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How Can I Apply for a BFS Loan if I Live in Randburg? Fees, Rates and Application

     In this article I’ll discuss companies offering payday loans, specifically in Randburg. On one side, you’ll find some branches from BFS, Barko Financial Services and, on the other side, there’ll be information about Cash Converters. Among the information you’ll find, there’ll also be fees, rates and terms these entities offer to their clients.


        How does BFS work?

Barko Financial Services can be the perfect solution for those events sometimes occur in everyone’s lives. For example, if you need to fix your washing machine or, your roof is leaking, you can request a short term loan to repair them. You can be sure to get the money fast in order to avoid having these issues for a long time. As they work from 1996, we can say they’re well established and, are able of developing products that fit their clients’ needs.

        BFS Application

Applying with BFS can be really simple and, fast. You can enter their website and, follow the steps or, you can approach to one of their branches. Next, I’ll detail some locations in Johannesburg for those living in Randburg.

    - Branch’s name: Johannesburg 1. This branch is located at 67 Simmonds Street, shop 5, its email is and, the contact number is 011 – 838 5262.

    - Branch’s name: Johannesburg 2. In this case, you can go to 45 Western Building, Booysen Road or, dial the number 011 – 499 1600. Besides, you can email to

    - Branch’s name: Johannesburg 3. Finally, this store can be found in the corner of Eloff & Fox Streets. More specifically, you’ll see it at Trust Bank Building, shop 5.

        What are Barko Financial Services’ requirements?

Make sure you comply with these requirements before applying with BFS:

            - be at least 18 years old

            - be employed for the previous 6 months minimum.

            - be South African. Bear in mind, you’ll need to provide BFS with your Identity Document and, a proof of address in order to prove this.

            - Besides, you need to own a bank account.


What’s the address in Randburg?

Beyers Naude Dr. at shop 40B, Heathway Square, Blackheath Suburb.

What do clients need to apply?

To have a job, age majority,

Telephone Number

87 820 4010

How much to borrow?

Up to R4000 for a pay day loan.

What are the Business Hours?

Mon. to Fr.: 8 am to 5 pm, Sat.: 9 am to 12:30 am.


Up to 3 months.

Email Address

        What types of short term loans do they offer?

Find the best loan of South Africa

Cash Converters offers three different payday loans. Next, I’ll name them and then, I’ll expand on each of them:

                                  a) Sunny Day mini-loan.

                                b) Sunny Day PayDay Advance.

                                c) Cash Advance

a) This loan allows borrowers to ask up to R2000 with a repayment period of three months. That is to say, you’ll have three installments to pay.

b) Now, for an Advance mini-loan, your quote can be between R400 and R4000 and, you would have to pay it back on just one installment on the date of your following pay day.

For these two options, you must be employed or else, you won’t qualify for the loan. Let’s see now, a different alternative in which you can use collateral as guarantee.

c) This would be the case of a Cash Advance. Presenting an asset as collateral of the loan, your loan amount can go up to R20000. As with Sunny PayDay Advance, you would have to repay the loan within one month. An important detail is that credit application is not necessary for this option.

        Cash Converters Fess and Rates

This lending entity works under the regulations of the National Credit Act so, the fees are charged based on it. There’s an initiation fee of R165 and, a 10% is added to the value if the quote is higher than R1000. Apart from this, when you take out the first loan with Cash Converters, the interest rate charged is 5% each month but, if you take out another loan after that, the interest rate is 3%. Keep in mind, you should wait for a year before applying for a new loan. Finally, you’ll face monthly service fees around R60.

        Cash Converters’ addresses in Randburg

If you live in this area these are some of the branches you can find.

    You can direct to Beyers Naude Dr., and look for shop 40B in Heathway Square, Blackheath. You can also call the number (011) 476 8454 or write to

    There’s another Cash Converters location in Melville. The phone number is (087) 820 6531 and the email address is if you prefer a face to face service, you can visit the branch at 9 Main Road.

    If you live near Northgate Shopping Centre, you can encounter another branch here. It’s placed in the Corner of Northumberland Avenue and Olievenhout Avenue, Shop 502.

    The Head Office’s address is 22 Mac-Mac Road, Waterfall Park, in Vorna Valley, Midrand in the province of Gauteng. You can contact them through the phone from 8 am to 5 pm between Monday and Friday. The number is 87 820 4060.

    Also, they have a postal address, which is Private Bag X007, Halfway House, Midrand 1685, also in Gauteng.

        Cash Converters Telephone Number and Email Address

    Besides, you can reach Cash Converters’ Customer Care to elicit any query. The telephone is 87 820 4010 and, the email The working hours in this case are the following: on weekdays, from 8:00 to 17:00 and, on Saturdays from 9:00 to 12:30.

    We’ve gone over two payday loans entities with branches in Randburg. However, keep in mind these companies work in South Africa and, they both have branches around the country. So, if you need money fast and in a simple way, you can rely on any of these alternatives to get that financial help from whatever part you are.

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Questions and Answers

Do I need to present any documentation for Cash Converters?
Yes, you need to back up the information you submitted as regards your identity, job status and, so on.
Can the asset to use as guarantee be borrowed?
No, you must own it.
Do any of these companies work on Sundays?
Unfortunately, they don’t. You can email them any day but, they’ll probably answer on their business hours.

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