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Are There BFS Loans in Rustenburg? Application and Contact Details

    If you are facing economic difficulties at present and you are looking for a simple and reliable solution, then BFS might be the company that can help you with that. That is right, this company is present in Rustenburg so as to help its citizens satisfy their financial needs.

       BFS is a financial company with more than 20 years in the market, whose biggest objective has been to help South Africa citizens meet their goals and see how their finances remain stable throughout their lives. Which is why, in this article I will give you all the data you need about this company´s loans. Then, I will give you information about another company also present in Rustenburg, Wesbank. After giving you such data, I will show you the different means of communication through which you can contact both companies.

Why is it important to apply for one of BFS Loans?

    This company happens to have short term loans whose rates are really low and will not mean a significant change in your current budget and you can use the money for several purposes. All their loans are joined to the National Credit Regulator, just to make sure they are reliable and totally secured, reason for which you will not be required to submit collaterals as part of the lending procedure.

What steps will Rustenburg citizens need to follow so as to apply?

1) Entering BFS´ official website from your PC

2) Clicking on the online application section

3) Agreeing with the several terms and conditions of BFS

4) Completing a form with your data that includes personal and financial facts

5) Waiting until you are approved, which won’t last more than some hours

6) Enjoying the money in your bank account!


What are the requirements that Rustenburg citizens must meet?

     If you are interested in applying for a loan with BFS, you need to submit different documentation which is crucial for you to be approved immediately. It includes IDs, statements and pay slips. Depending on the loan you choose, the documentation will be requested. Moreover, it is essential that you are 18 years old and that you are resident of this country.  A residential address proof will also be needed so as for the company to know you are currently living in South Africa.

     As another requirement I would like to remind you that you need employment statements and also a bank account so as for the company to deduct each of the installments from there. Moreover, that account should be the one in which your boss deposits your monthly salary, so that it is assured that you always have money available to finance the loan.

     The application procedure can start from home in the company´s website but you can also do it in person at one of the company´s branches. Interest rates will be determined based on the amount you are given and your credit record.

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Another option in Rustenburg: WESBANK

In Wes Bank, you can get access to their Cash Power Personal Loan.

What are the main features that comprise this loan?

-You are able to obtain a maximum of R 150 000 and also a minimum of R 5000

-You only need to wait 24 hours until the application is approved

-You can choose how to receive the money given by the loan. It can be deducted from your bank account or you can get it in person at one of the company´s branches

-You can repay for the loan according to your monthly salary, so based on your earnings, the company will choose it

-Monthly installments come along with the company´s loan

Its requirements are the following ones:

One of the requirements is that you submit personal documentation such as your ID or passport and also a proof of the place you live at present. Moreover, you must show what is your credit references in terms with previous loans you were granted. That information will enable the company to gain knowledge regarding your capability as an applicant. Finally, your salary must be at least of R 4500. That is a crucial fact.

Pay attention to the benefits given by Wes Bank´s loans:

You are able to decide if you are going to receive either the minimum amount or the maximum, it will depend on your financial circumstances and the purpose you want to spend the money on. You will be given access to flexible financing periods whose maximum tends to be of a year or 3 and whose interest rates are set by the company depending on each case.

What is more, if you are attracted to this loan you can start now applying for the loan and just wait 24 hours until your money is available at your nearest ATM.

Contact details of BFS in Rustenburg

Pay attention to the different means of communication for you to contact the company:

-You can enter from your computer to the company´s website so as to obtain data about each of their services and also gain insight into the frequently asked questions made by many customers of the company.

-You can go in person to one of the branches this company possesses in Rustenburg, as the one located at CBD, whose exact address is 50 Boom.

-You can phone the company to this free phone number: 080 777 3777

-You can send an email to this email address:

Contacting Wesbank in Rustenburg

-One of the offices in Rustenburg is located in 15 Oliver Thambo. Its phone number is:

 014 594 9300. This office opens Mondays to Fridays during business hours, of course

-Another office, which is near to Rustenburg, is located in Randburg. The exact address is 1 Enterprise Road. The area in which you will find the office is Fairland.

-You can phone the company to the following number, which is a national one and you can call for free: 0861 288 272.

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Can I pay my children´s education?

You can use the loan for any type of purpose

When do I have to pay installments?

On a monthly basis

Is Credit card a payment method allowed?

Yes it is

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