deal with a variety of needs

4. Blacklisted loans for clients that are given a new chance

5-Cash loans that can be long or short term ones

6-Consolidation loans that enable clients to cover debts they have accumulated during the past years

What sort of benefits can Bloemfontein citizens get with Bridge Loans?

   I believe the first benefit that comes to my mind when thinking about Bridge Loans has to do with being able to apply for any of the loans mentioned above and not worrying about your financial status or your state as a blacklisted client. And, the moment you apply the company will offer better rates than those proposed by other firms.

   Another benefit I can think of is the chance of getting access to the company´s website or app from any kind of device you have at home. Those devices can be for instance, your cellphone, laptop, tablet and so on. So, as the company wants to be updated about technological improvements and aims at making sure clients enjoy the lending experience, you will have access to the latest means of communication available.


 Important pieces information to bear in mind when considering this company:

a.Many clients are satisfied with their experience with this company

B.Repayments are totally defined by the members on the company, which will depend on your personal situation

c. You can make as many improvements as you want to either your summer home, your apartment or your business

You won’t have to state the reasons for choosing a loan, since the company gives you total freedom so as to use the money on whatever you need. Needs are quite subjective, so what might be important for you perhaps is not so relevant for other client.

e.The company will give you total access to their assistance system so as to be answered any kind of doubts or inquiries you have regarding the many services found at Bridge Loans

F.There is no need to carry out lots of paperwork, since you will only need to submit minimal documentation in which there appears your financial and personal status, as it is very common with most companies.

Interest rates will never surpass 20% and in fact is it very rare to find a loan with such rates. But, the more it takes you to complete the financing of the loan, you higher the interest rates will be

Now, these are many reasons why you have to choose Bridge Loans in Bloemfontein:

-This company makes the wonderful exception of taking clients considered blacklisted, which means that every client of South Africa has access to its goods and services

-Application procedure will never be rejected because of your financial status or being a blacklisted client

-You have access to complete assessments on your personal and financial status, so as to find the best loan. That means that the members of the company will only offer you a loan that is perfect for you and matches what you want-

- The company not only enables clients to make use of phone application and application in person, but their clients can now make use of online application in the official website of the company.

-Clients make choices as regards which bank account suits them best, so that every month the company deposits there the money

Contact details of Bridge Loans in Bloemfontein


    This is the easiest means of communication you can take into account while contacting the company, so I recommend you to keep this number. It happens to be a free one: 0861 112 044. It usually happens that the lines are busy, so I suggest waiting one more time or holding until one of the representatives of Bridge Loans is ready to assist you and give you useful data

     There is another phone number you can dial up from home, which is typically used by clients to clarify doubts regarding the portfolio of services offered in the company. Please keep the following number in a safe place: 012 001 1884.


    If you are always using your computer and you would like to use it so as to send an email to the company, I recommend you to try sending the message to this This means of communication is really useful when your phone call is not answered or whenever you have doubts about your loan during the weekend or on holidays.


In the chart provided below, you are given data about the physical office of Bridge Loans in Bloemfontein. Many clients prefer to obtain information in person and start the application there:


15.000 R is the maximum allowed

Interest Rate

From 0,5 to 20%

Telephone Number



Bloemfontein. Shop 3. Ground floor. Cuthbert’s Building. 78 Charlotte Maxeke Street.

Working Hours

8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.


Your bank account,  your email-address and your ID

Email Address

Send an email to:

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As a conclusion, if you are a Bloemfontein citizen you can easily contact the company in order to apply for a cash loan, a consolidation one, an emergency loan and the list can go on. So, please choose the means of communication that best suits your current situation and needs, and talk to a representative. You will surely receive guidance during the whole procedure, so there are no doubts the company will always be by your side.

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Is the company present in Pretoria?

Yes it is

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Application is free but then you have to make repayments

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In your bank account

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