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Tips to Get Bidvest Loans in Alberton. Contact Information and Requirements

Do you live in Alberton? Are you in search of financial support? Is Bidveston a good option for you? It is time to stop looking for that. In this article, you will find out all the options that Bidvest Bank has ready for Alberton’s residents. To be more specific, you will read about loans, requirements, possible quotes, financing and more. And as Bidvest Bank is not the only possibility, let us mention some other two companies with convenient lending programs: African Bank and Absa Bank.

                In the first place, we will mention BUSINESS LOANS. Bidvest has designed a series of loans that grant money to invest in working capital, to get cash money without problem, to buy updated equipment and so on and so forth. The money is also available to finance the purchase of commercial property, whose value tends to be higher than the rest. It is important to know that there are special programs for health professionals. Physicians and dentists, among others, can borrow money to buy equipments or to acquire the latest technology. Another interesting program has to do with business vehicle. With Bidvest loans, you can either buy or rent whatever vehicle you need to work. These programs for car financing don’t include reparation expenses.

                In the second place, let’s talk about CAR LOANS. There are three main programs that can be used finance car acquisition. They are:

- Installment Sale Loans: Bidvest offers the money you need to pay for your car and you can return it in periods of up to 6 years. Once the loan is completely paid, you will be the owner of the vehicle.

- Finance Lease Loans: in this case, you will get the money that can be used to finance vehicle renting. These programs can be repaid in up to 5 years. It is important to know that once payments are ready, you can choose to become the owner of the vehicle or not.

- Operating Rental Loans: this is an exclusive programs destined to finance car renting. In this case, repayment periods can reach up to 5 years. Once the loan is paid off, you can continue using it by extending the time you have settle beforehand.

                Once you know what the programs available are, let’s see some important benefits:

-Interest rates are fixed, so payments will not vary.

-Besides, they are always around 10%.

-You are not obliged to become the owner of the car once the loan is ready.

-There are special discounts for travel allowance.

-In Alberton, there are no physical locations of Bidvest.

-You can start application by phone dialing up 11 407 3103.

-Phone lines are available 24/7.

-If you have comments or questions, write to this e-mail:

-You can also start online application by clicking on “Apply online” in the official webpage.

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Find the best loan of South Africa

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                Monthly quotes will be based in the length of your financing period and the rate you can ask for. Imagine you can get an interest rate of 10.5%. You can pay principal and interest in up to 1 year, by making 12 payments of R3 495. If you choose a longer financing period, quotes will be lower. You will make 48 payments of R1 015.


1. African Bank

If you think that is essential to talk to representatives in person to borrow money, you can count on the financial help of African Bank. In Alberton, there is a branch in the area of New Redruth. The address is 50 Voortrekker Rd. If you live near the branch, representatives will help you from Monday to Friday from 8.30a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Saturday from 9a.m. to 1 p.m. During those hours, you can call the bank dialing up 11 724 0060.

                There are two programs that are worth mentioning: PERSONAL LOANS and CONSOLIDATION LOANS. With personal loans, you can borrow amount of money that go from R500 to R200 000. Regardless of how much you need, there are financing periods that go 3 months to 72 months and interest rates from 10,5% to 28%. With consolidation programs, you can combine whatever debt you have to pay with one quote. You can choose financing terms of up to 6 years. Interest rates depend upon the whole debt.

2. Absa Bank

Another company that has offices in Alberton is Absa Bank. This once can be found in the area of New Redruth. The address is 24 Voortrekker Rd and representatives are available from Monday to Friday from 8.30a.m. to 3.30p.m. and on Saturday from 8a.m. to 12.30p.m. For telephone assistance, the number open in the same office hours is 11 861 8500.

                As far as loans are concerned, there are PERSONAL LOANS and BUSINESS LOANS. Personal loans give amounts of money from R3 000 to R350 000. Such amount can be repaid in terms that go 1 to 7 years with interest rates that can reach 21%. With business loans, you can start a new business, buy new equipment, consolidate old debts and even more. These programs can be financed with fixed interest rates in financing periods of up to 10 years. Please take into account that it is necessary to have collateral for this kind of loans since they require insurance.

                In a nutshell, there are, at least, three companies that are working for the economic stability of Alberton’s residents. You have the car loans and business loan provided by Bidvest Bank, personal loans and consolidation loans offered by African Bank and personal and business loans granted by Absa Bank. There are no more excuses to tart enjoying life, choose the company one that best seems to fit you, and go on!

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Questions and answers

Are companies available at weekends?

Some of them can be contacted on Saturday.

How can I pay more than one loan together?

You can resort to a Consolidation Loan of African Bank.

What can I do if I always forget due dates?

You can set automatic payment deduction.

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There are financing periods of up to 7 years available!

Normal rate of Bidvest Bank are around 10%.

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