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What Are Bridge Loans Like in South Africa?

   If you are looking for a company whose main values are transparency and reliability, then you need to know more about Bridge Loans. This is a company with lots of experience in the lending field, since it started working in 1994 and has gained a perfect reputation for their services they provide its clients. It has more than 175 branches all over South Africa, which is why its citizens can rely on this company to give them answer to their financial problems.

   In the preceding article, I will give you information regarding the uses of its loans, the importance of choosing this company and also the benefits you can get by resorting to Bridge Loans. Finally, you will be given its contact details in the country.

What type of uses can clients give to Bridge Loans?

The loans found at this company can be extremely useful when clients are looking to finance their children´s tuition at school or even medical bills and expenses that are emerging in their daily lives. It can also serve for multiple purposes such as making improvements to your new house or apartment, paying for a wedding or financing your next summer holidays at a wonderful place. Moreover, this loan can be used by any type of client, which includes blacklisted too, but of course the company will increase the interest rate in such cases.

Why you must choose Bridge Loans?

-The company has loans to blacklisted people as well as regular clients

-You can obtain a loan by accessing to online application, which means not waiting tons of time in person at a local branch

-You can top up your loan if are already a client of the company and when the first loan is completed, you can get that second loan without problem

-You will not need to choose an asset as the collateral of your loan to secure your lending program

-All the loans of the company are secured and regulated by the National Credit Act

-You will receive discounts for paying on time

-There will not be penalizations

-Competitive rates come along with installments

-Repayments are flexible so that you can afford the loan


In terms of the requirements you are expected to meet, let me mention that you must be 18 years old or more, being employed at the moment and showing a proof of it and that is all. Your credit record does not matter.

The application for Bridge Loans

1. You should complete the online application observed in the company´s website

2. You can even start the application in branch, which means you must go in person to one of the offices of Bridge Loans in the country

3. The members of the company will give you advice and help. So, guidance is given for you.

4. Bridge loans´ members will find a loan that suits your profile and your pocket, to make sure you can afford the loan

5. Once the application is approved by the loan team, the money is deposited in your bank account, the one you choose of course.

      These micro loans of Bridge Loans are really useful in any type of situation you find yourself in, where money cannot wait and you need to face it with the corresponding amount of cash. So it does not matter whether you need to make expensive renovations to your property or you simply want to make minor repairs, the company will be there for you to assist you at those times.

     As mentioned above, it happens with Bridge Loans that the installments clients are expected to pay each month, are really flexible, which gives them freedom in terms of payments. So, repayments are at the same time quite short and very flexible. However, please remember that the more it takes you to finance the loan, the higher will be the interest rates of your loan. That is your choice.


Benefits of Bridge Loan

-Bridge Loans can be obtained even by those clients that have a bad reputation or a bad credit record with previous credits granted by another financial company. So, blacklisted clients are included here. The only cases in which clients can not apply is when they have many debts

-The client can administer the loan from their computer

-The client has access to online banking as it is now a client of Bridge Loans and has access to plenty of information of its services.

-If the client has more needs in mind, then he/she can top up the loan for no extra costs and that means obtaining a second loan but not having to go again through the application procedure. The company is aware of the fact that you are in need of money and wants to cover that emergency for you.

-You can ask for help or assistance by the many members that compose the company online, without having to move from home.

Contact Details of Bridge Loans

There are multiple means of communications you can resort to so as to contact this company:

-You can send an email to the following addresses so as to look for information or to start the application: and

-You can make a phone call to this phone number from home: 0861 112 044 and you can send a fax to: 012 365 1691

-You can go to one of the offices located in Johannesburg, in the area of Marshalltown. The exact address is 8 New Street, in the Ghandi Saquare, shop 1 b.

-You can go to another branch situated in Durban in Stamford Hill, whose address is 273 Umgeni Road. Close to this one there is another branch in Cape Town at the Station Plaza in Mitchells Plain. The address is f 15 the Avenue.

-Another office is located in Pretoria inside the Sammy Marks Square. The address is 330 Church Street, on the first floor

-In the following chart I will give you information about another local branch in Bloemfontein:


From R 5000

Interest Rate


Telephone Number

012 001 1884


Bloemfontein. Cuthbert’s Building. 78 Charlotte Maxete Street. Shop 3 on the ground floor

Working Hours

Mondays to Thursdays from 08:00 am to 05.30 pm. Fridays from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm. Saturdays from 11:00 am to 03:30 pm


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