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Are There Bidvest Bank Loans in Rustenburg? Contact Details and Information

    Are you now residing in Rustenburg and you feel like your finances are not enough to cope with your necessities? Do not worry, I have a perfect solution for such matter, you will see how easy it is to solve them with just one program. That is right, fortunately Bidvest Bank has designed several loans for the citizens of Rustenburg.

    In the following article, you will be given information about Business Loans and Vehicle Loans, both of which are offered by this company. Then, you will receive the contact details of Bidvest Bank in Rustenburg.

I will start with Business Loans and then move on with Vehicle loans:


If you are interested in financing your business or acquiring new assets for it, then these loans will be really helpful for those purposes, as there are five of them:

1) Asset-based finance: if you can pay monthly installments and you want to buy a vehicle for your company, take a look at this loan. You can also lease it if you are thinking about that too. Let me show you some of its benefits, just for you:

-The monthly rentals you pay will be lowered as you only pay for the usage you give to your vehicle

-By administering on your own your car you can save some time

-The value of your car can not change, because it is not for sale

-The cash flow you own will increase

-You will end up paying for less taxes

-There exists a flexible contract which allows changes and modifications whenever needed

-You can finance the assets you always wanted

-You can obtain protection no matter where you are located

2)Rental finance: the main difference this loan holds with the first one is that you will not be covered for repairs and maintenance bills generated by your vehicle, but the outflow of cash will decrease and so will the risks you take

Let me point out its characteristics:

-You will be able to pay all the bills related to your vehicle, but not the fuel ones

-There will be an interest rate fixed and totally unchangeable

-You will only pay for what you use of the car

-The selling price will not be the Vat, since you will pay for the portion used of the vehicle

-There also exists a residual value determined by the company

-You can own the vehicle once you have finished paying for it

3) Installment Sale Finance: if you apply for this loan, you can finance any type of means of transport you have in mind, if you are able to pay monthly installments for a year. Moreover, every kind of expenses generated by your car are included and you will pay for a tear and wear of 20%. Now, the depreciation is of 5%.

Find the best loan of South Africa

4) Commercial Property Finance: with such lending program, you have the possibility of finding a new property or making changes to the one you own.

5) Medical Equipment Finance: its name says everything, you can finance not only equipment, but also appliances that are really useful for the profession of doctors and nurses.

So, as previously mentioned, Bidvest Bank has designed Business Loans that a really easy to acquire and give clients plenty of benefits to enjoy. It is just a matter of finding the one that suits your needs and those of your business, but I guarantee you one loan will completely suit you and you will find a solution for you and you company, trust me.

What Vehicle Loans can I find at Bidvest Bank?

If you are interested in buying a car or paying for its expenses, pay attention to the main benefits you can start enjoying with Vehicle Loans from Bidvest Bank:

-You can pay less taxes at the end of each month

-You can receive protection when you are on the road driving

-You can obtain a cover that will fully protect you, no matter where you are with your car

-You will have the possibility of buying plenty of assets with discounts or unique prices, so take this benefit into account

Now let’s focus on the three Vehicle Loans for the citizens of Rustenburg:

1-Instalment Sale Agreement: this is a loan especially designed for those clients that would like to finance an agreement in about five years, and that have already been given the car allowance. These clients can sale their car or lease another one, and obtain balloon payments in order to complete such loan in a shorter period of time. What is more, these clients will need to have a perfect credit score so as to access to those benefits.

2-Finance Lease Agreement: this loan was carefully designed for clients that want to pay the loan in no more than 60 months and have already received their car allowance at home. They can also make use of balloon payments in the course of the loan and also obtain the possession of the car once the loan has ended.

3-Operating Rental: this is a lending program really useful for leasing a car, in no more than three years, period of which you need to finish making your payments. By acquiring this loan, your risks will diminish in accordance to the cash outflow. So, many benefits in only one loan


How can I contact Bidvest Bank in Rustenburg?

-By phone

Please pay attention to the phone line of this company, which consists on a free line, designed for questions and queries0860 11 11 77. Once you phone there, you will be asked the two main codes so as to proceed, the Reuters Code and the Swift Code, both of which can be found in the company´s official webpage.  However, if you are calling from another country, please keep the following number, which is an international customer service: 27 11 407 3103.

-By email

You can send an email to the company´s members and expect to receive a reply within some

-In person

The office of Bidvest Bank in Rustenburg is located at the Waterfall Mall, in shop 64. The exact address is 1 Augrabies Road.


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Questions and Answers

How long does it take a client to pay back the money?
Well, there are several financing periods available at this bank. For instance, clients can take up to 60 months, which is a lot, but some other clients prefer periods of 10 months. There exists a minimal period of only 3 months, for those clients trying to finance the loan in the short term and forget about the credit.
How can I get more info about a vehicle loan?
By phone or in the company´s website
Is prequalification available?
Yes it is
Can I contact the company 24/7?
Only in their website

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